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LOCAL LEAD SNIPER Review & OTO UPSELL – Local Lead Sniper Software by Jeff Schwerdt – Best Lead generation and Outreach software to find and contact highly targeted New Clients Lightning Fast

Local Lead Sniper Software Review and OTO UPSELL by Jeff Schwerdt – Best Lead generation and Outreach software to find and contact highly targeted New Clients Lightning Fast. If You Can Copy And Paste Our Simple Process, You’ll Also Be Locking In $200 – $550 MONTHLY Recurring Clients…

Local Lead Sniper Product Details + Funnel:

>> Main Product: Local Lead Sniper Software

OTO UPSELL 1: Local Lead Sniper Pro Package
OTO UPSELL 2: Local Lead Sniper 5 DFY Sales and Marketing Packs
OTO UPSELL 3: Local Lead Sniper One-Time Unlock
OTO UPSELL 4: Local Lead Sniper 30 Days To Your First Client

NB: You Should Buy Main Product (FE) before Buy 1 or More OTO Upgrade. OTOs Don’t Work If You Don’t Have Front End.


Introducing Local Lead Sniper 

Local Lead Sniper Software by Jeff Schwerdt is High Quality Local Business Prospects Can Be Researched, Identified, And Contacted In Record Time With The Best New Software! That Local Lead Sniper is an all-inclusive lead generating and outreach tool designed to locate and get in touch with highly focused prospects from a single, user-friendly dashboard. In more than 100 nations, the software platform is operational. We’re Going To Demonstrate To You A Simple Yet Effective Way To Quickly Attract New Clients! If You Can Copy And Paste Our Simple Process, You’ll Also Be Locking In $200 – $550 MONTHLY Recurring Clients, Making Your Agency Irresistible To Business Owners… Additionally, using our “paint by numbers” system, we’ve built a brand-new over-the-shoulder training program, launched a COMPLETELY NEW Agency, and have been quietly closing deals and generating leads to assist even the most green-conscious, technologically inexperienced newbie agency through the entire process. Get Local Lead Sniper and Training Now!

Local Lead Sniper. Since we utilize Twilio, you will be able to message owners in those nations served by Twilio. You may custom write and change your messages to customize them to practically any language. For SMS and Google Maps API communication with company owners, you must link your Twilio account. Unless you are a power user, the Maps API includes a monthly credit that should protect you from exceeding the monthly spending level. You don’t need to gather tens of thousands of leads to start discussions since this program works so effectively. In the over the shoulder trainings, we take you through setting everything up. We will provide some additional training webinars on the services we offer and the tools we use to fulfill that you will have the option of using as well in a white label capacity. Check Details and DEMO Here!


Local Lead Sniper Software Review and OTO UPSELL by Jeff Schwerdt
Local Lead Sniper Software Review and OTO UPSELL by Jeff Schwerdt

Local Lead Sniper Features

Jeff Herschy is the name behind Local Lead SniperJeff is an international speaker, author and creator of digital products which help thousands of internet marketers. His MMO journey began in 2007 and 1 year later, he created his first digital agency working with local business owners. Up to now, Jeff has built 2 companies for more than 7 figures in the digital agency space using unique and proven-to-work system. Apart from that, Jeff has also coached over 10,000 digital marketers and helped them with their online journey as well. Now, Jeff brings you Local Lead Sniper aiming to introduce you an outstanding system that is proven and backed with over 2 years of proof and experience. With his exceptional success in the local business niche. Check His Software and Training Here!

We’ve been able to help walk even the most green, tech-challenged, newbie agency through the entire process using our “paint by numbers” system. I’ve partnered with my long time friend, marketing wing man, and colleague Joe Troyer to bring this project to life.

