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SEARCH GPT AI Review + OTO Upsell: Plug Chat-GPT Into The Internet With A Best Google A.I Plugin That Makes Us $5-35 Per Search Combine Chat-GPT With The Power Of Google + The Entire WWW!

SEARCH GPT AI Review + OTO Upsell is Best App and Training to Plug Chat-GPT Into Google™ & The WWW To Get The World’s First 24/7 Updating A.I! Includes *NEW* SEARCH GPT” Software (Cloud-Based App – connects GPT 3.5/4.0 to Google Search AND Any Website!).Includes $100 to $400/Day REAL LIFE AI Profit Case Studies. Check Official Page Here!

What is Search GPT AI ?

Search GPT AI is Best App and Training to Plugin Chat GPT Into Google™ + The ENTIRE Internet. Unleash GPT on today’s affiliate programs, websites, niches, keywords, trends, products, then rinse & repeat when the game changes again tomorrow… Give the world’s most powerful AI Google Search + a web browser!

Enter Chris, a remarkable individual who has unlocked the secret to affiliate success. While profiting from renowned platforms like ClickBank, Warrior, and Upwork, he has achieved extraordinary results using a unique approach. Chris has harnessed the power of Chat-GPT and developed his software addon, an “AI plugin technology” that remains unknown to others, that’s called Search GPT AI.

With this cutting-edge Search GPT AI, he effortlessly plugs Chat-GPT into Google and the internet with a single click, generating daily earnings of $100 to $400 and even reaching $3,000 per month with peculiar 1-click “AI-Chains.”

The possibilities are limitless with AI-driven ultra-targeted buyer traffic valued at $5-10+ per click. Chris even leverages Upwork for an additional $200 when he desires a “lazy AI top-up.” For the first time, he is opening the doors for you to join him on this remarkable journey, empowering you to build your own AI empire starting today.

Check it Out Now!

Search GPT AI Review + OTO Upsell
Search GPT AI Review + OTO Upsell

Search GPT AI is the world’s first app that connects Chat-GPT to both Google search and the entirety of the web. Equipped with profitable prompt templates, Search GPT allows you to enter your prompt, keywords, and website URLs, enabling Chat-GPT to scan relevant sites and extract up to 10,000 words to deliver an updated response within seconds.

By leveraging the power of Google and the vast web, Search GPT AI ensures your content remains current, accurate, and superior to Chat-GPT’s limited capabilities. With Search GPT, you can enhance your Chat-GPT prompts by incorporating relevant web search results, creating dynamic and up-to-date conversations.

This powerful chatbot also can generate digital images, respond to voice commands, and boasts additional features. It addresses the limitations of Chat-GPT, ushering in a new era of AI-driven content generation.

Search GPT AI – Plug Chat-GPT Into Google™ & The WWW To Get The World’s First 24/7 Updating A.I!

  • Includes *NEW* SEARCH GPT” Software (Cloud-Based App – connects GPT 3.5/4.0 to Google Search AND Any Website!)
  • First, Choose One Of Our Pre-Loaded Prompts (Or Enter Your Own, It’s Your Call)
  • Second: Enter Keywords & Website URLs/ Affiliate Links That Relate To Your Query
  • Then, Watch As Chat-GPT Searches The Web, Connects To The Web, Visits Sites & Delivers A Response Based On The LIVE Data It Finds! *LIVE & NEW, AI BEYOND THE AI!*
  • Includes $100 to $400/Day REAL LIFE AI Profit Case Studies
  • Unlock The AI Goldrush With This CUTTING-EDGE Software + Video + EBook Suite.
  • Make Money With NEW Websites, Niches, Trends, Products, Affiliate Programs, Sites, Keywords OTHER GPT Users Can’t Access!

Currently, Search GPT AI is already generating over $400 per day. The brilliant mind behind this breakthrough, Chris, runs the usual Chat-GPT prompts but has now empowered the AI with live access to both Google and any website.

OK, I’ve said enough. Now hit this link to see how this weird NEW “Google AI” tech works…

Search GPT AI Review + OTO Upsell
Search GPT AI Review + OTO Upsell

Watch This DEMO Video

Search GPT AI Features

Search GPT AI is The world’s first app that connect Chat-GPT to BOTH Google search and the entire WWW (any website) AND comes preloaded with our profitable prompt templates.

 Every time you engage in a conversation with the AI, it performs thousands of calculations, conducts searches on Google, crawls websites and affiliate programs, parses and extracts information, scrapes data, and applies reason. It then consolidates its research into a super query, which the AI uses to provide an answer. The potential of this approach is truly remarkable.

You can harness the power of this AI technology to acquire buyer leads, secure bank commissions, excel on ClickBank, dominate Shopify, and thrive on platforms like Upwork. It essentially enhances every use case of Chat-GPT.

