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2024 DIRECTORY DOMINATION PLR & OTO UPSELL Elevate your local marketing game with 2024 Directory Domination with includes a complete Sales Funnel

2024 Directory Domination PLR Review & OTO UPSELL by Drew Laughlin. Brand New, Pre-Made PLR “Income-in-a-Box” Product and Start Making Money Helping Local Businesses Get a Flood of Customers Through Their Doors! 2024 Directory Domination (formerly Top Online Directories) has been completely updated and re-structured and is your instant profit center for 2024!

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2024 Directory Domination PLR Review & Training

2024 Directory Domination PLR by Drew Laughlin is comprehensive, done-for-you (DFY) package designed specifically for marketing consultants and agencies. It’s not just a guide; it’s a complete sales funnel ready to be deployed. With full Private Label Rights (PLR), you have the freedom to customize and brand it as your own. Its Complete Income-in-a-Box Product! You Get Everything You See on This Page Including: Lead Magnet Front End Offer + Product OTO + Thank You CTA Page + Bonuses

If You’re a Local Marketing Consultant or Agency Who Wants a Proven Way to Grow Your Business Providing a Desperately Needed Service… Then You’ll Want to Keep Reading This Page!

Introducing, 2024 Directory Domination PLR, your secret weapon for building a thriving agency and transforming client businesses. With over 200 PLR products sold over 32,000 times with 5-star ratings, my team and I have built a reputation for delivering high-quality, actionable resources that help consultants, agencies and businesses thrive. Your positive experience is our success story. Check This Real Value Here!

2024 Directory Domination PLR is a complete system that hands you:

  • A Done-For-You Sales Funnel: Landing page, lead magnet, OTO sales page and thank-you page – all built, ready to go for you to brand for your business.
  • Lead Magnet Report to offer for free on the front end to generate tons of leads.
  • Complete One-Time-Offer product package that includes a Step-by-Step Blueprint that is a huge 181-slide presentation that shows the business owner, step-by-step, how to get listed in the top online directories.
  • The 23-Day Directory Domination Playbook that sets the business owner up on a daily implementation plan to actually get listed on these online directories. This playbook is no joke. It consists of 195-pages and over 48,000-words. Each day is written like a SEO optimized mini-report. Plus, it includes a checklist with AI prompts to make sure nothing is missed and everything is done accurately.
  • Quick Start Guide & Fulfillment Rolodex: Handhold clients through the process and outsource fulfillment to experts if needed.
  • Bonus Reports & Canva Video Thumbnails: Add even more value with industry insights and eye-catching visuals.


  • MODULE 1: Lead Magnet Optin Page (part of sales funnel)
  • MODULE 2: Conversion Videos
  • MODULE 3: Lead Magnet Report
  • MODULE 4: Email Follow Up Swipes
  • MODULE 5: Sales Page (part of sales funnel)
  • MODULE 6: Conversion Videos
  • MODULE 7: 181-Slide Presentation
  • MODULE 8: 23-Day Playbook
  • MODULE 9: Playbook Checklist
  • MODULE 10: 10 Ways to Get Positive Reviews Report
  • MODULE 11: Business Data Checklist
  • MODULE 12: CTA / Thank You Page (part of sales funnel)
  • MODULE 13: Quick Start Guide
  • MODULE 14: Fulfillment Rolodex
  • MODULE 15: 3 Bonus Reports
  • MODULE 16: Video Thumbnail Images
  • MODULE 17: Source Files
  • TOTAL VALUE: Over $6,000!

This 2024 Directory Domination PLR comes with full PLR Rights so you can claim it as your own, brand it, and customize it to fit your agency. This empowers you to sell to your clients and keep 100% of the profits. Or you can give it all away for free. The decision is yours.

You also save massive amounts of time because you get to ditch the product creation scramble and focus on client relationships and growth.

2024 Directory Domination PLR Review & OTO UPSELL by Drew Laughlin
2024 Directory Domination PLR Review & OTO UPSELL by Drew Laughlin
2024 Directory Domination PLR Review & OTO UPSELL by Drew Laughlin
2024 Directory Domination PLR Review & OTO UPSELL by Drew Laughlin

2024 Directory Domination PLR is based on proven strategies and best practices that have helped countless businesses dominate local search. It’s a culmination of expert knowledge and practical tools, ensuring that you’re offering your clients something of real value and effectiveness. Its Complete Income-in-a-Box Product! You Get Everything You See on This Page Including: Lead Magnet Front End Offer + Product OTO + Thank You CTA Page + Bonuses

We’ve done our best to make this as easy as possible by creating everything for you. It’s designed for ease and efficiency, making sure that 95% of the work is already done for you.

