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SPLIT TEST MONKEY V3 Review OTO UPSELL and Bonus by Matt Garrett >> Stop Wasting Traffic, Losing Subscribers, & Missing Sales, Start Testing Today + New Agency Option Included

Split Test Monkey V3 Review OTO UPSELL and Bonus by Matt Garrett >> Brand New App makes it easier than ever for you to split test your sales letters to optimize conversions, boost sales, get affiliates excited about promoting, and put more money in your pocket. Split Test Monkey does all the number crunching, tracking and heavy lifting for you.

Split Test Monkey V3 Review

Split Test Monkey V3 App by Matt Garrett is Brand New App Software to do Split Test with Easy and Affordable. Introducing Split Test Monkey, which makes it easier than ever for you to split test your sales letters to optimize conversions, boost sales, get affiliates excited about promoting, and put more money in your pocket. Big hint: your offer is going to have the biggest impact on your conversion rates. Testing and tracking your offer can increase conversions by 200%, 300% or even more! Split testing is the easiest, quickest and surest way to building your list and making more money. And Split Test Monkey is the easiest way to get started testing. For example, you can create two product pages that are exactly identical, except the product pricing is different. Then log into your Split Test Monkey dashboard, copy and paste these two different links into your new split test, and Split Test Monkey will take care of everything else. It tracks your results. It randomly splits your traffic and sends them to the different versions of your page. And it even does all the statistical calculations and number crunching so that you don’t have to. You don’t even have to interpret the results, because the tool will declare your winner based on the parameters you set up. So stop guessing about how to beat the competition. Instead, find out what works for SURE. Find out what puts more money in your pocket. Find out what gets your prospects filling their shopping carts. Check Split Test Monkey V3 Here!

Split Test Monkey V3 is a web based app, so there is nothing to install. Nothing to customize. And no coding needed. Better yet, Split Test Monkey is a statistical whiz. You don’t need a background in statistics to use it, because the tool does all the number crunching for you. Just set up a test, choose the auto-optimizer, and Split Test Monkey does almost everything except pouring you a drink! In just moments and with a few clicks of your mouse you can set it up split tests that are sure to boost your conversion rates. You can test:

  •  Your offer
  •  Your lead magnet
  •  Your overall lead page design
  •  A video versus text sales letter
  •  Your headline
  •  Your call to action
  • And more!

If you’re using an ecommerce platform that lets you insert trackable code into the HTML of your pages, then you now have the potential to explode your bottom line profits. You can test things such as:

  •  Products
  •  Pricing
  •  Product copy
  •  Product graphics
  •  Order forms/shopping carts
  •  Page design
  •  Calls to action
  • And more.

Even better, Split Test Monkey V3 saves you a lot of time with its Dynamic A/B Testing feature. Instead of you having to create two different versions of your sales letter, all you have to do is upload your HTML snippets. The app then rotates your variation dynamically and directly with your lead page. For example… If you want to test your lead-page headlines, then all you have to do is upload your two different HTML headline snippets. Then set your test to run, and Split Test Monkey will start randomly showing the different versions of your headline to your visitors. It’s easy – definitely easier than most every tool on the market! Whether you’re a complete list-building vendor, or you’re a pro looking for an edge, you’ll want to check out this tool right now at

SplitTestMonkey V3 Review OTO UPSELL and Bonus by Matt Garrett
Split Test Monkey V3 Review OTO UPSELL and Bonus by Matt Garrett
SplitTestMonkey V3 Review OTO UPSELL and Bonus by Matt Garrett
Split Test Monkey V3 Review OTO UPSELL and Bonus by Matt Garrett

Split Test Monkey V3 Features

What You Get When You Create Your Account Today…

  • Unlimited Split Tests, No limit to the number of experiments you can create.
  • Unlimited Visitors, Unlike other services that want to ‘nickel & dime’ you, we’ll never cap the number of visitors/clicks you get.
  • A/B Snippets & URLs, You can test both A/B page snippets AND full URLs and pages alternates, giving you flexibility on how you test.
  • Set & Forget Testing, No limit to the number of experiments you can create.
  • Built In Reporting, Use key data to understand customers and quickly make smarter decisions to boost your bottom line profits.
  • VIP Level Support, You’ll get world-class, live chat support from our very friendly team, plus tutorials and training available 24/7.

