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AI Commissions GPT Review + OTO UPSELL: AI Commissions GPT Bank $16 to $594 EVERY TIME You Run Our Custom Chat-GPT Model To Profit

AI Commissions GPT Review + OTO UPSELL is Best AI Business Formula Reveal 24/7 Commissions With Affiliate AI That Makes Him $760 Per Promo. In short, this really is THE MOST ADVANCED and newest way to make commissions and profit in 2023. Weapon up lads, it’s gonna be a mad decade… Get A.I. App, Templates & Training Instantly. Check Official Product Page Here!

What is AI Commissions GPT ?

AI Commissions GPT is Best AI Money Machine System with Click 2x For 100% DFY, $55/Min AI “Campaigns” & Turn Chat-GPT™ Into A REAL 24/7 CASH COW! The world’s first app suite that REVOLUTIONIZES affiliate marketing. A while back I realized I couldn’t spend as much time on my affiliate business as I needed to focus on my AI projects.

ow, after months of secrecy, I’m giving YOU the chance to join me in this feeding frenzy. PLUS, I’m including training, recent case-studies.. and my NEW loophole for generating FREE videos with YouTube (with voices and visuals, just like you see in the video at the top of the page).

Use Chat-GPT To Bank $16 to $594 EVERY TIME You Run Our Custom Chat-GPT Model To Profit With DOZENS Of & From Commission Opportunities, Hand-Picked – And Monetized – By Our CUSTOM Chat-GPT Model! The core software suite that lets people make commissions… with TWO custom AI tools. The first creates instant AFFILIATE CAMPAIGNS for any affiliate program, using a custom Chat-GPT model that was PRE-TRAINED on over TEN MILLION dollars worth of campaigns. The second tool simply gives you preloaded campaigns that this AI made for all the new product launches and hottest affiliate programs. This same software is currently making us anywhere from $100 to $2,000 per day.

Includes *NEW* “Custom-Chat-GPT” Specifically For Affiliates + Marketers

  • 1. Steal Daily DFY Campaigns The CUSTOM Affiliate-GPT Makes For You (“Golden Eggs”)
  • 2. Run The “A.I. Custom GPT” App & For ANY Affiliate Program To Profit (AI Hand-Picks + Auto-Adds Them Daily, Or Use Your Own.. The “Golden Goose” Is YOURS Too!)
  • 3. Choose A PRE-MADE Affiliate Campaign Template (Website, bonuses, emails, banners, video, review, media etc) That The AI Made & Tweak It
  • 4. Watch As The AI Makes You Daily Commissions For ANY Affiliate Program.. The Model Is Trained On $10 Million Of Campaigns!
  • Minimal Fluff. Minimal Training. Just The App. Welcome.. To The Future!
  • Check Details DEMO and Case Study Here!
AI Commissions GPT Review + OTO UPSELL
AI Commissions GPT Review + OTO UPSELL

Learnt how to ACTUALLY MAKE MONEY WITH AI in June 2023! The end result of all I’ve learned is a single automation tool called – AI COMMISSIONS GPT. This is a world exclusive, as I’ve now start building my own custom AI models, which allow me to do things that simply weren’t possible when it comes to online moneymaking…And I’m taking you along for the ride!

I’ve been making six-figures as an affiliate for over a decade now, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this: us “super affiliates” promote the same type of offers in the same type of way we’ve always done.  So… what if I trained up a CUSTOM CHAT-GPT AI MODEL.. To build my campaigns (and those of all the other super affiliates), and then just hand you the software, trained up on over ten million dollars’ worth of campaigns!

The end result would be an AI suite that generates commissions on tap, 24/7. All YOU need to do is PASTE a few words about the affiliate program, and the ultra-charged AI Chat-GPT custom app literally does the rest. I’ve made over $100/day, $400/day.. even $2500/day ()! with this AI model, and all you have to do is paste some text in to create the same campaigns as me.

Get Download AI Commissions GPT and Training Course Here!


