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Challenges App Review and OTO Upsell by Sam Bakker – Brand New Software with Latest Technology To Create Results-Driven Challenges, Bootcamps & Virtual Events with World First Drag N Drop Builder Makes Money-Making Challenges In Minutes that include training videos

Challenges App Review and OTO Upsell by Sam Bakker – Brand New Software with Latest Technology To Create Results-Driven Challenges, Bootcamps & Virtual Events with World First Drag N Drop Builder Makes Money-Making Challenges In Minutes that include training videos drip fed to their users daily or weekly.

Challenges App by Sam Bakker will Create & Sell Timed ‘Challenges’, ‘Marathons’ or Bootcamps’ by Member App provides users with an easy way of creating challenges. My advice is to get Challenges App – a brand new amazing software that allows you to create time-based challenges campaigns to use in your own training courses or build your fan base in Facebook group. You can now use our newest technology To create professional, time-based or evergreen challenges In minutes. All In 3 Easy Steps. First Create your ‘Challenge’, Choose a name for your challenge, a guide then create your Challenge. Select a start date, end date, create lessons for your challenge and when those lessons will be released. Second is Customize Your Challenge, Use our ‘Visual Editor’ to quickly and effortlessly customize your challenge. Preview your challenge within one click. And Last is Publish & Sell your challenge, Publish your challenge and invite your first students. Here’s a quick summary of what you’re going to receive within this package today on this page. Get Commercial Rights for Member App Challenges, Course Start Times & End Times, Evergreen Challenges, Create & Revi*ew Student homework, Reminders & Student Notifications, Challenge Certificates, Automatic Workshop/Webinar Enrollment, Track Students Challenge Progress, Bonus Member App 30 Day Challenge. This is An Incredible Opportunity To Make Money Using The Hottest Method Of 2021. You’re going to be getting a head-start over all of your competition. Spicing up your courses, offering them as 30 day challenges. Or alternatively you can use these challenges as an ‘upgrade offer’ to your already successful Member App courses. With Challenges App, you have two great options coming with certain differences in privileges and prices. The Personal version is currently available at the price of $47 while the Commercial version is $67. But the best thing about this product is that your investment will be fully protected by the 30 Days Money Back Guarantee policy.

Challenges App by Sam Bakker provides users with an easy way of creating challenges that include training videos drip fed to their users daily or weekly. It also gives users the opportunity to create private Facebook group like discussions. Furthermore, the campaigns created with Challenges App are quite versatile because you can use this as the add-on to your training courses or add it to the FB discussion group to build more fans. There are a lot more ways to monetize these challenges and I’m sure you will be amazed by how people get stick to the challenges! This is a must-have feature that is going to unlock a brand new opportunity to ‘Cash-in’ in an entirely fresh and profitable way. Don’t miss out on this offer. When this offer expires you’ll not only have to pay more for this feature inside of Member App, but you’ll also have to purchase ‘Sam Bakker’s Member App Challenge’ separately for a minimum of $197. Therefore, there is no need to worry about it. You can test out the software for 30 days and if you don’t believe this is the very best viral marketing sales tool in the world then send an email for a prompt and courteous refund. Get Challenges App and OTO Here!

Challenges App Review and OTO Upsell by Sam Bakker
Challenges App Review and OTO Upsell by Sam Bakker

Challenges App Review and OTO Upsell by Sam Bakker Challenges App Review and OTO Upsell by Sam Bakker

What Features You’re Going To Get Access Today With Challenges App:

  • Challenge Feature #1: Plan your entire challenge within an easy to use drag and drop ‘Challenge Planner’. Plan out your challenge. Choose what days different ‘challenge lessons’ are released. Perfect your lessons structure and what’s included within each lesson within a drag and drop visual editing system,
  • Challenge Feature #2: Create challenges within our drag and drop ‘Visual Editing’ System. You can fully customize your ‘Challenge’ lessons as you want. Customize your lessons within the lessons planner. Perfect your lessons structure and what’s included within each lesson within a drag and drop visual editing system,
  • Challenge Feature #3: Create ‘pre-sell’ events around your challenges. Build hype around your challenges and pre-sell spots to them months in advance. Users can receive access to the ‘Challenge Area’ and see a countdown timer for when the challenge will begin,
  • Challenge Feature #4: Auto-Enrol students to your challenges. Invite students to your challenges or use third party software to automatically enrol new customers of your startup software or fitness programs,
  • Challenge Feature #5: Set Start Time’s & End Times or Run Automated Evergreen Challenges. Choose the start time and end time of your challenge. For example you can choose to run your challenge throughout January. All of your students can pre-pay and join your membership before January. Then the ‘Challenge’ inside the membership will unlock when the challenge begins. Everyone can join the challenge at the same time. Alternatively allow for students who join to begin the challenge immediately after signup year round selecting the ‘Evergreen Challenges’ option,
  • Challenge Feature #6: Drip Feed Content Lessons. Change the order of your content within your lessons and customize as you wish. Every lesson comes with a timer as to the amount of time that the lesson can be completed in to stay up to date. Choose when your students can access each lesson,
  • Challenge Feature #7: Create & Review Homework. Create homework for your students to submit each day of your challenge. Customize your homework then as students submit the homework you can review their homework within your challenges ‘homework’ dashboard. Write comments and respond to homework as you re*view it. Require homework to be completed before moving to the next lesson or enable students to skip homework if they like and move to the next step,
  • Challenge Feature #8: Keep Students Engaged With Reminders & Challenge Notifications. As your students run through your challenge keep them engaged with reminders and notifications. Customize when they receive notifications and reminders. Keep them engaged and returning to complete daily lessons within your challenge,
  • Challenge Feature #9: Challenge Completion Certificates. Once a student has successfully completed your challenge you can send a customized certificate to congratulate them. Choose when a certificate is sent to your students and reward your students’ achievement. Students receive a digital version of the certificate but can also receive a physical certificate if you wish as well,
  • Challenge Feature #10: Communicate & Engage Your Students Through Group Chat & Chat Threads. Communicate with your students as a whole within time-based challenges. Broadcast messages to all of your students through group chat. Students can ask questions, submit information or engage directly with both you and other users within the group. This helps to create a collaborative and encouraging environment for your students. Students can connect with one another and encourage each other as they work towards completing your challenge,
  • Challenge Feature #11: Automatically Enroll Challengers Into Weekly Workshops or Webinars. As students signup for your challenge you may want to also run weekly workshops. These workshops can serve as weekly reviews that recap what has happened over the last week within your challenge. Or they could be live Q&A sessions to help your students better navigate your challenge. With this feature you can now automatically enroll your new students into these webinars directly after their purchase so they never miss a live call.

With Challenges App you can now use our newest technology To create professional, time-based or evergreen challenges In minutes. All In 3 Easy Steps:

  1. Step #1 – Create your Challenge: Choose a name for your challenge, a guide then create your Challenge. Select a start date, end date, create lessons for your challenge and when those lessons will be released,
  2. Step #2 – Customize Your Challenge: Use our ‘Visual Editor’ to quickly and effortlessly customize your challenge. Preview your challenge within one click,
  3. Step #3 – Publish & Sell Your Challenge: Publish your challenge and invite your first students. Integrate with your favorite third party service and pre-selling or selling spots to your challenge. Automatically manage your challenge as students engage. View student progress and add new students throughout the duration of your challenge.