What Types Of Test Can You Run With Your New Split Test Monkey V3 ?

  • A/B Dynamic ‘Snippet’ Tests, With A/B Dynamic Snippet Testing each element/variation is rotated dynamically and directly within your webpage or blog page/post. In this type of test all visitors are viewing the same URL.
    When a site visitor arrives at your page, just one of your test variations is shown to them. And each visitor will see the same variation every time they return to your page to ensure consistency (we do this using cookies).
    Dynamic testing works great for testing existing pages and on page elements such as headlines, guarantees, images & video, buy/subscribe buttons, banner ads, calls to action even entire blocks of text.
    You can test two (and up to six) individual variations of each element in a test with each variant shown equally across all visits for faster results.
  • Split URL/Web Page Tests, Split URL / Webpage testing, is different from the A/B Dynamic testing, as the test variations here are complete web pages. (eg. different URL’s)
    For each test you can add two (and up to six) individual web pages which will be measured against each other to determine the best converting.
    Split URL testing works great for big changes such as page layouts and new designs, color schemes, offer changes (i.e. physical or digital version of your product or alternative lead magnets), pricing/payment plans etc.
    We’ll provide you with a special rotator link to direct traffic to and each visitor will be shown the same webpage each time they click to ensure consistency (we do this using cookies).

Split Test Monkey also comes with 3 alternative testing options :

  • Auto Optimizer, This is our favorite because it’s ‘set and forget’ simple to do. Just pick your test ‘rules’ such as how long the test runs, the minimum number of total conversions required before a winner can be called. Set a confidence level (normally 95%) and that’s it… Split Test Monkey will then run the test on full autopilot and will automatically select the winner and from that point only show the winning element or page to all future visitors.
  • Conversion Race, Conversion Races are a lot of fun and while they are a little less ‘solid science’ they lead to quick results (and often frantic betting in the office). Just choose how many conversions the winning element/page should hit for it to be declared a winner – For example: 1st page to hit 100 sales. You can also set a ‘margin’ number that ensures a winner isn’t called too early if it’s a close race. Winners are then shown to all future visitors.
  • Manual Mode, If you have an eye for detail and a desire to get stuck into the numbers directly, then choose the manual test mode.
    You’re now in charge and the decision when to call the test will be yours alone. There is no automatic selection by the system and you can run the test, edit it, even add more test elements into the mix and keep it running until you’re confident on the result.

Just A Few Different Test Ideas That ANY Online Business Owner Can Do Right Now

  • Media Buyers & Advertisers, Reduce your advertising costs and increase your ROI fast by testing your ad copy and creatives, landing pages, trip wires and more.
  • Ecommerce/Store Owners, Build your brand and explode your bottom line profits by testing price points, shipping rates, product shots and even checkout page styles/templates.
  • Email List Builders, Boost your subscriber rates and grow your list faster by testing your landing pages, from the lead magnets to the color of your sign-up buttons.
  • Product Vendors, Convert more sales and build bigger profits all hands free by testing sales and upsell pages, headlines, bullet points, pricing and calls to action.
  • Affiliate Marketers, Get more clicks and bigger commission checks on offers you promote – Test your affiliate promo pages, bonus and review pages etc.
  • Social Media Marketers, Grow your following and boost traffic the easy way by testing share button placement/styles, testing calls to action and more.
  • Bloggers, Increase your site stickiness and audience engagement by testing post and page layouts, font sizes and styles, post images, banner ads, opt-in forms and much more.
  • Authors / Publishers ,Boost sales by split testing ads and media campaigns, cover designs, book titles, chapter/blurb copy, pricing and even formats available to readers.