  • With our combined experience to provide a one of a kind Tool / Training combo this winter for digital agencies!
  • We’re unveiling Local Lead Sniper to help identify and generate hot leads for their agency, and start meaningful conversations in REAL TIME.
  • Even if they’ve got no list, zero traffic, no previous experience… the local lead sniper will generate them leads. Often in just moments.
  • This NEWBIE FRIENDLY software is quick to setup and with just 30 minutes a day can generate 2-3 qualified appointments.

Agency Setup: Whether you are brand new with zero clients and revenue or a run 7 figure agency we are going to work through the process of identifying or reassessing your Agency from the ground up with an intensive exercise. You’ll define, clarify, and narrow down the specific niche and industry and learn to craft a voice that speaks directly to that business owner’s avatar. You’ll identify and define their common pain points and formulate a package around the solution they are in dire need of.

Branding And Authority: You need to stand out and rise above the noise in your industry, and local area by developing and presenting your own Agency “Brand.” There are a few key factors we use to establish and convey credibility, while positioning ourselves as leaders. And after the workshop you’ll do the same. You’ll learn how to be omnipresent and seen as THE Authority on your subject matter without wasting hours writing articles, posting on social media, or looking desperate. You will be seen and branded as the subject matter expert to drive referrals and sales.

Lead Generation: Leads are the lifeblood of any business, and without a stable strategy to generate fresh eyeballs on your emails, offers, or website your business will die. There are dozens of lead strategies, but there are a few KEY traffic sources ( some no one talks about in any course) that can guarantee fresh leads. We’ll reveal these secret lead honeypots, and cover audience targeting, message scripting, and funnel setup.

Marketing And Prospect Nurturing: It doesn’t matter how many leads you have if no one opens your emails or pays attention to you. You’ll learn the insider secrets to list growth, engagement, and retention that speaks directly to the avatar of the business owner and polarizes them, forcing them to react or engage. We’ll reveal the platforms and funnels used to build five, six, and even 7 figure digital agencies on autopilot. The key is to automate and replace yourself within the agency so that your systems are identifying and qualifying leads for you.

Closing The Deal: You’re not an Agency until a deal is made and a financial transaction occurs. Unfortunately for most newer and even intermediate level marketers this is a struggle. Until Now! You’ll walk away from this workshop with the “Be Cool” mindset to remove all pressure for both yourself and the business owner. This makes asking for the sale fun and with the right framing and offer guarantees the close.

Onboarding And Fulfillment: This is sadly one of the biggest hurdles for many agencies, but luckily one of the easiest to fix. Instead of celebrating the new victory of closing the deal, many freeze with the anxiety of “What do I do now?” Don’t worry though, we’re going to have this issue fixed this before you ever close the deal. A simple exercise on day one of the workshop will identify this and have you setup to run like a well oiled machine!

Upsells And Retention: Now that you’ve built a rapport and closed the deal it’s time to continue to close the deal monthly with your client and make the offer to multiply their results, and your revenue. It’s easier and costs less to sell a current customer than to find and close a new one. With the right framing you’ll have your current and newer clients begging to hand you more money based on your scheduled reporting and results.

Local Lead Sniper Software Review and OTO UPSELL by Jeff Schwerdt
Local Lead Sniper Software Review and OTO UPSELL by Jeff Schwerdt

Local Lead Sniper OTO UPSELL

Front End: Local Lead Sniper Software

OTO UPSELL 1: Local Lead Sniper Pro Package

How’d You Like To Show The Owner How They Stack Up Against Their Top Competitors With The Professional Image Package? Pointing Out The Issue Over Text Message Instantly

Let Me Sum Up EVERYTHING You Get When You Add This Upgrade Right Now!

  • Pre Built Competitive Analysis DFY Template ($299 Value)
  • Ratings And Reputation Comparison Template ($299 Value)
  • Custom Ad Design Template Creation Tool ($699 Value)
  • Automated Image Population From Results ​​​ ($199 Value)
  • Custom Image Editor and Cloning Tool ($149 Value)

Total Value: $1,645.00

OTO UPSELL 2: Local Lead Sniper 5 DFY Sales and Marketing Packs

How Would You Like Our Done For Your Copy / Paste Funnels And Infographics From Our Top 2022 Campaigns? This Is Your Only Chance To Swipe Our “Done For You” Pack For Lead Generation And Fulfillment!

