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JusTap Commercial and OTO Review: The Ultimate Tool for Creating Contactless Digital Business Cards and Lead Generation

Discover the ultimate tool for creating contactless digital business cards and lead generation with JusTap Commercial and OTO. Read our review to see if it’s worth the investment!

What is JusTap Commercial?

JusTap Commercial is a powerful app designed for businesses of all sizes to enhance their networking, marketing, and lead generation capabilities. It is a software solution that allows businesses to create custom digital business cards, manage client workspaces, collect payments, generate leads, and much more. The app is designed to take full advantage of NFC technology to help businesses grow their connections and attract more customers.

One of the key features of JusTap Commercial is the ability to fully customize digital business cards. With JusTap Commercial, businesses can create a unique digital business card that includes a profile photo, banner, logo, description, phone number, email ID, contact details, website, social media profile, WhatsApp, one-tap call, Google map location, image gallery, video gallery, appointment booking, customer feedback, customer rating, and the ability to write NFC tag as URL and VCF (contact card) using free apps. The ability to create custom digital business cards helps businesses stand out and showcase their products and services to potential customers.

JusTap Commercial also enables businesses to capture leads, send out email notifications on sign up to business cards, and share digital business cards an unlimited number of times. Additionally, the app provides the ability to create QR codes for digital business cards, which can be redirected to any URL after scanning, send SMS, phone, WhatsApp, Google Map, show coupons, and more. The front end of the app is packed with business card templates and local business templates that can be readily customized and used.

The NFC card can be published as a URL, VCF, or used to open a Google map location, initiate a call to a given number, send SMS, send a WhatsApp message, send a message on Telegram, Skype, Discord, display a coupon, initiate app download from App Store or Play store, and more. The app also features integrated agency technology, which allows businesses to create agency accounts and create a business card while sending a link to the client to input contact info.

One of the best features of JusTap Commercial is the ability to update digital business cards unlimited times based on one’s needs. The publish options can be changed anytime, making it easy for businesses to make changes and keep their digital business cards up-to-date. The app also provides the ability to track sales of products and services, add retargeting codes, Cname mapping to own domain, autoresponder integration, SMTP integrations, and analytics.

In Summary, JusTap Commercial is a comprehensive app designed to help businesses of all sizes grow their connections, enhance their marketing capabilities, and generate more leads. With a range of features and capabilities, JusTap Commercial is a must-have app for any business looking to enhance their networking and marketing capabilities. 

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Details Product and Upgrade:
Front End – JusTap Commercial FE
OTO #1 – JusTap Professional
OTO #2 – JusTap Agency
OTO #3 – JusTap Done-For-You Package
OTO #4 – JusTap Whitelabel
OTO #5 – JusTap’s InstaWrapper Special Edition

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JusTap Commercial App Review and OTO Upsell
JusTap Commercial App Review and OTO Upsell

The Features of JusTap Commercial

JusTap Commercial is an innovative NFC technology agency app that helps businesses to create digital business cards, marketing campaigns and lead generation. It offers a wide range of features that cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes. Here are some of the key features of JusTap:

  1. Digital Business Card Creation: With JusTap, businesses can create their own customized digital business cards that include important contact information, a profile photo, a banner, a logo, social media profiles, website, and much more. They can also include NFC tags that can be read by smartphones with NFC capabilities.
  2. Customized Marketing Campaigns: JusTap enables businesses to create customized marketing campaigns that can include lead generation, review collection, app downloads, text messaging, WhatsApp, and messenger marketing funnels. It also has an email notification feature that sends out notifications to customers when they sign up for a business card.
  3. Workspace to Manage Client Work: The JusTap commercial has an integrated workspace that allows businesses to manage client work easily. It includes features such as appointment booking, customer feedback, customer ratings, and the ability to capture leads.
  4. Cname Mapping: JusTap allows businesses to Cname map their digital business cards to their own domain, giving them greater control over their online presence.
  5. Collect Payments: With JusTap commercial, businesses can collect payments through their digital business cards, making it easier for customers to pay for products or services.
  6. Generate Leads: JusTap has a powerful lead generation feature that allows businesses to capture leads and track the sales of their products and services. It also includes retargeting codes and analytics to help businesses better understand their audience.
  7. QR Code Creation: The JusTap app also allows businesses to create QR codes for their digital business cards that can be easily scanned by customers. The QR codes can redirect to any URL after scanning and include features such as SMS, phone, WhatsApp, Google Maps, and more.
  8. Agency Accounts: JusTap has the ability to create agency accounts, allowing businesses to create digital business cards and marketing campaigns for clients. It also includes the ability to send a link to the client to input their contact information.
  9. Unlimited Updates: JusTap’s digital business cards can be updated an unlimited number of times based on the business’s needs. The publish options can also be changed at any time.
  10. Analytics and Integrations: JusTap offers powerful analytics and integration capabilities that include SMTP integration, autoresponder integration, and the ability to track the performance of digital business cards and marketing campaigns.