Here’s how you can profit with Challenges Member App:

  1. Course Creators: Use challenges to increase engagement, help students in a collaborative, competitive environment, make more money repurposing content. Repurpose your courses or transform your courses into challenges. Challenges put a time-limit on students completing the training. They motivate students to go through each and every lesson. Students can connect with other students and motivate each other to complete the challenge. As a course creator you can improve your students’ results, gather more testimonials for your future challenges and sell more products packaging training into a progressive, step by step 30 or 60 day training system,
  2. Software Developers: Use challenges to educate your audience about using your software. Teach them over 30 days to get results with your software. Increase customer retention and build a larger more loyal user base. The most effective method for signing up users to your software and ensuring they pay a monthly cost for the software years after is through a challenge. Sell a challenge and with that challenge give your students a 30 day trial to your software. Then use the challenge to help them to successfully use your software and get results. At the end of the challenge you’ll notice that your students will stay users of your software for dramatically longer than if they had simply signed up but never gone through your challenge. This is the ultimate ‘sticky’ strategy for growing software startups,
  3. Experts/Trainers & Coaches: Engage your students in new ways with quality, online, high-end challenges. Engage with your audience in a “Live Workshop” style environment on the Internet. Run webinars & publish homework for your attendees to follow. Take your offline workshops and load them into a ‘30 day online challenge’. Sign your students up for the challenge and engage with them through the challenge as you would within a ‘live coaching’ environment. Sell your challenges for higher prices and run live workshops along side them. Sell more online and expand your customer pool,
  4. Online Marketers: Enhance your courses or sell challenges as ‘more engaged upgrades’ to courses. Create courses that challenge your students, drive results and help you to sell more products with true ‘scarcity style’ challenges.
    Enhance your courses with challenges. Add a challenge to your product as an upgrade or fe offer. Drive more results for your products. Even turn on ‘Evergreen’ challenges to run challenges year round engaging your students. This is perfect if you’re selling training products over JVZoo, Clickbank or independently through processors like Paykickstart, ThriveCart or others,
  5. Run Challenges For Clients: Educate your clients & engage your clients in a new way through a challenge. Signup high paying clients & drive more results through challenges. Get paid for this service. Get paid for creating challenges with clients. Charge a percentage or a one-time fee to help your clients run challenges. This can be a great service to offer for businesses, fitness trainers or experts. Offer challenges to clients and get paid for helping your clients to manage their students through the challenge.

Semi-Exclusive Bonuses :

  • SPECIAL LAUNCH BONUS #1 3 Done For You Challenges
  • SPECIAL LAUNCH BONUS #2 Client Attraction Funnel
  • SPECIAL LAUNCH BONUS #3 3000 Leads in 30 Days
  • SPECIAL LAUNCH BONUS #4 Script Writer
  • SPECIAL LAUNCH BONUS #5 Green Screen Videos
  • SPECIAL LAUNCH BONUS #6 Launch Checklist
  • SPECIAL LAUNCH BONUS #7 Delicious Flat Icons
  • SPECIAL LAUNCH BONUS #8 Marketing Graphics Toolkit

What Benefits of This App :
+ 100% user friendly software.
+ Cloud-based software. No bulky download.
+ Super easy to collect Testimonials & Reviews after the challenge
+ Created by the online marketing expert
+ Commercial rights included for more making money opportunities
+ 24/7 dedicated support team
+ 30-day money back guarantee

Challenges App Review and OTO Upsell by Sam Bakker

Challenges App Review and OTO Upsell by Sam Bakker
Challenges App Review and OTO Upsell by Sam Bakker
Challenges App Review and OTO Upsell by Sam Bakker
Challenges App Review and OTO Upsell by Sam Bakker

Get Product OTO & UPSELL :