When You Add Our Lead Generation Pack Today, You’ll Get EVERYTHING Below Including…

  • DONE-FOR-YOU AGENCY LEAD GENERATION CAMPAIGN PACK ($299 Value) Starting from scratch? Then you’ll want access to the top converting templates, exact headlines, ad copy, plus the follow up emails and text marketing messages we send to warm up and convert a prospective business into a sale.
  • DONE-FOR-YOU AGENCY LEAD FULFILLMENT CAMPAIGN PACK ($699) The scariest thing possible is getting a “Yes” from a new client and then not being sure what the next steps are! Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered. You’ll have the exact campaign templates we use and sell to clients.
  • CUSTOM DESIGN TEMPLATE YOU CAN USE FOR ANY CLIENT​​​ ($199 Value) The worst part of working with a DFY pack is that in many cases you can only use it one time. So to ensure long term success we’ve also included our Canva template that you can take and edit or send to a designer to make edits to.
  • PROVEN ONE PAGE CONTRACT ($299 Value) Wondering what to send to a client to help close the deal and help lock them in without all the hassle? All you need to do is fill in the blanks with our battle tested single page contract. It’s clear, concise, and has closed six figure deals.
  • HIGH CONVERTING AD HEADLINES ($149 Value) The MOST IMPORTANT part of any ad or funnel is the headline! Why you ask? Because if they don’t get their attention you don’t get the click or the lead. So we’ve included our best headline swipes that you can swipe or edit to make fit based on your clients current needs.

Let Me Sum Up EVERYTHING You Get When You Add This Upgrade Right Now!

  • DFY Agency Lead Generation Campaigns Pack ($299 Value)
  • Top 4 Done-For-You Agency Fulfillment Packs ($699 Value)
  • Custom Ad Design Template / License ($199 Value)
  • Proven Fill In The Blanks Client Contract ​​​ ($199 Value)
  • High Converting Ad Headlines Templates ($149 Value)

Total Value: $1,445.00

OTO UPSELL 3: Local Lead Sniper One-Time Unlock

Generate And Contact 5-10X The Number Of Leads With This ONE TIME UNLOCK! As a digital agency owner, you are likely always looking for ways to increase efficiency, broaden your reach, and generate more leads. This one time unlock can drastically increase your leads by 5 to 10 times the normal result giving you the ability to reach even more business owners.

  • This one time software upgrade can also help you save time and money by eliminating the need to manually follow up with potential clients you’ve been talking to one at a time. With this feature, you can quickly follow up and and contact all qualified responsive leads in one fell swoop.
  • Track the performance of your campaigns and adjust your strategies accordingly. This will help you identify the most effective tactics and maximize your return on investment. Overall, the one time upgrade unlocks a powerful feature set to help you save time, reach a larger audience, and increase your leads by 5 to 10 times the normal return.

OTO UPSELL 4: Local Lead Sniper 30 Days To Your First Client

This Upgrade is My Proven Fast Start Program Is Your Blueprint To A $100K Agency That Runs Itself On Autopilot! We’ve been in the agency game for a while and our success is undeniable. We’ve built an amazing team and are looking to help you take it to the next level. We know that the only way to do that is to stay ahead of the curve and stay on top of the ever-evolving digital landscape. That’s where the Launch It! Bootcamp can help.

The Launch It! Bootcamp is a four-session program designed to give agencies the skills they need to succeed in today’s climate. You’ll learn how to find and target your highest converting customers, build and deploy high-converting funnels, write persuasive copy that turns visitors into leads and buyers, and generate quality leads with time-tested tactics.