Sample Urls:

Photographer –

Barber Shop –

Jewellery –

Health & Sports –

Food –


JusTap Commercial can do more for you

  • Shares Contactless Digital Business Card instantly anywhere anytime without needing to print 1000s of cards.
  • Generates leads for any business with just a Tap
  • Collects Review & Rating from your customers
  • Displays product information, features, offers, price in physical stores
  • Helps lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Consultants, Chiropractors etc. book appointments
  • Helps any local Business display any detail like a demo video, house tour, images or anything else with just a tap.
  • Gets followers on any social media profile
  • Gets people to send you Text Message, whatsapp message, skype, email without having to type in your number or ID
  • Displays, sells products & collects payments for online stores
  • Displays offers in Restaurant, gyms, yoga studios or any physical store
  • Displays a restaurant menu or even display an Agency/ Freelancer service page
  • Gets people to download your app from play store or app store
  • Pet owners can use NFC tags in dog collar or to display their information in case pet goes missing
  • NFC tags can be used by hotels / Cafes / Bars / public places / Airports to share wifi network and password
  • NFC tags can be used to open a google map location on Tap
  • NFC Tags can be used in healthcare to retrieve patient information with just a Tap

The best part is JusTap comes with an Agency Dashboard allowing you to set up client accounts, a get info wizard to get inputs directly from clients and so much more.. It will be a breeze to work with clients and offer these NFC services with JusTap! Guess what? You will be able to charge them $200-$1000 per campaign depending on the service you are offering. The best part is.. No Design Skills, No Coding Skills, No prior knowledge about NFC tech.

If you want to offer these unique services to local businesses and cash in early on an opportunity that is not known to many, secure your copy of JusTap Commercial right away..

JusTap App Review and OTO Upsell
JusTap App Review and OTO Upsell

Here is how you can profit using JusTap Commercial

  1. Step 1 : Approach ANY Business not using NFC tech (Which is almost all Businesses out there). Even if they are using it, show them the right way to use it to increase leads, engagement and sales.
  2. Step 2: Set up Business card, Lead Generation, Review Collecting, payment collecting, appointment booking or any campaign as per the need of the Business by customizing any existing template inside JusTap. (There are a wide variety of Templates in all popular Niches inside JusTap)
  3. Step 3: Collect a one-time fee and a monthly retainer to maintain the service. You can collect $200-$1000 depending on the purpose of the campaign. For example if you are running a lead generation campaign, you can even charge per lead generated.

Here are all the services that you can offer using JusTap Commercial. All these can be activated by tapping an NFC Tag with a NFC enabled phone/device!

  • Share contact card / Digital Business Cards
  • Display products / showcase any page / URL
  • Book Appointments
  • Generate Leads
  • Reveal offers
  • Open a Google Map Location
  • Showcase Products / Services
  • Get App downloads
  • Collect Review & Ratings
  • Initiate Conversations on Whatsapp / Text / Messenger / Skype / Discord or Telegram
  • Showcase Video
  • Collect Payments
  • Get Social Media Followers
  • And so much more..

Secure your copy of JusTap Commercial for a heavily discounted one-time only price here and become the number one NFC Agency in 2023!


