Local Real Estate Ramp Up Review & OTO UPSELL by Mike Paul – Real Estate’s BOOMING! Consultants can now offer a New service to Local Real Estate Agents who are in desperate need of Home-Seller Leads!

Local Real Estate Ramp Up Review & OTO UPSELL by Mike Paul will Reveal Case Study Desperate Real Estate Agents Pay ‘Tech-Dunce’ Marketers $1,000 (Monthly) For Weird Jealousy Campaigns in Today’s REAL ESTATE BOOM!

Local Real Estate Ramp Up by Mike Paul is Brand New Training to find out how consultants are using this REVIVED, no-competition strategy to Attract Recurring payments while putting their realtor client’s marketing on steroids, leaving their competitors choking in their dust, warm, salty tears of frustration rolling down their cheeks! This course reveal Rookie Consultants with Zero Experience looking for an exceptional new way to make more money AND get more clients. Local Real Estate Ramp Up show you Desperate Real Estate Agents Pay ‘Tech-Dunce’ Marketers $1,000 (Monthly) For Weird Jealousy Campaigns in Today’s REAL ESTATE BOOM! In a Nutshell, Local Real Estate Ramp Up is a comprehensive, multi-media training course, so simple to understand even a child could follow the simple step by step, fully illustrated instructions supported by several over my shoulder videos. they’re simple, easy, small ads that only take 10-minutes to set up… but don’t let the simplicity of them fool you. And this is the exact antidote to your real estate agent client’s dilemma… a cure that’s bound to send your value out the roof, making them ache to hand over $1,000 every month. I’m so determined you’ll enjoy stunning success with this amazing new discovery, I’ve created this ultra-special ‘must have’ bonus for you to make it a snap to get as many new realtor leads as you can handle. The good news is I’m only just launching this groundbreaking program to the public, making you one of the first in line to discover and benefit hugely from these powerful secrets. and completely satisfy yourself this program is as clever as I claim and so compelling for your clients that it will more or less sell itself, along with minimal effort and a bit of consistency on your part. You can take the whole program – including (if you’re quick) that awesome prospecting bonus – for a 30 day road test. Grab it with Bonus and Moneyback guarantee here!

Local Real Estate Ramp Up Review & OTO UPSELL by Mike Paul
Local Real Estate Ramp Up Review & OTO UPSELL by Mike Paul


What You Get Inside This Local Real Estate Ramp Up Course :

  • The BIG problem for real estate agents currently trying to generate leads (and why their methods are doomed to go the way of the dodo).
  • Something’s gotta give! And why smart consultants (like you!) can pretty much write their own pay check, because you’ll be the very first with this awesome new method of ‘covetous’ marketing
  • Where the rubber hits the road because I’ll reveal this astonishing new lead churning mail script in all its glory, which is a snap to set up – only taking about 20 minutes.
  • Why the time is ripe NOW to harness direct mail for real estate before every realtor in the land finally gets back in…
  • How this new targeting angle automatically projects your client’s presence into the minds of hungry home sellers thus someone those ‘ready-to-go’ home buyers definitely want to do business with.
  • The reason hardly anyone knows about this (because it’s BURIED TREASURE and only available to those who know where to dig) and the simple secret procedure that flings the gate wide open for you and your clients – once you know the secret.
    The powerhouse website where you can easily find tons of fresh realtor prospects in one simple step (best bit: it’s FREE to use!).
  • What type of lead lists to be aware of (and the one I recommend you use PLUS how to take full advantage of their FREE TRIAL ).
  • The well know site you might not realize is also a goldmine for realtor leads – and the two suppliers on there I can confidently recommend.
  • The email behemoth that allows you to send 40,000 emails for free (and another 100 free ones every day thereafter).
  • Your subject line – and the astonishing strategy that virtually guarantees your message is ripped into THE MINUTE IT ARRIVES!
  • Why you need to extend the same strategy to the opening line of your message (then you REALLY WILL have them hooked!).
  • Setting up the rest of your realtor selling machine. My step-by- baby-step lavishly illustrated instructions and over my shoulder video training make it a snap to do.
  • Creating your first ‘sleeper’ which will silently infiltrate your realtor’s prospect’s mind with total envy for their neighbors who’ve sold… and then lie dormant until they are ready to sell their own home whereupon it will burst into life reminding them your realtor client is the Go To guy or gal they should work with.
  • “Show me the money!” The important business of you getting paid and the twin prong approach that ensures you enjoy maximum revenue.
  • How your future clients will gladly hand over two ‘Market Deets’ that will force home sellers to call them directly wanting to sell their homes because, like you, your client will outshine every other unbeknownst Realtor in their market!
  • The Exact Text to use in your fun-sized ads and stealth mailings. This text is short but potent and it’s what will drive your clients’ results and boost YOUR value as the GO-TO marketer in YOUR town!
  • And, much MUCH more…

This is EXACTLY what your list will learn to solve… in exchange for premium INCOME… Every Month!

  • First, I show your list how to approach hungry Real Estate Agents The Easy Way
  • Next, Your sub enjoys daily inbound leads for their OWN business
  • Then, I teach them how to present and close for a new client in 15 minutes
  • Now, the consultant sets up an ‘Old Trick With A New Twist’ direct mail campaign (to attract home seller leads before their competition gets to them))
  • I’ll even show them how to use the same strategy E-Marketing Style to Skyrocket their results!

