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PASSIONFUZE V2 Review + OTO UPSELL – PassionFuze V2 Formula by Dpapa Reveal How to Generate a 7 Figure Business Online and Made Me $145,738 in just 6 days..

PassionFuze V2 Review and OTO UPSELL by Dpapa. PassionFuze Vol 2.0 Reveal How to Generate a 7 Figure Business Online. I’ve Got An Easy To Follow Template Which Made Me $145,738 in just 6 days By Creating Products From Scratch Online

PassionFuze V2 Product Details + Funnel:

>> Main Product: PassionFuze V2 Formula by Demetris DPAPA

OTO #1 : PassionFuze V2 Spark DFY SUITE
OTO #2 : PassionFuze V2 JV Partner
OTO #3 : PassionFuze V2 Launch Pro
OTO #4 : PassionFuze V2 Legal Pro

NB: You Should Buy Main Product (FE) before Buy 1 or More OTO Upgrade. OTOs Don’t Work If You Don’t Have Front End.


Introducing PassionFuze V2

PassionFuze V2 Training Formula is New Training Course Unlock the Secrets to Making $145,738 in Just 6 Days Online with My DFY Blueprint Template… From Demetris Dpapa, “Since I Started Building My Online Marketing Business in 2017, I’ve been Able to Generate Over $755,589.11 from Just 1 Marketplace as a Vendor and It’s All Automated… I started my journey online back in 2012, I begun Creating Products in 2014…then In 2017, I joined a New Marketplace…Warrior+ . Today, DPAPA Reveal An Easy To Follow Template Which Made Me $145,738 in just 6 days By Creating Products From Scratch Online.” Grab and Download Here!

Demetris is a successful affiliate marketer and blogger who is revealing his personal blueprint on how he generates 200 bux a day over and over again. He reveals everything teaching you how to take your passion and profit from it like he did with this own business online. Demetris was exactly where you probably are.  He kept on buying programs and training promising him a life changing career. Turns out the actual reason to his success was when he finally figured out the secret that most affiliate marketers don’t let you know about. Passionfuze V2 was created with the newbie in mind, but also the experienced marketer who is leaving a lot of money on the table. Follow a proven template with  specific strategies, tools and platforms, that Demetris is using, and start your own business online today.

Demetris is revealing his own personal sales funnels, blueprint and platforms which helped him generate a passive income and now you have a chance to dig in yourself. This isn’t any push machine make money online course.  This is helping you build a sustainable business online, which is based on what you have a passion for.  Your results will depend on your actions. Stop procrastinating…take action here.

=> Get Instant Access to PassionFuze V2 Training Formula Here!


PassionFuze V2 Review and OTO UPSELL by Dpapa
PassionFuze V2 Review and OTO UPSELL by Dpapa
PassionFuze V2 Review and OTO UPSELL by Dpapa
PassionFuze V2 Review and OTO UPSELL by Dpapa

PassionFuze V2 Features

PassionFuze’s team of successful affiliate marketers will show you the way! Our comprehensive course offers expert training and resources to help you master the art of affiliate marketing. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, PassionFuze has something for everyone.

  • PassionFuze is about turning your passion into profit, through a series of over shoulder training series, covering everything you need to know about how to profit from your own passions,  online and not only.
  • There are seven modules showing how anyone can get started today in building their own passive income machines through their own passion, using my proven templates that you can replicate.
  • Demetris has packed this course with hours of revealing all his strategies and his personal blueprint on how he built a sustainable business online, bringing him a passive income month in month out. 
  • He is actually showing you how you can actually copy his strategies, templates and follow his full walkthrough.

What Included Inside PassionFuze V2

    Passionfuze is based on my methods on creating a product from scratch, packaging it up, and selling it online. I have a 3 step strategy I use where I rinse and repeat and my rewards are high whenever I launch products online. Learn how I do this and more inside my step by step over the shoulder’s training videos I have for you inside your members training area.
  • Inclusion #2: Discover Your Passion To Sell Online
    Use the training inside Passionfuze to discover what you can create from scratch. I will be taking you by the hand to show you the different methods I approach creating a product and how you can benefit from using what you already have at hand!
  • Inclusion #3: DFY Templates + Scripts + Free Membership Creator
    Get my own DFY templates, sharing you my best product online. Take this template and make it yours using all the script formula I have for you inside. I also reveal a software that will do this for you, automatically, without you ever paying anything.
    Included is also a Free Membership Builder – for you to host your products.
  • Inclusion #4: Step By Step Guide, Video Training and Blueprint
    PassionFuze Premium Training Academy. Get bonus access to our exact blueprint to making sales through this simple strategy taught inside PassionFuze.
    This is a beginner-friendly training course consisting of 17 shoulder videos, designed to get you started as a total newbie in the internet marketing space.
    All training is over the shoulder, take you by the hand, making it really stupid easy for anyone to get started today! The course is covered in 17 premium training videos.