JusTap App Review and Upgrade
JusTap App Review and Upgrade
JusTap App Review and Upgrade
JusTap App Review and Upgrade

JusTap Commercial OTO and Upgrade

OTO Upgrade 1 – JusTap Professional

This upgrade basically removes all the restrictions and gives you unlimited access to JusTap. You also get to remove JusTap branding from your campaigns when you switch to this upgrade.

  • Unlimited Workspace
  • Unlimited Business Cards
  • Unlimited Local Business Campaigns
  • Unlimited Leads
  • Remove JusTap Branding
  • Physical Card Design Customization
  • Client Account Control Limitation
  • Clone Campaigns
  • Clone Workspace
  • Save as Template
  • Manage Feedback and Ratings
  • Export Leads
  • Unlimited Image & Video Gallery
  • Priority Support

OTO Upgrade 2 – JusTap Agency

If you want to run a full-fledged Agency offering NFC tech services to Businesses, then you need this Agency Upgrade that lets you set up unlimited client accounts and also unlocks a full-blown Agency Marketing Kit

  • Ability to create unlimited client accounts
  • Custom branding on client’s dashboard
  • Add unlimited Team Members
  • Agency Marketing Kit to sell NFC services
  • Done-For-You Agency Website
  • Done-For-You Sales Video
  • Done-For-You Facebook Ads
  • Done-For-You Fiverr Gigs
  • Done-For-You Phone Scripts
  • Done-For-You Client Presentation
  • Done-For-You Client Contract

OTO Upgrade 3 – JusTap Done-For-You Package

This is the upgrade you need to get your hands on if you want access to a huge Template Vault in Top Niches..

Here is what you will get with this upgrade..

  • 100 DFY Business card Templates
  • 100 DFY Local Business Templates
  • Club Membership
  • Custom Template Request Option
  • Unlimited Usage
  • Commercial Rights

OTO Upgrade 4 – JusTap Whitelabel License

Sell JusTap as your own under your own branding and have your own software selling business.

Here is what you will get with this upgrade..

  • 100 White Label Licenses to sell JusTap as your own
  • Ability to add your own branding
  • Separate unbranded URL for your customer’s login
  • 1-click to add customer accounts
  • Manage all clients from one Dashboard
  • White Label Marketing kit with all Marketing Materials
  • Proven to convert sales copy 
  • Proven to convert sales Video script
  • Proven to convert sales funnel
  • Proven to work FB Ads
  • Proven to convert Email Swipes
  • Launch your own software selling Business
  • Access to all Tool Updates
  • Full support to your customers
  • Sell for one-time or recurring
  • No overhead or Hidden costs
  • Keep 100% of the profits.

OTO Upgrade 5 – JusTap’s InstaWrapper Special Edition

Along with NFC services, you can also sell Wrapper videos which are the rage on the internet. These are the exact kind of videos that influencers use to get more eyeballs. It will be a great add-on service to offer along with NFC service to make additional profits from the same client. 

  • Create unlimited attention grabbing videos
  • 100 hand-crafted Templates
  • Create Video from scratch
  • Left, Right, Top & Bottom Wrappers
  • Automated Captions
  • Edit Captions
  • Add Shapes, Emojis, Images
  • Millions of Stock Images & Footages
  • Preview before Render
  • Add any item at any point in the Video
  • Video Progress bar
  • Add your own branding logo
  • Add GIF’s
  • Export video upto 4K
  • Add countdown Timer
  • Sell Videos for Profits
  • Save your own Template
  • Download Captions & use for website/blog
  • Clone Campaigns
  • Add VA’s to collaborate with your Team members
  • Monitor project status
  • 200 – High converting Wrapper Text used in high-engaging videos
  • Priority Rendering
  • Directly share video to your favorite social platform

All powerful upgrades that you simply can’t miss!