Front End : Challenges App Software by Sam Bakker

OTO #1 : Challenges App Webinar Bundle
Challenges App Webinar Bundle is The Ultimate Enhancement for Trainers, Experts, Agencies & Creators Each and every challenge or course includes a wide range of incredible features. Cash-in creating your own challenges, courses or helping businesses with a flexible professional system. Without a doubt what you’re about to see on this page is the ultimate companion to Challenges because it was built to not only work with it enhances it. The features we’ve added into this package have been compiled as a result of working closely with our beta testers. Every update Is significant and Will transform how you run challenges And sell courses. These features instantly and directly enhance all of the incredible features you’re already got access to within ‘Challenges’ by Member App. Enhance your Challeges & courses features with ‘Member App — All Access’ Comprehensive Chat System (Use with your clients) This is the ideal replacement for distracting and noisy ‘Facebook groups’. Challenge focussed discussions, group communication, daily progress updates and communication directly inside of your challenge. When you upgrade to Member App Founder today you’re also going to receive a wide range of incredible professional features. These features help you to transform your money making challenges into an actual ‘business’ that generates monthly recurring income.

Upgrade Features Inside :

  • Student Assignments & Review
    Unlock an incredible new feature that’s a world-first. Create student assignments in minutes for lessons or sections of your courses or challenges. Students can review & submit assignments from right within Member App. Mark, engage in discussions & track student progress through professional assignments.
  • Automatically Collect Student Testimonials & Reviews
    Proof sells! The more proof you have the more sales you can make. You can automatically and easily capture testimonials from students. Simply turn this feature on to ask for a testimonial for a student or a review before a student completes the final stage of your course. Use testimonials to help sell your challenge or course in the future.
  • Student Analytics & Review System
    See ‘to the minute’ overall and individual statistics within your challenges. Monitor how your students are progressing through your challenge and which students are the most responsive. Filter and categorize students based on actions within the challenge. Followup on students who have not yet started, forget to submit homework or drop off within the challenge itself.
  • Video Hosting & Data Storage
    Effortlessly upload videos, audio files, documents, PDFs, Images and more into your ‘challenge’ lessons & group chat threads. Choose your own thumbnail to display within each one of your lessons based on your video. Cancel your other ‘Hosting services’ and switch to Member App. We’ll provide you full hosting of all of your videos, audio files, documents and more within each of your challenges or courses.
  • Mobile Responsive Video & Audio Players
    You’re going to get access to your own customizable video player and audio player. As you upload videos and audio files into your courses. You’ll be able to showcase them within a professional video & audio playing system.
  • Unlock Additional Templates & Customizable Styles
    Choose from a range of customizable template styles for your courses & challenges. Customize each style with your own colors, fonts & branding. Switch from one style to another, choose the style you like the best.
  • Automatically Bulk Enrol Students For Future Courses Or Challenges
    Automatically enrol your students for future challenges or courses. Simply select the students you want to add to your course or challenge. They’ll all receive an instant notification and receive access to the challenge or course immediately after you send out the invite. You can even upload a CSV file in order to automatically bulk add new students into your courses or challenges from your subscriber list.
  • Action Integrations
    Engage your prospects and students in new ways with upgraded ‘Action’ integrations. Shopping cart actions, subscription actions and dunning. Tag prospects and students. Add or remove students From different subscriber lists or followup email sequences based on their actions.
  • Editable Email Templates
    Personalize, customize and brand your email templates as you want. Adjust our pre-created templates by changing the text and images as you want. Edit registration, welcome, lost password and new course emails as you want. Effortlessly make changes within your new campaign settings dashboard.
  • Editable Legal Documents
    Unlock a range of professionally created legal documents. Automatically add your businesses name ot these documents to use them within your campaigns. Replace the terms and conditions or privacy policy used within Member App with your own.

Launch Exclusive Bonuses :