So how does this all work?

Simply integrate the 2024 Directory Domination into your business. Customize it with your branding, and you’re ready to offer a high-value, comprehensive directory listing service to your clients. It’s a plug-and-play solution with everything from a lead magnet to a One-time-Offer to a thank you page that gets clients calling you.

Take a look at everything 2024 Directory Domination PLR included:

Front End to build your list:
MODULE 1: Lead Magnet Optin Page (part of sales funnel)
​MODULE 2: Conversion Videos
​MODULE 3: Lead Magnet Report
MODULE 4: Email Follow Up Swipes
OTO Product Offer you can sell and keep 100% of the profits:
MODULE 5: Sales Page (part of sales funnel)
MODULE 6: Conversion Videos
MODULE 7: 181-Slide Presentation
MODULE 8: 23-Day Playbook
MODULE 9: Playbook Checklist
MODULE 10: 10 Ways to Get Positive Reviews Report
MODULE 11: Business Data Checklist
Thank You Page to generate calls:
MODULE 12: CTA / Thank You Page (part of sales funnel)
Bonuses to make things even easier:
​MODULE 13: Quick Start Guide
​MODULE 14: Fulfillment Rolodex
MODULE 15: 3 Bonus Reports
MODULE 16: Video Thumbnail Images
MODULE 17: Source Files

Ready to unleash the power of 2024 Directory Domination?
Scroll down to see everything you get and when you’re ready click the “Buy Now” button for immediate access. This is a limited-time offer, so don’t miss out!

**”Drew consistently puts out top notch products that are an integral part of my business. He understands the needs of the small digital agency and makes our job much easier. I have purchased several of his products and upgrades and will continue to purchase his new products. Thanks Drew!”
Joe Sayles, Jr. Marketing Consultant

=> Get Instant Access to 2024 Directory Domination PLR Here Now!

2024 Directory Domination PLR Review & OTO UPSELL by Drew Laughlin
2024 Directory Domination PLR Review & OTO UPSELL by Drew Laughlin

2024 Directory Domination PLR Product Details

FE: 2024 Directory Domination PLR

Get ready to rock your 2024 with our sizzling “Income-in-a-Box” PLR product! This isn’t just any product; it’s the golden ticket to helping your subscribers help local businesses skyrocket their customer base by getting listed in the top online directory.

Imagine offering your subs a magic box that includes everything – yep, a dazzling sales funnel, a captivating lead magnet report, an irresistible one-time-offer package with a super-detailed, 181-slide step-by-step blueprint presentation and – wait for it – a whopping 195-page, 48,000-word Directory Domination 23-Day Playbook! This playbook is like your daily treasure map, guiding businesses to the X marks the spot in online directories.
But wait, there’s more…

This package is like the Swiss Army knife of marketing tools, packed with goodies to make your subs life easier. They’ll get a Quick Start Guide that’s like having a marketing GPS, a Fulfillment Rolodex for when they want to outsource like a boss, bonus reports that are like secret marketing weapons, and snazzy Canva video thumbnails to make their content pop.

And the cherry on top? Full PLR rights! They can customize this baby to their heart’s content, make it their own, and sell it to their clients to keep all those sweet profits. Or be the Santa of marketing and give it away for free! This package is all about saving them time and effort so they can focus on what really matters – building those client relationships and growing their business.

OTO #1: Marketing Accelerator Kit

The Marketing Accelerator Kit is like rocket fuel for the “2024 Directory Domination” product. It’s packed with everything your subs need to drive traffic and engagement, making it a no-brainer for their audience.

We’re talking 30 days of social media content, complete with eye-catching images and engaging blurbs, 10 SEO-optimized mini-reports/articles, LinkedIn posts, email newsletters, and even cold and warm outreach messages. Plus, there’s more – YouTube video ideas, infographics, banner ads, postcards, Facebook ad copy, Google ad swipes, and even strategic partnership templates. It’s like having a marketing agency in a box!

OTO #2: Credibility Book, aka Print Book Option

The Credibility Accelerator Kit that’s going to set your subs apart from the crowd because it’s their key to instant credibility and authority.

How? By giving your subs the power to publish their very own print book! This kit includes an 11,000+ word, 82-page book template that your audience can customize and publish as a 6×9” print book. Imagine the look on their clients’ faces when they hand over a book with their name on it. Talk about making an impression!

This Credibility Book answers the most common and crucial questions about using online directories for local businesses.