AI Commissions GPT Review + OTO UPSELL
AI Commissions GPT Review + OTO UPSELL

AI Commissions GPT Features

  • NEW Custom Affiliate AI (Chat-GPT CUSTOM MODEL) A completely new approach to moneymaking with Chat-GPT. Instead of giving you an app that does one small part of the moneymaking process, why not train the AI up on almost everything.. then hand it to you on a silver platter!…
  • Introducing Custom AI Models OK. So what does the software do? Well, Chat-GPT has an option to train “your own model”. As you know, I basically LIVE in the AI nerd cave, and so I’ve decided to build my own models in two exciting ways (which you wouldn’t have previously considered…)
  • World’s First Custom Chat-GPT Affiliate Software OK here’s where things get.. insane. I basically trained the AI up on successful affiliate campaigns (my own and other people’s) and created a CUSTOM Chat-GPT model. The end result is an app that creates fresh new campaigns every time, irrespective of the affiliate promo. But that’s not all…
  • Golden Goose… AND All It’s Golden Eggs?? One thing I’ve learned is.. not everyone is as… anti-socially OBSSESSED with Language Models as me. They don’t want my nerdlyness. They just want my BANK BALANCE. Consequently, as well as the core software (which you can run as you please), I’m also giving you a new affiliate site which is preloaded with affiliate programs (on Warrior, ClickBank, JVZoo etc), with PRE-MADE campaigns that the AI builds for us. And so.. if you’re too lazy (or disinterested) to even run the software, then you can simply steal our campaigns (that we ourselves will create with the AI). You can think of this as your own private affiliate calendar, spitting out $100-$10k campaigns on auto, 24/7. Oh, and did I mention…
  • This AI Makes Me BANK In the three weeks that I’ve been using this new CUSTOM AI, I’ve been making THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS every week (sometimes daily), ON TOP of my existing business. I almost bailed on this launch because… maybe I should hold onto it myself. The final page may actually just be a long gallery of proof shots. The tool builds dozens of high-value affiliate campaigns, while giving you various extras, bonuses, resell rights etc – so your affiliate game will level up on about fifty fronts. TRUST ME.. I’ve shed my “standard Chat-GPT” skin, and am a whole new ebast. Expect proof for Google, email, ClickBank, Warrior, Upwork, freelancers, traffic, affiliate, launches, promos, all the good stuff… And the really NUTS bit is… some of our bonuses were originally listed as “stand-alone” launches for later in the year. But I just keep on getting further ahead. What seemed like a marquee launch in Feb is now not even worthy of a bonus. I can’t wait for demo access!
  • AI Training Videos OK. This software is cut-paste, hand-puppet stuff, like “copy this and go”. Consequently, I won’t be going crazy with training. There will likely be a few training videos and a single (slightly longer than usual) PDF which breaks down how it all works. This is going to be eye-opening stuff, though!
  • Anything else included? Yeah as well as the 2x core softwares (which are the main event here), we also include training videos, PDF downloads + constant updates. Oh, and resell rights, bonus giveaways and much more. This is now THE marquee offer for anyone looking to become a digital product affiliate in 2023.
  • *EXTRA BONUS* Get 100% Commissions Reselling & White-Labelling Unreleased AI App!
    When you’re as deep in the AI rabbit-hole as me.. you forget things. Like the time I forgot that I made an entire copywriting software tool – with VSL video & sales page.. all using Chat-GPT. That was about two months ago. I just saw it today when preparing case studies for this.. and so I’m including it here. You can of course use this as another give-away bonus (like all the other tools here)… but since it comes with its own sales page, you can sell this too

In short, I’m the only one who knows how to do all this. The software is the only tool like this. And this AI.. is the biggest thing to happen to us Internet folk since Google dropped in 99. Serious…

What You Can Do With AI Commissions GPT In June 2023 (This Is Not Your Grand-Uncle’s Affiliate-Marketing!)