PassionFuze V2: Just Copy What I Show You & Replicate 

  • Discover What To Create
    Within minutes of following my over the shoulder’s training, and setup, I will guide you and show you exactly how I come up with a product idea and how you can do the same with tools you already have at hand. This will be the easiest method to decide what you can create from scratch to earn a passive income from.
  • Create Your Own Passion Into A Business
    Learn how to create your own product or service, from scratch, and also use your free membership builder inside to build your first product online.
  • How to make others sell for you
    Learn how you will be setting up an attractive offer for other affiliates to help you sell your product online. Even if you’ve never sold before and even if no one knows who you are.
  • Real Case Studies Inside + DFY Templates
    Copy my exact methods to how I was able to generate over 930k by creating products online from scratch. I reveal all the steps you need to know. This is your fast start into launching products that you create online.

PassionFuze V2 Benefit for You :

  • Build An EverGreen 7 Figure Business Online Easily Online
  • Zero Experience Needed – Anyone can get started, any age group, female or male.
  • 100% beginner/ budget friendly – it was created for the newbie in mind, with zero costs to put down.
  • Step By Step Blueprint – Premium over the shoulder Video training, Easy To Follow, Easy To implement.
  • DFY Funnel + DFY Templates + DFY Scripts Included – Free tools used, Nothing to pay to generate results.
  • Free Membership Creator – Free Members Area To Host Your Products you will be creating.
  • 750k Case Study – Revealing my exact strategy to generating over 750k from Warrior + Alone.
  • Works in All Niches – You can build anything you can dream of. I show you the shortcut and easiest way.
  • Beginner Friendly | Battle-Tested Strategy | Real Passive Income
PassionFuze V2 Review and OTO UPSELL by Dpapa
PassionFuze V2 Review and OTO UPSELL by Dpapa

PassionFuze V2 OTO :

Main Product: PassionFuze V2 Formula by Demetris DPAPA

Are you ready to turn your hobby into a profitable business? PassionFuze’s affiliate marketing course is the perfect starting point. Our comprehensive program offers expert training and resources to help you master the art of affiliate marketing and build a successful business.

OTO #1 : PassionFuze V2 Spark DFY SUITE

The ultimate upsell to Passionfuze Vol 2.0.

  • This powerful package includes everything you need to take your online business to the next level.
  • Coaching Call 1on1 : During this One on One call, I will help you get your product off the ground .
  • DFY Proven DFY Long Form Sales Pages: You’ll get proven sales pages that will help you get more leads and sales.
  • Upsell Pages: You’ll get upsell pages that will help you maximize your profits.
  • 100+ AI prompts for Copywriting: You’ll get access to proven copywriting tools to help you craft the perfect copy that will help you get more leads and sales.
  • Free Merchant Accounts Forever: You’ll get free merchant accounts to process payments, so you don’t have to worry about setting up a merchant account.
  • Graphics to Use: You’ll get access to professional graphics that you can use to make your website and sales pages look more professional.
  • DFY PLR Software + Training to Resell: You’ll get access to PLR software and training to resell, so you can start making money with your own products.
  • A Full Membership Hosted by Me: You’ll get access to a full membership hosted by me, so you can get support and guidance from a professional
  • Army Of affiliates : Ready to Promote Your Offer

OTO #2 : PassionFuze V2 JV Partner

In this upsell, I will be personally working with you, one on one, to come up with a product together.

  • Private JV Partner Support Group, to help support each other, during launches, but also maybe even team up with like minded ideas and products.
    Coaching Calls (2x) : I will be getting on a call with the customer, to decide what direction they want to take . Once decided, then following the steps you have learnt in the front end of the product, you will create a product that I will be adding inside a members area which I will create for your subscribers, or customers.
    on Coach Call 2, we discuss the Launch process, and next steps.
  • JV Promotion :
    I will also be promoting the offer to other top affiliates, to help support your launch to make sure you generate at least 100 sales on your first day of launch.
  • Jv Rolodex Groups :
    I will be also providing you with a list of groups to help you launch your first product online.
  • Guaranteed First 100 Sales on your Launch :
    You will be getting my support as well, in generating your first sales using my own lists and traffic to make sure you get those first 100 sales. (product needs to be decent enough to generate these. Work hard to get something good and valuable and these sales will happen.