With this Search GPT AI, you can effortlessly leverage its capabilities to generate income-generating assets from your browser. All you need to do is choose one of the pre-made prompts or create your own, enter the relevant websites or keywords you want GPT to scan, and sit back as the AI builds the assets for you.

What You’ll Receive When You Embrace Search GPT AI:

Exclusive Profitable AI Prompts

  • Gain access to our latest, highly profitable AI commands (“prompts”) that have generated $100-400 per day consistently since May 2023.
  • These pre-loaded 1-click templates are designed for platforms like ClickBank, WarriorPlus, and Upwork.
  • Simply run them in the software and customize them to your specific needs.

State-Of-The-Art AI Technology

  • While Chat-GPT is undeniably powerful, it is widely used by millions of marketers.
  • By embracing SearchGPT, you gain an unbeatable advantage in the competitive AI landscape 2023.
  • Stand out from the crowd and leave your competitors in awe.

Revolutionary “Search GPT” App

  • With our SearchGPT software, you can turbocharge your speed and multiply your potential profits by 10x compared to Chat GPT alone.
  • This powerful tool applies to any business or website, allowing you to leap into the future and witness astonishing results.

Live Access to Google Search

  • Search GPT provides users unparalleled live access to Google search, harnessing the immense knowledge and information on the web.
  • It enables users to retrieve accurate and relevant search results in real time, ensuring up-to-date information for any query.

Seamless Integration with Any Website

  • One of the standout features of Search GPT is its ability to seamlessly integrate with any website.
  • Users can effortlessly connect Chat-GPT with their preferred websites, leveraging the wealth of content available across various platforms.

Enhanced Niche Exploration

  • Search GPT is a gateway to exploring new niches, trends, and markets.
  • By connecting GPT with different websites and keywords, users gain valuable insights into emerging industries and untapped opportunities.

Curated Content Selection

  • With Search GPT, GPT AI autonomously browses websites and selects the most relevant content to address the user’s query.
  • Searching thousands of words and extracting pertinent information, Search GPT saves users valuable time and effort searching through vast content.

Customizable Prompt Templates

  • Search GPT offers pre-made prompt templates for specific use cases, such as website marketers, content marketers, affiliates, and webmasters.
  • Users can leverage these templates to generate prompts tailored to their needs, ensuring efficient and accurate results.

Automation and Autopilot Mode

  • Search GPT introduces automation to the AI-powered searching process.
  • It lets users put AI on autopilot, streamlining their workflow and freeing time for other essential tasks.

Profits and Monetization

  • Search GPT unlocks a new dimension of profit potential with AI.
  • By combining GPT’s capabilities with live Google search and access to various websites, users can leverage this technology to generate substantial daily profits.
  • Platforms like ClickBank, Upwork, WarriorPlus, and more have become fertile ground for users to monetize their AI-powered searching.

Constant Updates and Fresh Content

  • Search GPT ensures users have access to the latest information and content.
  • Users can rely on Search GPT to adapt and incorporate new data as the web evolves, giving them a competitive edge in their respective fields.

Comprehensive Training Videos

  • Alongside the copy-paste templates and software, we provide advanced training videos that delve deep into AI.
  • These videos offer detailed explanations of the entire process, ensuring you have a solid understanding of maximizing AI technology’s benefits.

Search GPT AI Process Step by Step

  1. Step 1. Open the GPT app in your browser and connect it to Chat-GPT or version 4.0. This simple setup takes less than a minute and incurs no additional costs.
  2. Step 2. Connect the app to Google Search and the entire World Wide Web. You can choose from a selection of preloaded prompts or create your own. Additionally, you can provide keywords and/or websites for GPT to learn from. GPT will autonomously browse these websites and keywords, select relevant content, and deliver its standard-issue, genius-level response.
  3. Step 3. Repeat this process daily throughout 2023. Each day presents new opportunities for affiliate programs, trending niche news topics, and technical advancements—areas where GPT lacks knowledge.However, your copy of Chat-GPT remains teachable, constantly updated, and able to connect with any website or keyword search, giving you an edge over other GPT users.