Get Started Right Now And Get These 3 Fast Action Bonuses For FREE!

  • Bonus #1 – Split Testing Made Easy, Whether you’re new to marketing online, or you have been around for a while, you already know that split testing is incredibly effective. Inside this easy to follow guide, you’ll discover exactly how seasoned pros utilize the power of split testing to increase conversions and improve every aspect of their websites.
    • Discover exactly where to start testing, what to test and why.
    • Unlock the 3 step secret of writing “Grab ‘Em By The Shirt Collar” headline using the incredibly effective POW formula.
    • How to test your offers and pages even with low volumes of traffic, plus how to avoid common split testing mistakes.
  • Bonus #2 – The 6 P’s Of Conversion, Discover the SIX KEY FACTORS that influence conversion rate of any offer and how to improve and test each to maximize your browser-to-buyer results.
    • Wildly effective product pricing strategy, how to nail it first time and how to test prices without turning off potential customers.
    • 10 quick tweaks for your sales copy that are guaranteed to lift conversion rates (and you can apply them all in just a few minutes).
    • Simon’s simple ‘from scratch’ 3 stage split testing strategy that delivers winning ‘control’ pages quickly and easily.
    • Discover the strongest sales page incentives that create a sense of urgency and compel prospects to take action immediately.
  • Bonus #3 – Copywriting Crash Course, Boost Your Sales Pages, Sales Videos & Landing Page Conversions Fast!
    • Get a detailed 11 point copy “Success Formula” used by top web conversion specialist Simon Hodgkinson.
    • Revealed: How to make simple, quick and easy tweaks to your pages and scripts that deliver amazing conversion boosts.
    • Powerful and proven strategies that work anywhere you need to increase your conversions (landing pages, ads, checkout pages etc.)
    • How to construct a sales letter/script from start to finish with explanations, real life examples & ideas for your own pages.
SplitTestMonkey V3 Review OTO UPSELL and Bonus by Matt Garrett
SplitTestMonkey V3 Review OTO UPSELL and Bonus by Matt Garrett
SplitTestMonkey V3 Review OTO UPSELL and Bonus by Matt Garrett
SplitTestMonkey V3 Review OTO UPSELL and Bonus by Matt Garrett
SplitTestMonkey V3 Review OTO UPSELL and Bonus by Matt Garrett
SplitTestMonkey V3 Review OTO UPSELL and Bonus by Matt Garrett

Split Test Monkey V3 OTO UPSELL

Main Product : Split Test Monkey V3 App by Matt Garret

Here’s what you get when you create your new Split Test Monkey PRO account today… You’ll Get:

  • – Unlimited Split Tests
  • – Unlimited Visitors
  • – ZERO Monthly Fees
  • – Built In Reporting
  • – Set & Forget Testing
  • – Early Adopter Pricing
  • – Fast Action Bonuses Included
  • – VIP Level Support
  • – All Future Updates Included

So Who is Split Test Monkey For? It’s for you if you are a/an

  • Email List Builder
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Product Vendor
  • Social Media Marketer
  • Media Buyer or Advertiser
  • Ecommerce Store Owner
  • Blogger
  • Author or Publisher
  • And basically if you are selling anything online and you want to increase your ROI on the traffic you are already getting or will get then you should start using Split Test Monkey right now.

OTO UPSELL #1 : STM Auto Campaigns

Keep Your Conversion Constantly Improving To Make More MONEY From EVERY Test. We know Split Testing isn’t exciting, even though the Results ARE. We understand that constantly checking, tweaking and setting up new split tests gets time consuming, and gets far to easy to end up just skipping. Letting your tests stall and stalling your conversions. Keep Your Tests Running With Hands Free Automation. So we knew we needed to find a way to automate the process of rolling from one split test campaign in to the next – to make sure campaigns are always running to improve your sites conversions.