OTO #3 : PassionFuze V2 Launch Pro

In this upsell and service, I’m going to be launching a full product with you. The product must be your creation and your idea.
I will be doing the following :

  • Members Area Creation
  • DFY Merchant Processor – No need to use your own
  • DFY JVíng
  • Setting up Products with Warrior+
  • Coaching Calls – 2x
  • I will be building the Members Area, I will create any training or tutorials needed, I will invite JV’s for the launch.
  • I will be providing the payment processor and I will be attracting the affiliates for you.
  • This will be a combined effort of your product idea and product creation with me helping build the content, either through training and tutorials.
  • You build a product and i’ll launch it with you, as 50/50 partners on your launch including profits.
  • This will guarantee your success quickly, and effortlessly with my own personal connections and expertise in this area.

OTO #4 : PassionFuze V2 Legal Pro

In this upsell, I want you to take the opportunity and treat this as a real business.

  • Creating An LLC or LTD business Instantly!
    In this training i’m going to show you how you can set up a legal business entity online, while also having a US bank account easily from wherever you are online.
    I’m going to show you exactly what I used to build my own business entity online, which makes my position to sell online easier, and more legal.
    The opportunity you have here is to be legitimate and I have the solution.
  • DFY Business Website :
    With this you Get a DFY Business Website – for your Business For Free. You’ll get a clone of my business you can use for yours.
  • DFY Freelancer Overnight :
    I will also help you start generating an income by becoming a freelancer in 24 hours!
    You will be able to land a customer, within 24 hours if you follow my instructions. Landing $1,000- $5,000 on your first gig, is easier than you think!
PassionFuze V2 Review and OTO UPSELL by Dpapa
PassionFuze V2 Review and OTO UPSELL by Dpapa

PassionFuze V2 – FAQ

  • What if I don’t have a product of my own?
    No problem. Inside the course, you’ll learn how to create your very own and you’ll learn how to earn from other people’s products.
  • What if I don’t have an idea for my passion product?
    Inside the course, I start from complete scratch, and you’ll learn exactly how to come up with more product ideas than you could ever pursue. This part is easy, and I’ll show you exactly how to do it alone..
  • How long will it take to generate any money?
    You can begin seeing money in your pocket in as little as a few days. No waiting for commissions or affiliate networks to payout… This is INSTANT money in your PayPal account that you can spend right away. However, if you don’t put the work , you won’t see the results..
  • What type of investment is needed to get started?
    Just the normal stuff. Beyond the investment in the course, you’ll need to have hosting, a domain, and preferably an autoresponder of some sort. I give you access to resources that will allow you to get all of these setup with an affordable budget. Under $50 you’ll be able to begin.
  • Do I need to buy traffic?
    You don’t need to. But you can. I do provide you with FREE traffic methods that can be more effective than paid traffic in many cases.
    If you don’t have a budget for traffic, you’re fine. If you have a budget for traffic, then I do cover some paid traffic methods too. Everything traffic is covered inside… no stones are left unturned and I explain the pros and cons of all traffic methods covered.
  • What type of technical skills do I need to have?
    If you can check your email and click a mouse, you’re good to go. Everything inside is covered in a very step-by-step, copy over my shoulder’s format.
  • How much for the course? Is there a monthly fee?
    When you take action today, you’ll get everything for just $27 however the price will go up to $47 after the 6 day launch period.
  • Are the results proven?
    Yes. What you’ll learn has thousands of dollars in my pocket . There is no theory. Everything you’ll learn in the course is tested, proven, and works day in and day out.

PassionFuze V2 30 Day Unconditional 100% Money Back Guarantee Risk-free.

We’re so confident you’ll love this that your investment is completely covered. Leverage the Real Case study inside and my step-by-step training and scaling tools to set up your first product online and start earning an income from it. If you have questions or need support at any time, we’ll do whatever it takes to help you as soon as humanly possible. But if for any reason you decide this isn’t for you … Just let us know anytime over the next 30 days … And you’ll get a prompt, hassle-free refund.With this guarantee, the only way to lose is if you miss out now, and have to pay more later.

Are you tired of searching for the perfect affiliate marketing course? Look no further than PassionFuze! Our comprehensive program offers advanced strategies and tactics to help you turn your passion into profit. With expert training and resources, you’ll learn how to build a successful affiliate marketing business from the ground up. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock your earning potential. Click the link below to learn more about PassionFuze and start your journey to success.

=> Get Instant Access to PassionFuze V2 Training Formula Here!

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