What You Get When You Shake Hands With The T-1000…

  1. MEMBER BENEFIT #1. STEAL Our Hacks That Made Us $100/Day (Keep Reading!)
    Turn AI words into $100 paydays. Firstly, we will give you our latest, most profitable (as of May 2023) EXACT secret AI commands (“prompts”) as pre-loaded 1-click templates that we use to make $100-400 per day over the last 4 months – with ClickBank, WarriorPlus, Upwork & more. You can just click once to run these in the software, then customize to your chosen use case (or enter your own prompts from scratch, it’s your call)…
  2. MEMBER BENEFIT #2. Access State-Of-The-Art AI, May 2023
    While Chat-GPT is ULTRA powerful, it’s now in the hands of millions of other marketers. They’re all running the same prompts, using the same tech in the same way. SearchGPT gives you an insurmountable EDGE in the AI wars of 2023. So when the other marketers see what you’re packing.. they’ll run to the hills.
  3. MEMBER BENEFIT #3. Deploy Our NEW Chat-GTP Software- The “Search GPT” App
    OK, the main event. With our SearchGPT software, you can 10x the speed and 100x the potential profits you get with Chat GPT. This works for ANY business or website. If you’re feeling left behind, then get this app and leapfrog into 2025 – you’re about to be amazed…
  4. MEMBER BENEFIT #4. Advanced Training Videos
    Now that we’ve given you our copy-paste templates & software, you will want to take a deeper dive into the AI world. And that’s where the training videos come in, explaining exactly how the whole process works in detail..

This transformative upgrade is a true game-changer. It revitalizes GPT AI and empowers it to generate significant daily profits—$100, $300, or even $400. Moreover, it can be applied to various platforms such as ClickBank, Upwork, WarriorPlus, etc.

This new “Search GPT AI plugin technology” lets him…

  • * Plug Chat-GPT into Google AND the Internet (24/7 in 1 click!)
  • * Make $100 to $400 per day with Upwork, Warrior & ClickBank
  • * Generate as much as $3,000 per month with weird 1-click “AI-Chains”
  • * Use AI to drive ultra-targeted buyer traffic (worth $5-10+ per click) 
  • * Make $200 with Upwork when he feels like a “lazy AI topup”

And today, for the first time EVER, he’s letting you join him… So you can start building your own AI-ran TODAY

Search GPT AI Review + OTO Upsell
Search GPT AI Review + OTO Upsell
Search GPT AI Review + OTO Upsell
Search GPT AI Review + OTO Upsell

Search GPT AI OTO Upsell

Front end – Search GPT AI – $15-23

Search GPT AI really does do this. You just enter your prompt as usual (or use one of our mega-templates), plus also enter some keywords and/or websites (or an affiliate offer, or one of your competitors) then run Search GPT AI. The app gives GPT access to both search and the WWW, upgrading its profit potential, giving it LIVE data that your competitors don’t have, and of course it constantly updates every second that the Internet does, now and forever!…

  • The core software integrates Chat-GPT with Google search and any website.
  • Utilizes prompts and scans the top 10 organic matched URLs to provide comprehensive answers.
  • Generates one-shot assets like email swipes, PDFs, affiliate reviews, video scripts, sales letters, research documents, and more.
  • Offers preloaded prompt templates for quick and efficient content creation.
  • Provides live and current access to Google search and any website, enhancing the capabilities of GPT.

OTO 1 – Search GPT AI – PRO CRAWLER Edition – $47

  • Enables more searches and expands the scope of querying websites and keywords by 500%.
  • Access to additional profitable prompt templates not included in the frontend version.

OTO 2 – Search GPT AI Beyond $100k – $97

  • Reveals advanced strategies to maximize profits with Search GPT.
  • Shares profitable use cases and insights gained from experience.

OTO 3 – ELITE AI Video Suite – $97

  • Offers a comprehensive AI-powered video suite, including software tools, a new AI Chrome extension, and a video course hosting platform.
  • Allows for the creation of entire video courses using AI technology.
  • Provides resell rights for the video course hosting platform.

OTO 4 – AI Whisperer GOLD EDITION – $17

  • A must-have primer on generative AI for marketers.
  • Offers additional features and enhancements to the AI Whisperer tool.
  • Provides 90% commissions as a gesture of appreciation for affiliates who promoted Whisperer v1.

OTO 5 – Push Pro AI Edition – $97

  • Introduces a push auto-responder powered by AI.
  • Enables the building of unlimited leads of web push subscribers.
  • Utilizes AI to convert any website into a web push subscription platform.