Go here and grab the front end version if you haven’t done it already! >> JusTap Commercial Front End Link >>

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JusTap App Review and Upgrade
JusTap Commercial Review and Upgrade

JusTap Commercial Limited time Fast Action Bonuses

  1. Fast Action Bonus – #1 Invisible list Building Training Videos (Worth $497)
    We’re going to show you how to build a powerful “Invisible List” inside of FB that you can run ads to over and over again, and some secret psychological patterns to create content that you can deploy to skyrocket your conversions!
  2. Fast Action Bonus – #2 3 Week JusTap Success Training (Worth $997)
    This is an exclusive training available only for the founding members of JusTap. At JusTap we are committed to your success and we will leave no stone unturned to fetch you massive results with JusTap! In this training we’ll hold you by the hand and help you to generate leads using JusTap.
  3. Fast Action Bonus – #3 DFY Agency Logo ($397)
    Professional Editable logos for Agency Business
  4. Fast Action Bonus – #4 DFY Plug & play opt-ins in Hot Niches ($497)
    Beautiful looking opt-ins that you can simply insert inside your pages using a copy & paste code.
  5. Fast Action Bonus – #5 EverGreen Infographics + Brand Monetization ($597)
    70 + Fresh high quality infographics in hot Niches to use in JusTap
    Fill-in-the blanks Marketing Templates that will come in handy especially when you work with clients.

JusTap Commercial  – FAQ

Obviously when there is a New-Tech a lot of questions come to mind and I am here to help you out..

  • Is NFC technology secure?
    This is the same tech that Banks are using in their credit and debit cards. If banks trust these for financial transactions, this is definitely 100% secure.
  • Where can we get NFC Tags and are they costly?
    When you google NFC Tags on Amazon, you will get a ton of options. You can get these as cards, wearable bands, stickers, key chains and even in different shapes. You can choose depending on the purpose / goal of your campaign. You can get 100s of these for say $5-$8. It is a very cheap technology but a very effective one.
  • Will my customers who land on my JusTap Campaign get to know that it was created using JusTap?
    It depends on the license you pick. If you just have the front end, your campaign page will have a logo and text saying powered by JusTap. But if you have the Pro version or the bundle deal you can turn this off.
  • Can I have my domain on the Campaign URL instead of JusTap?
    Yes, you can. You can Cname map your domain effortlessly and have the campaigns point to your domain. It can be done with the front end license itself
  • What if I want to add more clients and more workspaces?
    With the professional account you can add unlimited workspaces and with the Agency account you can add unlimited clients.
  • How can I write the campaigns to the NFC Tag?
    Copy & Paste the URL on to free NFC writing apps that we suggest. Bring your Tag closer and write it to the tag in a snap. Takes just a few seconds to do this. Very easy and you have detailed instructions inside the App to do this.
  • Can I rewrite or change what happens when Tapped?
    From the App you can change anytime what the Tag does on Tap. You can set it to open Whatsapp Conversation or even publish it to open your profile page. You can go back and forth without having to write the app again. But if you want to change the campaign completely and write a new campaign to the tag, you can do that too. These Tags can be rewritten multiple times.

30- Days Fail Proof Money Back Guarantee

If JusTap Commercial doesn’t help you network smarter, get you more leads, get you better brand image, get you more sales, simply reach out to us & take your money back, no questions asked. We make products that will help you succeed. But if you are unable to succeed with our product for some reason, we won’t take your money. We want this to be a profitable investment for you! We’ll give you a full 30-days to test drive JusTap and if you are not overwhelmed with the results, we will give you an immediate refund.

In conclusion, JusTap Commercial is a comprehensive app designed to help businesses of all sizes grow their connections, enhance their marketing capabilities, and generate more leads. With a range of features and capabilities, JusTap Commercial is a must-have app for any business looking to enhance their networking and marketing capabilities.

Plus the included Agency Technology lets you set up client accounts and run these campaigns for your clients as well! Go here and check out the JusTap full demo & grab your copy along with all the special bonuses!

Check Details OTO Upgrade:

Front End – JusTap Commercial FE
OTO #1 – Jus Tap Professional
OTO #2 – Jus Tap Agency
OTO #3 – Jus Tap Done-For-You Package
OTO #4 – Jus Tap Whitelabel
OTO #5 – Jus Tap’s InstaWrapper Special Edition

Special Offer:
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