What You Get When You Add CAMPAIGNS Today…

  • 5 Campaigns, ,You get 5 Campaigns letting you Daisy Chain 3 Split Tests in each Campaign – roll in to the next test as soon as a test goal has been met.
  • A/B Tests AND URLs, Works with both A/B Split Tests & Split Testing URLs/pages + More Coming – We’ll be adding more campaign types.
  • Setup In Minutes, Campaigns are super simple to add & setup – we’ll show you how to be up and running in minutes!

OTO UPSELL #2 : WPProfiler

WP Profiler Has Already Been Proven To Increase Load Speed By Up To 497%. Don’t Let This Power Fool You Though, Speeding Up Your Blog Just Became. As Easy As 1..2..3. WP Profiler is The Fastest & Easiest Way to Speed Up Your Site & Diagnose Issues in a Few Clicks + Boost Your Site Rankings, Reduce Ad Spend & Make More Profit. + You Get Automated Daily Site Monitoring, As a smart feature our plugin also performs daily site/server & checks and will automatically report any system or server issues found to your site’s admin email

WP Profiler Will Automatically Perform…

  • Web Connectivity Tests
    Our plugin does real time connection quality tests to USA, Asia, Middle East & Europe & notifies you of any problems it also checks your site’s uptime to see how long your server has been up. This helps you detect poorly maintained server hardware & bad server locations & poor peering arrangements at data centers.
  • Live Hosting Tests
    Your site operates best in a good environment. To test this environment WP Profiler runs a series of checks on you RAM memory, PHP Memory, PHP settings. host settings & drive capacity. Where problems are found you’ll get recommendations about setting changes you can ask your host to implement
  • Live Theme/Plugin Tests
    WP Profiler runs load speed tests on your theme & compares this against the WordPress default theme. You’ll find that some themes you run will be slower by nature – thats OK. If the difference in speed is extreme you may consider using an alternative theme to improve your site performance
  • Auto GFX Optimising
    Our Graphics Optimiser works using Tinypng – one of the most respected graphics crunching services. It allows you to batch optimise all your existing graphics in one go & it auto optimises any new graphics you upload to your media library. The API allows you to crunch up to 500 images per month free…you can upgrade & pay for more or apply for more APIs as you need.
  • Database Scrubbing
    Our advanced database scrubber wipes post/page revisions, clears orphaned & meta data & clears your site’s trash making your database thinner. The advantage of running a thinner database is faster access times & less processor load. This has a secondary benefit of keeping your hosting cost low when your site traffic increases – a win-win for webmasters.

OTO UPSELL #3 : Viper Cache

Make Your WordPress Sites up to 10x Faster In 30 Seconds With The Cache That Beats All Competitors + Speed Up Your WP Sites Before You Get Hit By The Google Speed Slap. Viper Cache will work with almost any modern theme. On the rare occasion you run into problems you can switch all the switches off and enable them one by one until you find the switch that causes you the issue. it’s very easy. Simply switch it off & the problem is solved.

Viper Cache Full Featured Cache :