  • Get 2x Brand-New AI Apps
  • Get 6x DFY Campaigns x 100 Aff Offers Per Month
  • Launch-Jack & Crush Leaderboards
  • Make 50x FREE Videos Per Month (YouTube & Shorts)
  • Create Slick Aff Bonus Pages With Chat-GPT
  • Give Away 15x Software As Aff Bonuses
  • Promote $1k Offers ($500 Commissions)
  • Target BUYER Keywords Only (With Chat-GPT)
  • World’s First Custom Chat-GPT Affiliate Model
  • Copy A $50k/Month Super Affiliate TODAY
  • FINALLY Learn Something NEW About Affiliate Marketing
  • Do All The Stuff That “Took Too Much Time” Previously
  • Get RESELL/White-Label Rights To Unreleased “CopySniper GPT”
  • Get 3+ Hours Of AI/GPT Training When You Join (20x Videos!)
  • Read My Quick-Start PDF Guide
  • Includes AI Whisperer (Classic Bonus, Launch Week Only!)
  • Includes BonusPage Builder App (Now GPT Connected For 2023!)
  • Create 50x Minutes Of FREE Faceless YouTube Videos With AI FOR LIFE
  • Get On My List (*ahem* #1 AI/GPT Nerd Marketer Alert)
  • DAILY Stream Of New Affiliate Offers (In App #2)
  • I Break ALL GPT/AI News EARLY (I LIVE This)
  • PLUS.. Create Graphics With MidJourney
  • PLUS.. Create Human-Sounding Voices
  • PLUS.. Make Graphics For ANY Website
  • PLUS.. Close & Fulfill ANY Freelance Job (Upwork, Freelancer, etc)
  • PLUS UK-Based Support
  • ..PLUS Regular AI Webinars!


AI Commissions GPT Review + OTO UPSELL
AI Commissions GPT Review + OTO UPSELL

AI Commissions GPT Benefits

  1. Leverage the power of AI Commissions Niches, pre-loaded with over 100 highly profitable affiliate niches generating substantial daily revenue.
  2. Benefit from the latest update to AI Commissions Niches, which now includes over 190 of the top Amazon niches.
  3. Utilize AI Commissions Affiliate to effortlessly research affiliate programs for any niche and add them to your database.
  4. Use AI Commissions Spinner to transform your product research into spun mini-articles suitable for articles or voice-over scripts.
  5. Leverage AI Commissions Video to create proven and profitable affiliate review videos within 60 seconds, regardless of the niche or market.
  6. Take advantage of AI Commissions Video’s extensive template library, specially designed for Amazon affiliates.
  7. Enjoy a premium WordPress AI Commissions Theme, instantly transforming your website into an e-commerce/affiliate store with engaging content.
  8. Import content from AI Commissions Affiliate to create instant affiliate ClickBank and Amazon reviews within AI Commissions Theme.
  9. Discover the best Google and YouTube keywords for 100 e-commerce niches, driving targeted free traffic with the help of AI Commissions Keywords.
  10. Access over 20,000 buyer keywords for the top 100 Amazon niches through the updated AI Commissions Keywords feature.
  11. Benefit from a comprehensive 39-page quick-start guide, ensuring you can get started with the AI Commissions system within minutes.
  12. Access secret hidden videos where advanced tips and tricks are revealed to maximize your profits from this $150 billion loophole.
  13. Receive five complete bonus systems covering various topics such as video marketing, Facebook, YouTube, and affiliate marketing.
  14. Explore over 100 pages of beautifully formatted PDF training materials, providing in-depth guidance on profiting in 2023 and beyond.
  15. Access training videos demonstrating how to utilize the software and succeed in video marketing.

