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Reverse Coloring Mastery Review & OTO Jump Into This Unique Coloring Book Niche! Reverse Coloring Books Are Money Makers!

Reverse Coloring Mastery Review & OTO UPSELL. Reverse Coloring! Get in this niche before others discover it. The time has never been as good as it is right now! Unique Coloring Book Niche That Is Growing In Popularity!

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Reverse Coloring Mastery Review & Download

Reverse Coloring is fairly new in the coloring book world. Let’s face it – we’ve seen enough mandala books, right? Well, this is something new for you to get into. I believe this is a trend that is just getting started. The time has never been better!

Reverse Coloring Books Are Money Makers On Amazon. Get Coloring Books Into This Hot Market! No art skills needed. AI is used to make all the images. Includes full training on creative promptings and includes dozens of prompts you can start with instantly

Coloring books are hotter than ever! Hundreds of coloring books are making royalties every single day on Amazon. Reverse Coloring Mastery makes it a breeze to get started in the fascinating niche! 

What’s in Reverse Coloring Mastery:

  • Coloring Book Market Overview
  • Completely Prompt Driven – No Art Skills Or Art Programs Needed
  • Works With MidJourney And ChatGPT/DALL-E
  • BONUS – Intro And Examples Of The Color Tracing Niche (no AI art needed)
  • Easy To Make Using MidJourney!
  • Low Competition On Amazon
  • Full Commercial Rights

What You Get Inside Front End

  • Intro to the reverse coloring market
  • Calculating color ink printing costs
  • Overview of art styles used for these images
  • Using MidJourney to make images/span>
  • Using ChatGPT to make images
  • Creating Trace Coloring books (no AI needed for these)

==> Watch DEMO Here!

Reverse Coloring Mastery
Reverse Coloring Mastery

How do these work?
The coloring books have filled in images as you can see. The colors are there. The fun is to draw the lines. This checks a lot of the boxes of what a coloring book provides: Relaxation, Stress Relief, Creativity.

However it sure looks like a challenge to create these images in the first place. If you want to publish a coloring book that already has colored in images – where are you going to get the images?

What if I told you:

  • You don’t need any art skills
  • You don’t need to learn any fancy art program like Photoshop
  • You can make images like this in minutes
I spent days nailing down how to make these exotic, beautiful images using AI tools. I discoved some really cool ways of making them. I probably shouldn’t be giving away the farm here but I am really excited about what AI can do. What I figured out is to use a mix of certain techniques: watercolors, alcohol ink, inkblots, and a few others.

And the good news is… I am giving you the prompts. These are carefully constructed prompts I put together specifically for these reverse coloring images. Along with training and examples of course so nothing is left to figure out.

One Good Reverse Coloring Book Can Bring In Steady Royalties.
Get Coloring Books Into This Hot Market!

No art skills needed. AI is used to make all the images. Includes full training on creative promptings and includes dozens of prompts you can start with instantly

Reverse Coloring Mastery
Reverse Coloring Mastery
What type of computer do I need?
Doesn’t matter. The only thing required is a connection to the internet. This is a cloud based membership website.

I don’t know anything about coloring books. Will this work for me?
Of course! You don’t have to be an artist to make these coloring pages. I show how to make them in the training.

Do I need MidJourney? Do I need ChatGPT
You do need access to AI art generation tools. The prompts provided in Reverse Coloring Mastery work with MidJourney, and there is some additional coverage and prompts to use with ChatGPT4 – which includes DALL-E. These require paid account. Midjourney currently costs $8 per month for the basic plan – which is all you need.

Does this come with commercial rights?
Yes! The training shows you how to make reverse coloring pages and books. Therefore it’s your content to do whatever you wish with it.

Doesn’t Amazon charge a lot to use color ink?
Less than you might think. Color ink does cost more. There are two levels of color in on Amazon KDP: Standard and Premium. You only need the standard color ink. As an example if color ink costs $2 extra per book, then price your book $2 higher. Your profit is the same that wasy as if you used black and white ink.

Where do I sell the coloring books?
The primary market is Amazon Kindle books (KDP). However you can sell the reverse coloring images anywhere. There is a big market for these coloring pages on Etsy.

Are there any upsells?
No, this is the entire product.

How can I get help or if I have more questions?
Click here to contact the support desk

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