You’ll get access to an experienced team of digital marketing professionals with over 25 years of combined experience helping new agencies succeed. We’ll will give you detailed instructions and step-by-step guidance to get the most out of your digital marketing efforts. The team will also provide personalized reviews and feedback throughout the program to ensure you’re getting the most out of every session.

So, if you’re ready to take your agency to the next level, join the Launch It! Bootcamp today.

  • Session 1: Find Your Highest Converting Customers
    We’ll define your target audience and their avatar. Together we will develop an in-depth understanding of who you ideal customer is and what pain points you can help them overcome.
  • Session 2: Set Up Your Funnel Framework
    Learn how to build, design and deploy high converting funnels and landing pages to capture prospects. Launch a well-structured funnel that leads prospects through the buying process.
  • Session 3: Writing Compelling Copy That Converts
    Crafting persuasive copy that motivates potential customers to take action can be easy if you have the right process. Learn the secret formula that speeds up your marketing and sales cycles by writing copy that turns visitors into leads and buyers.
  • Session 4: Traffic Tactics: Generate Leads Fast
    The best funnel in the world is useless without traffic. Gain access to our time testes strategies to generate targeted quality leads.

Let’s Jump Start Your Agency Together For 2023 Your Agency Fast Start Training Includes:

  • This special training series includes BRAND NEW CONTENT FOR 2023 and is a very rare opportunity for you to truly make a impactful difference in your agency and life. Not only has this original course been given some of the highest marks for real world actionable content, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to pull together some of the biggest names / experts in our industry together and we held a live event on the topic for what was without a doubt life changing event for many of the attendees.
  • So included along with this methodical step by step training are two action packed days of content with myself and nearly a dozen industry leaders, where we all openly shared with you the EXACT formula you need to build, grow, and scale your agency whether you have zero or a thousand clients…Using proven models and results.


Local Lead Sniper – FAQ 

    The software platform works in over 100+ countries. You have the ability to custom create and edit your messages to tailor them to almost any language and since we use Twilio will be able to message owners in those countries serviced by Twilio.
    You will need to connect your Twilio account for communicating with business owners via SMS and a Google Maps API. The Maps API has a monthly credit that should keep you under the billing threshold monthly unless you are a power user. This software works so well that you don’t need to pull thousands of leads to start conversations. We walk you through setting it all up in the over the shoulder trainings.
    No. While we can attempt to send a text to text capable landlines, there is no way for the platform to discern that. We stick primarily to mobile and occasionally reach out to VOIP phone numbers and get amazing results.
    You will need Twilio and the Google Maps API key to unlock the full potential of this platform.
    Current SMS rates are listed on
    We teach this inside the course included with the software. We discuss offering GBP optimization, Ratings and Review generation, as well as Google Business Profile chat and quote setup.
    Absolutely! And we will provide some additional training webinars on the services we offer and the tools we use to fulfill that you will have the option of using as well in a white label capacity.
    One login will be provided for the tool. For each account there is one username and password. While you may share your login with a VA, it is recommended that each person on your team have their own account to prevent confusion.
    If you already have a Twilio account and Google Maps API key, you can be setup in a few minutes. If you have not created those 2 credentials, then you can start as soon as those keys are created.
    No! This was not created to be a mass outreach platform via upload. You will not have the ability to upload a list.
    Highly Accurate! Because of how this software is built we know with a very high certainty if they are a landline, VOIP, or mobile carrier number.
    Absolutely. You can target any local area you choose. There are no restrictions on where you can search.
    Yes! You can sell any service to the business owners. This tool is created to find specific deficiencies in their Google Business Profile, however you can use it to find and outreach to business owners via SMS for any offer.

It’s time to become a local lead sniper and benefit from the response and close rate that has never been seen before. In just 30 minutes from now you can be talking with potential new clients in ANY local niche, and even have your first few appointments booked! All you need to do is ACTIVATE YOUR ACCOUNT HERE


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