What You Get When You Shake Hands With THE AI Commissions GPT

  1. MEMBER BENEFIT #1 *NEW* Chat-GPT Affiliate Software (6-in-1) That Made Us $400+/Day: PRELOADED!
    Paste words into AI. Watch as AI returns with pre-made affiliate campaigns.. that made us pre-approved commmissions. Basically I found a way to PRE-TRAIN Chat-GPT on the 6x main affiliate campaign types (training the AI on a data set of affiliate campaigns – mine and other super affiliates – that made over TEN MILLION DOLLARS). All YOU need to do is paste text from any website and watch as the AI applies my commands to YOUR specific niche or website. This is only AI app #1…
  2. MEMBER BENEFIT #2 LaunchGPT – DFY Software (A.I Hands Your PRE-MADE Affiliate Campaigns)
    REALLY.. it’s sooo simple to use the AI Commissions App. However, I decided to prove this by giving you a second app (again, browser-based). This is actually a calendar page that lists all current and up-and-coming affiliate programs and product launches. And, for each campaign, I’m giving you SIX affiliate campaign types, pre-made (email swipes, websites, bonuses, media, etc). You can run with these or tweak them.. it’s your call. THAT’s how easy it is to use app #1… that we turned the end result into its own second app! The new #1 resource for affiliate marketers
  3. MEMBER BENEFIT #3 Create 50x YouTube Videos (+ Shorts) Every Month.. FREE!
    This would be the MAIN EVENT for any other offer — I found a way to use Chat-GPT (and some other “loophole” I will share in the members area) to make UNLIMITED faceless YouTube videos. Then I created a script which spits these out on auto.. and then I show you a website that lets you make up to 50 minutes of free videos per month.. very cool!…
  4. MEMBER BENEFIT #4 Affiliate Review Page Bonus Builder.. Now Powered By Chat-GPT!
    Now that you’re building your review videos with GPT.. you’ll want to build your sites with GPT too. And guess what.. you can do it by combining my CLASSIC CommissionBuilder app (over 4,000 sold) with Chat-GPT. All YOU need to do is paste into Chat-GPT and it will spit out your bonus page, with BONUSES hand-picked for you!..
  5. MEMBER BENEFIT #5 Case Studies & Training Videos
    Really, the whole process is so simple, we shouldn’t even need these. But I will do a full breakdown of how each of the systems work, along with case studies on how I made $150k+ with AI already in 2023. Oh, and I also do free training webinars and update my tools into the future ..

AI Commissions GPT Fast Action Bonuses If You Buy Today

  1. Fast Action Bonus #1
    “$150k in 2023 With AI” Case Studies (NEW)
    2023. The year I went ALL IN on AI. I generated over $150k in 2023, all using AI, and with a range of AI tools, all of which are automated via AI Commissions GPT. But, as well as the automation I’ll give you a full “case study” breakdown on specifically what I did, logging into accounts, showing you “over the shoulder” proof so you can replicate me…
  2. Fast Action Bonus #2
    The “Fill In The Blanks” AI Software
    While AI can do maybe 90% of the workload, there’s still that stubborn 10%. Luckily, I’ve built over 100x markeitng software tools. I’ll give you half a dozen of these – which sold over $300,000 and would be $200+ if bought separately today – which “fill in the blanks” on any element of my system that the AIs can’t do. I toyed with including these as separate upsells, but fair is fair – and you can have these on me.
  3. Fast Action Bonus #3
    Lifetime Access To Our AI Insiders Club
    When you become an AI Commissions insider, you’ll get lifetime access to our AI Insiders Club. I’m basically living and breathing Generative-AI at this point, so expect updates, webinars, free training, new software tools and much more. I find the best way to keep my list happy is with quality content. Trust me, this is gonna be a fun year and you have front-row seats….
  4. Fast Action Bonus #4
    *STOP THE PRESSES* $20k Give-Away + Reseller Bonuses
    One of the reasons I’m able to smash launches and affiliate promos so effortlessly is because my BONUSES are on another level. Now as part of the core “AI Commissions” app you get a software that generates these bonus pages for you… but it’s worth stating that.. you also get the bonuses! These are TEN software tools that cost me over $20k to build.. made me over $300k in sales.. and are now yours to give-away as bonuses, resell in your own packages, or simply use yourself (like I say these are REAL SaaS cloud-based apps that sold over $300k, so they are ultra-high-value!)
AI Commissions GPT Review + OTO UPSELL
AI Commissions GPT Review + OTO UPSELL