  • Built on Super Reliable Cache Technology Compatible with 99% of Themes & Plugins
    When we built this product we didn’t start from scratch. Cache products are complicated & renowned for problems so we had no intentions of making our customer into guinea pigs.
    We researched many technologies and found the most reliable technology to work with
    We then went back to the drawing board to create a brand new cache product that is super easy use & still provides unrivaled performance.
    Compatibility, speed & your site reliability is our #1 priority
  • Stupidly Simple To Use… Just Enable We Don’t Play God With Your Theme or Plugins
    Whilst all our competitors like to confuse users with big words & techno talk to make the product sound good to the experts. Many of their features offer minimal performance increases often at the expense of time or breaking sites.
    Viper cache does not care about trying to squeeze an extra 1% performance if it risks our user experience or if it means we break themes or plugins – we have no intentions of playing god with other peoples products
    This product is built for peak performance but not at the expense of user experience.
  • Smart Cache Clearing & Smart Rebuilding Detects Minor Changes & Auto Rebuilds Cache On Popular Pages
    Viper Cache monitors all site changes including loading new themes, plugins, widgets, graphics, new posts / pages. Upon any major change to your site Viper Cache will auto clear & rebuild your cache.
    If the change is minor such as as small text change on 1 page, Viper Cache logic will sense this & rebuild the cache on that page & essential pages leaving the cache on other pages intact. Our smart logic bypasses WordPress standard processing delays.
    This massively reduces your server load, keeps your site fast & reduces the need for you to upgrade your hosting plan.
    Now With Traffic Protection Technology It Blocks 1000+ Bad Bots & Auto Blocks Hotlinking
    If the primary purpose of cache is to speed your site up and reduce bandwidth then any feature that increases the site workload has to be eliminated which is why we made Viper Cache very light.
    We’ve also auto blocked hotlinking which is a common way for others to use your bandwidth.
    And you have the option to block known bad bots & site scrapers – again there is no reason why these pests should be allowed to eat your resources & slow your site down.
    This of course also helps to weather DDOS attacks too
  • Compatible With All Major Page Builders + Multisite, Ecom & Cloudflare Compatible
    Designed For Max Speed, Bandwidth Reduction & Ease of Use

OTO UPSELL #4 : Plugins Bundle

With your access to the WP Toolkit Optimisation Suite, you have already invested in a key element to taking your WordPress blogs to the next level. Now let me fast track you, You now have all the tools you need to make your blogs: Run faster, Rank higher, Attract more visitors. The next step is to make sure your visitors stick around, reading your content and clicking on your links, so you can? Instantly Convert All Your New Blog Visitors Into Money In Your Pocket. And in order to help you do just that… we’re going to do something we’ve never done before… and probably never will again. We’re going to give you instant access to 6 of our top selling WordPress plugins. And we’ll do it for a fraction of the normal price.

What You Get Instant Access Today :

  • WP SmartLinks, WP Smart Links is the world’s first all-in-one link cloaker with powerful smart bridge technology that allows you easily make more sales with retargeting, while completely eliminating the risk of losing any sales or affiliate commissions.
    Most link cloakers fail as their links are blocked on social media sites and therefore can’t be shared…
    WP Smart Links not only ensures that your blog links can be shared on social media – it maximizes your profit potential from every single share.
  • Blog Niche Tools, The world’s first “all inclusive” 3-In-1 blogging toolkit that spits out unlimited, hyper profitable niche blogs in minutes!
    Niche Blog Tools lets you easily research trending keywords, grab high converting images, bulk PLR articles and create new posts to quickly set up unlimited profitable niche blogs…
    … all from inside one simple to use WordPress plugin suite and with zero writing needed!
  • WP Video Magic, Instantly boost your WP blogs & video marketing with the exact same technology that powers Amazon Prime Video, Hulu & Spotify
    WP Video Magic is the first WordPress plugin to make it 1-click simple to quickly add Amazon S3 and Cloudfront videos to any blog…
    While putting you in full control and giving you all the power to transform your blog into a high converting video sales machine.
  • WP Traffic Guard, Instantly boost your income with these self optimizing, set & forget ads that suck in pure sales from lost traffic!
    WP Traffic Guard is the world’s first 1-click WordPress plugin that instantly gives you fully monetized, set and forget 404 error pages.
    While showing you exactly why and how your 404 errors happen so you can plug any holes and optimize your revenue in real time!
  • Blog Link Magic, Link any keyword to any offer (affiliate or your own) on any content. Import & Export your keyword link lists to replicate on any blog
    Includes Ready Made links to get you up and running immediately!
    Change/Update old/broken links across your whole site, Create your own list of links to on other sites, Choose you own link “slug”/name, Works with any links, clickbank, Warrior Plus, JVZoo etc.
    It doesn’t matter how big your site is, or how old the content is, this plugin will go through and create linked keywords to high paying affiliate offers to the lot!
  • WP Ultimate Ads, The COMPLETE Blog Monetization Plugin – Get More Leads & Higher Click Through Rates for More Profits!
    Theme Ads – In Content Ads That Blend In For Better Click Rates.
    Ad Bar – Grab Visitors Attention With This Psychological Cheat!
    Pop Up Messenger – Use Social Conversion Habits For More Conversions.
    Pop Under – The Killer Pop For Building Your List On Steroids!