  • Exclusive Bonus #1 All future updates & upgrades
    You’re going to receive as a Member App founding user. All future updates and upgrades to both Challenges and Member App. Anytime there is a new feature available, you’ll be alerted and the feature added to your account. As we grow this business into a start up company you’ll always continue to benefit from updates and upgrades without having to pay anything extra because you’re a founding user.
  • Exclusive Bonus #2 Commercial Rights License
    You’re getting a commercial rights license to all of the above features. That means that every feature within this package can be used to help your clients. You can create and manage client, challenges or courses for a fee.
  • Exclusive Bonus #3 3 ‘Pre-Created’ Online Courses With Resell Rights
    We’re going to update your new Member App account automatically with 3 completely ‘done for you’ professional courses. You can resell these courses, add your own branding and make money selling these courses as part of a campaign within your account. This package includes: Outsourcing Masterclass, Product Launch Masterclass and Recurring Money Sites.
  • Exclusive Bonus #4 Member App Founding Facebook Group Access
    Get access to an incredible Facebook group with other Member App founders. We discuss new ideas within this group, share strategies and communicate about new updates and upgrades. Join this community as a valued Member App founding user.

OTO #2 : Challenges Member App Agency
Challenges Member App Agency to Create & Sell Challenges to clients and easily manage them within one agency dashboard. To Educate: More and more people are moving away from traditional education and instead they are getting an education on their mobile device, tablet or laptop.‍ And entrepreneurs who are selling digital training products on websites like Clickbank, Udemy or JVZoo are making a killing. To Sell: Online Education is larger than ever and it’s only growing. Businesses who want to jump on this trend but don’t knowhow – they need help. To Systematize: With more of the world working from home than ever before. It’s important to a business that they systemateize their training & in-house education.

Upgrade Features Inside :

  • A Proven ‘Turn Key’ Consulting Franchise At Your Finger Tips.
    Access a proven system of selling challenges & courses to businesses, creators and consultants. Follow the system we’ve laid out for you and use the tools. Everything is laid out professionally in an easy to navigate Agency area within your Challenges by Member App software.
  • Your Own Client Management Dashboard
    Run your agency from right within your own client management dashboard. This is your command center dedicated to helping you to sell challenges & courses as a service. Assign different challenges & courses to clients. Assign sub-users to the projects of your choice. All within one easy to use dashboard.
  • Charge & Invoice Clients From Right Inside Your App
    When a business is ready to pay you for their challenges or courses you can process their payment right within the software.
    Simply add their name & email address. The software creates a special link you can send them to pay or you can send them an email with an invoice attached. Every invoice has a date and time which can be setup to expire at your chosen time.
  • Joint Partnership Contracts
    Partner with other creators through virtual joint contracts. Divide up the money you make from selling your courses based on an agreed on % automatically within Member App.
  • Collaborate With Clients On Projects
    You can now add a client into the challenges or courses you’ve created with them. This gives them limited access to review manage members and add sections, lessons or content to their campaigns. The ‘Client Area’ your clients will view is branded to your company.
  • Rebrand Your Client Campaign Dashboard
    You can completely rebrand your agency dashboard so all sub-users and clients aren’t aware of any attachment to Member App. You can add your own domain and add your dashboard to the website of your choice.
  • Easily Manage Client Campaigns Within Your Member App Dashboard
    You or your team can now manage all of your clients through one easy to use dashboard. Login to a clients challenge or course campaigns, make changes or manage users. Get paid a management fee for maintaining a clients campaign and ensuring it remains active.
  • Team Management
    Add sub-users to help you to manage your campaigns or clients campaigns. Add up to 5 sub-users per client account. Choose which campaigns your sub-users can access and manage. Choose what permissions within each challenge or course they have access to.
  • Scale Your Agency & Sell Your Campaigns Directly To Clients
    You can now pre-create campaigns, courses or challenges. Then sell them to clients. You can transfer these campaigns directly over to clients accounts with sections, lessons and videos included. This incredible upgrade helps you to scale your agency and even create niche specific templates you can fill-in for businesses then sell as a ‘cookie cutter’ online campaign.
  • Complete Agency Resources
    You’re going to be armed with everything that you need to maximize your agencies effectiveness. You’ll receive contracts, pricing guidelines, strategy documents & sales scripts. Everything is rebrandable and helps you to present yourself as a professional “sought after“ agency.
  • Agency Community Access Pass
    You’re getting access to a special agency Facebook group. In this group you can discuss ideas, meet other like-minded consultants. This will be a great place to ask any questions and get support from the community as you grow your agency.
  • Monthly Coaching & Training Calls (3 months)
    You’re going to receive 3 monthly live coaching calls. Each call will go through a different way of generating clients and automating the way you’re running your agency. You can ask any questions on these calls and be provided answers to new questions that might come up over the first 3 months of selling challenges or courses to creators, businesses and consultants.