Front-end: AI Commissions GPT

  • Includes *NEW* “Custom-Chat-GPT” Specifically For Affiliates + Marketers
  • Steal Daily DFY Campaigns The CUSTOM Affiliate-GPT Makes For You (“Golden Eggs”)
  • Run The “A.I. Custom GPT” App & For ANY Affiliate Program To Profit (AI Hand-Picks + Auto-Adds Them Daily, Or Use Your Own.. The “Golden Goose” Is YOURS Too!)
  • Choose A PRE-MADE Affiliate Campaign Template (Website, bonuses, emails, banners, video, review, media etc) That The AI Made & Tweak It
  • Watch As The AI Makes You Daily Commissions For ANY Affiliate Program.. The Model Is Trained On $10 Million Of Campaigns!

There are 5 OTO Upgrade

OTO 1 – GPT Commissions – AI Pro/Unlimited Edition ($47)

Unlock the ability to run even more campaigns with greater depth, leading to a 500% increase in speed and potential profits. Additionally, access three extra profitable campaign types and systems not included in the front-end package. Prepare to maximize your earnings with this powerful upgrade!

OTO 2 – AI Reseller SPECTACULAR Suite ($97)

Super affiliates possess a secret weapon: an impressive bonus pack that enhances their promotions. With this upgrade, you can access a vast collection of top-notch software and bonuses, all with resell and giveaway rights. Leapfrog your competition and attract more buyers by offering irresistible bonuses.

OTO 3 – ELITE AI Video Suite ($97)

Take your AI-powered content creation to the next level. In addition to “faceless” YouTube channels, now you can create complete video courses. This upgrade includes multiple software tools, an AI Chrome extension, and a video course hosting platform with resell rights. Say goodbye to costly subscriptions and embrace the power of AI to revolutionize your video content.

OTO 4 – AI Whisperer GOLD EDITION ($17)

Don’t miss this essential resource! AI Whisperer, the go-to guide on generative AI, is now available with some extra bells and whistles. As a gesture of gratitude to our loyal affiliates, we offer 90% commissions on this upgrade. Don’t let yourself or your customers miss out on the indispensable knowledge within AI Whisperer.

OTO 5 – Push Pro AI Edition ($97)

Imagine having AI-powered your own push auto-responder. With this upgrade, you can build unlimited leads of web push subscribers and harness the AI’s capabilities to transform any website into a web push subscription platform. Expand your reach and engage with your audience like never before.

AI Commissions GPT Review + OTO UPSELL
AI Commissions GPT Review + OTO UPSELL

ZERO RISK With Our 60-Day 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

AI Commissions GPT – Read the quick start guide, use the software.. Steal every last one of our prompts for your own private profit objectives… Do whatever it takes to convince yourself that it is possible to finally profit – with AI…
But if for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely satisfied, just let me know and your fee will be fully refunded. You can cancel at any time, and for ANY reason. That’s how certain I am that you are going to love this…So what are you waiting for? This is 100% risk-free!

Like I say, the core software is very step-by-step stuff. AI app #1 will give you 100s of pre-made campaigns every month (promoting hand-picked affiliate programs that typically pay $1-5 million for average affiliates like you, on a typical month). But.. using AI app #2 you will ALSO be able to promote ANY affiliate program — simply paste some text into my custom AI model, that clones ME, and watch as pro-level campaigns are spat out in <10 seconds.. every time.. for any of the 100,000+ affiliate programs we recommend…

FINALLY! Discover How We Make Money With Chat GPT, MidJourney, Kaiber & Many More.. RIGHT NOW In June, 2023! Download AI Commissions GPT Here Now!

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  • Front-end: AI Commissions GPT
  • OTO 1 – GPT Commissions – AI Pro/Unlimited Edition ($47)
  • OTO 2 – AI Reseller SPECTACULAR Suite ($97)
  • OTO 3 – ELITE AI Video Suite ($97)
  • OTO 4 – AI Whisperer GOLD EDITION ($17)
  • OTO 5 – Push Pro AI Edition ($97)


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