Fast Action Bonuses If You Buy Today

  1. Fast Action Bonus #1. “$150k in 2023 With AI” Case Studies (NEW)
    2023. The year I went ALL IN on AI. I generated over $150k in 2023, all using AI, and with a range of AI tools, all of which are automated via SearchGPT. But, as well as the automation I’ll give you a full “case study” breakdown on specifically what I did, logging into accounts, showing you “over the shoulder” proof so you can replicate me… .
  2. Fast Action Bonus #2. The Complete AI Tutorial Video Series
    Learn how to BOSS multiple AIs with my tips & tricks.. in seconds! Our AI/GPT Tutorial Video Series will teach you everything you need to know about using SearchGPT to make money from your business. Plus, you’ll get insider tips and knowledge that can help you maximize your profits.
  3. Fast Action Bonus #3. Lifetime Access To Our AI Insiders Club
    When you become a SearchGPT AI insider, you’ll get lifetime access to our AI Insiders Club. I’m basically living and breathing Generative-AI at this point, so expect updates, webinars, free training, new software tools and much more. I find the best way to keep my list happy is with quality content. Trust me, this is gonna be a fun year and you have front-row seats
  4. Fast Action Bonus #4. Expert GENERATIVE-AI Tricks x10 (For Maximum Profits In May 2023)
    When you join our private nerd-out club, you’ll get exclusive access to our expert AI Marketing Info. This info – delivered in complete training videos along with PDFs and bonus tools – covers not just Chat-GPT, but also a whole range of AI technology and tools you’ve probably never even considered. Like what you see on this page? Almost all of it was done with AIs beyond Chat-GPT. The second you join, I’ll let you in on all a special welcome bonus.

And now, it’s your turn to profit with this NEW Search GPT AI app.

Search GPT AI Review + OTO Upsell
Search GPT AI Review + OTO Upsell


Q: What is Search GPT AI?

A: Search GPT AI is a revolutionary app connecting Chat-GPT to Google search and any website. It comes with preloaded profitable prompt templates, allowing users to harness the power of AI for their financial gain.

Q: How can I use AI to generate a daily income ranging from $xxx to $x, xxx?

A: Log in to the Search GPT AI software instantly through your browser. Utilize the proven methods that have enabled us to achieve consistent financial success.

Q: Why must Chat-GPT be provided with live web and search access?

A: As a marketer with a track record of grossing over twenty million dollars, I can attest that the majority of my income comes from being ahead of the curve. Whether identifying new trends early, promoting fresh product launches, or capitalizing on emerging opportunities, staying on the cutting edge is crucial.
While Chat-GPT is already incredibly powerful, its training data only go up until September 2021. By granting GPT live access to search and the vastness of the internet, we unleash a formidable force capable of generating substantial profits. This upgrade is the game-changer that will boost your bottom line, even if you didn’t realize it was missing until you experienced it firsthand.

Q: Does Search GPT AI truly enhance Chat-GPT and connect it to search and any website?

A: Yes, Search GPT does exactly that. Simply input your prompt as usual or utilize one of our comprehensive templates. Additionally, provide relevant keywords, websites, affiliate offers, or competitor information. Once you run Search GPT AI, GPT gains access to both search and the entire web, significantly amplifying its profit potential. It acquires live data your competitors don’t have, constantly updating in real-time as the internet evolves.

Q: I am a retired technophobe who is easily overwhelmed. Will Search GPT AI be beneficial for me?

A: The beauty of AI is that even experts are still exploring its capabilities. Rest assured, the user experience for Search GPT AI is designed to be remarkably user-friendly, despite its reliance on advanced technology. Think of it as a hand-puppet show where I guide you through the process. By the end, even novices will acquire the knowledge and skills of seasoned professionals.

Q: How can I start earning money with AI today?

A: There are numerous ways to monetize AI. If you engage in traditional marketing practices, we provide many templates and tactics to support your endeavors. Additionally, I will share specific case studies detailing how I achieved daily incomes of $135, $446, and even $2,259 using AI. Each method is thoroughly explained, complete with a copy-paste blueprint to facilitate success.

There’s ZERO RISK With Our 60-Day 100% Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

Examine my automated software suite in your home for 60 days… Read the quick start guide, use the software.. Steal our AI cybernetic upgrades, and plug them into your own tech stack – for your own private profit objectives… Do whatever it takes to convince yourself that it is possible to finally profit – with AI…
But if for any reason whatsoever, you are not completely satisfied, just let me know and your fee will be fully refunded. You can cancel at any time, and for ANY reason. That’s how certain I am that you are going to love this…So what are you waiting for? This is 100% risk-free!

You’re just seconds from FINALLY profiting With AI – but there’s one thing you need to know…

You’ve just seen the level of automation here, the time & money that went into putting every step of AI on full autopilot… You know how exciting Chat-GPT and other “generative AI” tools, but you are barely scratching the surface of their potential… You deeply suspect there is a private cabal of AI-nerds who have already mastered the AI and are disappearing into the ether…

And you’ve seen the results that we are getting with this every day…REAL results on ClickBank, Warrior, Upwork, Google & more… You have a very limited window of opportunity. A few short moments to get the Search GPT AI App… unlock the power of AI chains… and finally profit With AI today. My advice: take this opportunity with both hands, before we close this down… forever.

P.S. This weird new AI technology drives 10x more profits than your garden-variety that Chat-GPT offers, and is 10x faster to use! Instead of writing clueless prompts into GPT AI, you just copy and paste a few of Chris’s templates into the software and hit “send AI”.

==> Go here to see exactly how this Search GPT AI works…

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