OTO #3 : Challenges Bootcamp Edition
Get Access To A Discounted ‘Challenges Bootcamp’ Access For A Limited Time. This is the first of many challenges that will be run for Member App. Because this is the first one you’re going to receive discounted access to it. Enroll today and save $100 off the full price of $197 we’ll be selling this challenge for in the future. Access it now for a low one-time price of just $97.

What BootCamp Schedule :

Week #1: Conception
How to conceptualize your challenge. What you could package up for sale even if you have never created a training course before.

  • 10 Profitable challenges you can start now
  • How to test your ‘challenge ideas
  • The 5 ingredients your challenge needs to sell

Week #2: Planning Your Challenge
How to plan and structure a results-based challenge that serves your participants.

  • My FAST-TRACK planning formula
  • How to determine whether your plan is good or not
  • How to ‘Sell from a plan’ (This is big)

Week #3: Building Your Challenge
How to build your challenge using the challenges software. What lesson formats participants love and how to quickly & easily build from scratch.

  • Top lesson template for building
  • How to schedule your content
  • Transforming previous training content into 
challenge ready content.

Week #4: Publishing Your Challenge
How to publish your challenge, test your challenge & optimize.

  • How to publish your challenge with all of the features you need to maximize your challenges success.
  • How to create a pre-sell page & encourage sharing
  • How to welcome your ‘participants’ & ensure they are kept happy within your challenge.

Week #5: Marketing Your Challenge
Now that your challenge is published it’s time to start marketing your challenge. Here I lay out a 3 step plan for marketing & successfully making money from your challenge.

  • How to sell your challenge — where to start and what to do
  • Pricing strategies for maximizing profits and minimizing refunds.
  • The #1 hands-down way to sell your challenge

Week #6: Managing & Automating
As participants start to enrol within your challenge you’ll need to now manage your participants. Here’s how to automate as much of that as possible.

  • How to utilize Member App’s automation features while you’re running your training.
  • How to communicate & engage your participants
  • Using Member App’s many different tools to provide an enjoyable experience for your participants

Special ‘Challenges’Bootcamp Bonuses:

  • Bonus #1: 7 LIVE Workshops & Replays
    Every week of training comes with a Q&A workshop. This workshop occurs at the end of the week. It goes over the training in-depth and provides every participant in this challenge an opportunity to ask questions, get answers and recap the material. Every workshop is recorded and will include an easily accessible replay that will be published into your challenge material.
    You’ll receive lifetime access to the challenge. Every week we’ll be releasing a new section. However once all sections have been completed and added into your dashboard. You’ll continue to have access to them from now into the future.
  • Bonus #3: Private Discussion Group
    Engage in private group discussions with the creator of this challenge as well as other participants. Ask questions and get involved in conversations around different topics inside of this training area.

OTO #4 : Challenge Funnels Edition
Sales Funnels, Landing Pages, Professional Websites & Lead Generation All Inside Of iGloo! When we built iGloo, we wanted to ensure we could provide the most advanced platform for entrepreneurs, online business owners and organisations, to give you the exact tools you need to grow your influence online and sell more subscriptions to your courses and memberships. And quite simply, “Good enough is just NOT good enough” in our books, and so over the past 3 years we’ve been perfecting our platform, listening to our users feature requests we’ve added in loads of new features and ensured iGloo provides you with the most advanced website & Sales Funnel system on the web. This software comes with over 150 done for you templates as well as a wide range of graphics, elements and backgrounds. Unlimited funnels, pages, domains and hosting. If you’re not 100% satisfied, we offer a full no questions asked money back guarantee. Just shoot us a support ticket at