FREE Bonus : ‘Double Prospector’ BONUS – Value $37 – but FREE for you because you’re getting on board today!

it’s hardly surprising this collection of getting LEADS FOR YOUR OWN BUSINESS… … rewards you with massive open rates of up to 97%, compared to a miserable email open rate of less than 10%, inbound messages from agents wanting your service, and hacks that guarantee desirous agents will Seek YOU Out! What’s more – according to Campaign Monitor – it takes a lightening fast 90 second average to get a response with one of the hack I teach (about SIXTY times faster than email). And as you cozy up on your couch to enjoy this 33 page BONUS ebook, The ‘AH-HA’ moments will get you smiling ear-to-ear with a Renewed confidence that’ll be the catalyst of your future success!

Here’s what else is included:

  • Where to find the Most ACTIVE RE AGENTS’ RED HOT Emails and Phone numbers without paying a dime to list vendors!
  • Setting up your ‘100 Daily Automatic Contact’ Sales machine completely FREE
  • The same word-for-word text used to create an influx of ‘delightful’ positive responses from deep pocket Realtors!
  • The twin-turbo method that hits your future clients right where they like it the most… (ensuring the highest reponse rate possible…)
  • What to say, how to say it, and when to say it: whether by email or phone, you’ll need to know THIS lingo. Using it will triple your conversions
  • And much more….
Local Real Estate Ramp Up Review & OTO UPSELL by Mike Paul
Local Real Estate Ramp Up Review & OTO UPSELL by Mike Paul
Local Real Estate Ramp Up Review & OTO UPSELL by Mike Paul
Local Real Estate Ramp Up Review & OTO UPSELL by Mike Paul

Local Real Estate Ramp Up Upgrade OTO UPSELL :

OTO 1 – Local Real Estate Ramp Up Upgrade 1
The first OTO includes additional training on how to tap a ‘sub-niche’ of real estate that’s proven to be the most responsive niche I’ve ever approached.  The Real Estate Investor Niche. You subs, with this training, can offer the same service to this niche and enjoy more responses, more leads, more appointments, and more clients!

OTO2 – Local Real Estate Ramp Up Upgrade 2
The Second OTO includes some awesome assets your list can use to postion themselves in the best light the only go-to consultant to real estate agents and investors!  They’ll get the following: A professional intake form that doubles as a stealth selling tool, a proposal template, and a presentation audio clip that closes the deal!


if you feel that this really could be something you could use, then doesn’t it make complete sense to go ahead, right this minute, before the price increase ticker beats you to the draw? Because you’ll then enjoy…

  • The lowest possible investment.
  • The highest ROI on your service because you keep 100% of the profits (Your client pays for all their ads)
  • That low-effort prospecting powerhouse bonus
  • The full ‘Test Drive’ or your money back protection of my copper-bottomed guarantee.
  • The warm feeling that YOU are one of the few, probably the only one in your area, with these priceless secrets in your marketing arsenal.

Student Review & Testimony :

“Mike really understands the marketplace. Not only does he have exceptional training, he is out hitting the streets every day living what he teaches. His products and training are great. I highly recommend Mike Paul and give him 5 stars.” Jim Mack

Just a note to let you know you are special among the marketer’s lists I’m on. You’re one of the few who actually read and respond to your emails from customers… your support when needed has been excellent.. Ray A.

…your stuff does stand out and why I’m so high on you. You do things much different than others and why you are having the success you deserve. Chris G.

First, I think you’re putting out some good info.  I’m unsubscribing from most marketers, but you’re one of the few that I look forward to getting email from because of the quality content. Marvin

Local Real Estate Ramp Up Protection 30 Days 100% Moneyback Guarantee

You can take the whole program – including (if you’re quick) that awesome prospecting bonus – for a 30 day road test. That will allow you to experience, first hand, just how ingenious this is and so how simple it is to have future real estate agent clients totally “getting it” – when you deploy that amazing double barrel bonus, too. Then, despite all that, if after your test-drive the method and you don’t think my strategy is as mind-blowing and as simple and straight-forward to make money with as I claim, just tell me and I’ll return every single last cent of your investment.

“Real Estate Ramp Up” is unique and will command your subscribers’ attention from the get-go. They are forever searching for something that pays handsomely with the least amount of maintenance possible in the offline space. I’m sure you’re sharp enough to grasp the full profitable implications of this offer, so I’m really looking forward to seeing you on the inside and making you gasp with amazement at just how utterly simple – yet so highly effective – this strategy is to both deploy and sell.  


Check Here :
Local Real Estate Ramp Up Review & OTO UPSELL by Mike Paul will Reveal Case Study Desperate Real Estate Agents Pay ‘Tech-Dunce’ Marketers $1,000 (Monthly) For Weird Jealousy Campaigns in Today’s REAL ESTATE BOOM!

Check Upgrade OTO UPSELL :
Main Product : Local Real Estate Ramp Up
OTO 1 – Local Real Estate Ramp Up Upgrade 1
OTO2 – Local Real Estate Ramp Up Upgrade 2



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