This kit includes everything needed to make this dream a reality – from a preformatted book template to customizable book cover designs in Canva, and even a list of 50 potential book titles to spark creativity. Plus, a handy guide to self-publishing with Amazon’s KDP program is included, making the process as smooth as butter.


2024 Directory Domination PLR Review & OTO UPSELL by Drew Laughlin
2024 Directory Domination PLR Review & OTO UPSELL by Drew Laughlin

2024 Directory Domination PLR Complete Income-in-a-Box Product

This 2024 Directory Domination PLR all-in-one PLR package is your key to success, offering a complete sales funnel, a 181-slide step-by-step blueprint presentation, a detailed 23-Day Playbook, and customizable tools. Boost visibility, drive leads, and skyrocket profits for local businesses. *AI-Enhanced PLR indicates that while AI assisted in ideation and content creation, all material underwent thorough human review and editing.

This has a great illustration of everything you get and why it’s so powerful. In short, you’ll be getting a full blown product to offer your audience and keep 100% of the profits! From a front end Lead Magnet to build your list to a One-time-Offer that sells the core products so you can make money and lastly it has a proven Thank You page that converts these new customers into high ticket clients.
The 2024 Directory Domination PLR Core Product itself is worth literally over $2,000. It inlcues a 181-slide step-by-step blueprint presentation as well as a 23-Day Playbook that consists of 195-pages with over 48,000+ words! And that’s not even everything. There’s so much to this product its actually a little crazy. In fact, Drew included everything up front where most people would have sold it all separately.

Everything Comes with PLR!

With PLR you have the rights to not only use it for your own business but you can sell this product to others. You do NOT have the right resell PLR rights though – only the product itself.

  • ​[YES] Can Be Edited and Modified As Needed
  • ​[YES] Can Claim Ownership
  • ​[YES] Can Be Used For Your Own Business
  • ​[YES] Can be sold to others with Personal Use Rights Only (we give you a sales letter similar to what you’re viewing now)
  • ​[YES] Can be packaged with other products
  • ​[YES] Can modify/change the main product
  • ​​[YES] Can modify/change the graphics
  • ​​​[YES] ​​Can be offered as a bonus
  • ​[NO] Can NOT Sell Resale or PLR Rights
  • ​​[NO] Can NOT Sell Master Resale Rights
  • ​[NO] Can NOT be given away for free as-is (must include your name or another similar change)
  • ​[NO] Can NOT be added to free membership sites
  • ​[NO] Can NOT use my name or company name in any way shape or form.

Ways You Can Use This 2024 Directory Domination PLR

  • Personalize and Brand It: Add your name, logo, and branding to the PLR product and present it as your own creation.
  • Sell it and Keep 100% of Profits: After you personalize and brand it you can use the included sales page copy and begin selling it based on the guidelines above and keep all the profits.
  • Lead Generation: Use part of the content as a lead magnet to attract subscribers and grow your email list.
  • Blog Content: Segment the content and repurpose it into multiple blog posts or articles for your website.
  • Email Marketing: Incorporate the material into a series of autoresponder emails to engage, educate, and nurture your subscribers.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Integrate your affiliate links within the content, promoting related products or services to earn commissions.
  • Create a New Product: Enhance and expand certain parts of the product and sell it as a new product.
  • Podcast Material: Use the content as a foundation for podcast episodes, providing valuable insights to your listeners.
  • Video Content: Transform the PLR material into scripts for video content, be it tutorials, webinars, or a YouTube series.
  • Educational Presentations: Convert the content into a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation for webinars, workshops, or online classes.
  • Social Media Snippets: Extract key points, quotes, or tips from the content and share them as bite-sized posts on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.
  • Infographics: Summarize the content visually by designing infographics, which can be shared on social media or embedded in blog posts.
  • Interactive Content: Use the PLR material as a base to create quizzes, surveys, or interactive PDFs to engage your audience.
  • Membership Site Content: Incorporate the PLR content into a paid membership site, offering exclusive access to subscribers or premium members.
  • Training Materials: If you’re a coach or consultant, use the PLR content as training materials or resources for your clients.
  • Plus so much more!

Imagine how long it would take you to create all 23-days of this playbook? All 195-pages and 48,000+ words! It would take hours and hours! You’d have to go through each marketing strategy and tactic in excruciating detail, double check that nothing is missing, make it look nice, bla bla bla.

Who’s got time for that?! And if you outsourced something like this you can expect to spend at least $2,500-$5,000+. And then you don’t know for sure if it will be good enough to present to your clients. Doesn’t it just make sense to take advantage of someone who has already done all the work for you?

Especially when it’s offered at such a low price?!

=> Get Instant Access to 2024 Directory Domination PLR Here Now!

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