What Benefits that You will Get :

  • Create Literally Any Webpage, Sales Funnel or page You Need — Just Drag & Drop!
    You can choose the campaign you want then immediately start customizing a template that matches that campaign or build from scratch. Our drag and drop builder is so easy that editing with iGloo App is as easy as pointing and clicking. We guarantee that this will be the most enjoyable experience you have ever had with a design tool. Simply choose your template and customize freely as you want.
  • Full Icon Library & Over 100+ Extra Text Font Styles
    iGloo App includes a complete library of additional fonts, icons, and elements you can use to further customise and enhance your pages. There’s no need to leave the software to go looking for images or icons. It’s all available within the iGloo App Builder.
  • Add A Splash Of Design Ease To Your Pages With iGloo’s Designer Color Bucket
    Use iGloo colour bucket to create custom colour pallets. This feature is a creators dream and makes modifying pages and sections as simple as a single click. Simply copy then paste colors you find into backgrounds, text or any elements.
  • Capture leads, add coupons & two-step opt-ins using iGloo Pop-Ups
    Effortlessly create timer Based Pop-Ups, Exit Pops & Action Pop Ups To Engage Visitors & Turn Them Into Leads & Sales…
  • Single Click Viewer Engaging Animations
    With so many websites trying to grab your prospects attention, it’s vital that you do it better than your competition. Engaging animations keep your website visitors hooked on your marketing message. Animations are now easier than ever to add to iGloo App.
  • Display Your Visitors Name
    Using Dynamic Variables
    ‘Dynamic variables’ sounds technical right?
    With D.V’s you can display your subscribers name on your web pages creating a more personal connection and helping you to build rapport with your customers & subscribers.


Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Is there a refund guarantee?
    Yes! There is a 30 day refund guarantee available when you purchase this upgrade. If this doesn’t immediately help you to improve student results and create then sell challenges effectively. Simply give us an email before 30 days and we will provide you with a full refund.
  • How do I get support for these features?
    You can give us an email at if you’d like support. We have a dedicated support team available to help you 7 days every week
  • How long will this offer be available for?
    This offer is available for a limited time. Once this launch closes down this offer will become unavailable. Once this launch expires you will need to purchase this upgrade for a monthly or yearly price. The Challenge starting in January will be $197 minimum to join separately.
  • Does this include commercial rights?
    Yes! You can use every one of these features with your clients. It’s one of the benefits in securing access within this founder launch. Commercial Rights is included.

Challenges App was Covered with 30 Days 100% RISK-FREE
We know Member App ‘Challenges’ are going to enhance this software and dramatically increase the amount of money you make in your business. They make it easier for your students to engage with you and provide a ‘timed event’ that increases your students focus, attention and results. However if you don’t agree that this upgrade is the very best system for running challenges and you want your money back. Simply get in touch with us within the first 30 days you upgraded and we’ll return your money to you. Upgrade now to use Member App ‘Challenges’ upgrade risk free. Act now! This offer will be expiring at the end of launch. When it expires it will become part of a monthly or yearly package. Act now to ensure that you don’t miss out on this incredible chance to upgrade your Member App account and join Sam Bakker for a 30 day challenge in creating challenges that make money in your business as well as all of the above incredible upgrades. Get Challenges App and OTO Here Now!

Check Here :
Challenges App Review and OTO Upsell by Sam Bakker – Brand New Software with Latest Technology To Create Professional, Time-Based Or Evergreen Challenges that include training videos drip fed to their users daily or weekly


Get FE, OTO, Upsell :
Front End : Challenges App Software by Sam Bakker
OTO #1 : Challenges App Webinar Bundle
OTO #2 : Challenges Member App Agency
OTO #3 : Challenges Bootcamp Edition
OTO #4 : Challenge Funnels Edition


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