OTO UPSELL #5 : Site Health Check & Plugin Setup

All our plugins come with thorough step-by-step video tutorials to help you get up and running quickly, and to get the most out of the plugins for your business!. BUT… We appreciate that every customer is different… If you don’t feel you have the skills or confidence to tackle this yourself, or perhaps you simply don’t have the time, then this option may well be right for you – For a One Time, Non-Refundable Fee we can install & setup both WP Profiler and Viper Cache on your site for you!

  • Run Before & After speed tests on PingDom
  • Run Before & After speed tests on GTMetrix
  • Get Your Image Optimization Started

A member of our team will install, setup and tweak the WP Profiler & Viper Cache plugins, provide before and after test results, and provide a quick feedback/advice summary on the general health of your site and your plugins.

SplitTestMonkey V3 Review OTO UPSELL and Bonus by Matt Garrett
Split Test Monkey V3 Review OTO UPSELL and Bonus by Matt Garrett
SplitTestMonkey V3 Review OTO UPSELL and Bonus by Matt Garrett
Split Test Monkey V3 Review OTO UPSELL and Bonus by Matt Garrett

Split Test Monkey V3 Conclusions 

Split Test Monkey V3 App instantly begin optimizing your landing pages, blog posts, ads and of course your sales pages. You will discover how visitors respond to your offer, sales copy, graphics, site layouts, colors, pricing – Every aspect of your website. This powerful information will help you get the most from every click. It will reveal what you need to change and what you don’t. SplitTestMonkey V3 App  was designed for everyone with an online business. Simply put, split testing your pages, offers and promotions will tune up your business so it runs like a well oiled machine and with Split Test Monkey you can put the entire testing process on autopilot. Just login, set up a test – and let this amazing software find your best headlines, bullet points, images, calls to action, order buttons, layout styles and more. You’ve got to stop guessing what works because if that’s what you’re doing right now then you’re already losing money and incredible opportunities as you read this email – 100% GUARANTEED!

Split Test Monkey V3 – FAQ :

  • Are There Any Long-Term Commitments Or Contracts?
    No, you can choose to cancel your subscription at anytime.
  • Can I Access My Account From Anywhere?
    Yes, Split Test Monkey is web-based platform which means you can access your data, your administrator area and create new tests from any computer with a browser.
  • Do You Offer A Guarantee?
    Yes we do. comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The real key to successful testing is traffic volume.
    The lower the traffic numbers, the larger the difference in conversion rate needs to be to decide on a winner. Statistical significance depends on numerous factors but the most important is driving enough traffic to the test to have confidence that the test showing the highest conversion is genuinely a ‘winner’
    Quality of traffic is next. If you direct thousands of untargeted visitors to a test (visitors who are unlikely to ever become subscribers or customers) then you’ll see corrupted results. Traffic should always be targeted, visitors who will be interested in what you sell or offer.
    Finally, Test Smart: We recommend you limit each tests to a single element on your pages, determine a winner and then create additional tests for other elements. (Elements are things like your headlines, the order buttons, page images, colors, call to actions etc.) The more variations you have in a single test the longer it will take (or the more traffic you will need) to determine what’s working.

With Split Test Monkey optimizing your pages is simple, quick and yes, even fun. With SplitTestMonkey V3 App you’ll know at a glance how your tests are performing with simple to understand statistics… Every test you run includes built in reporting that shows your traffic, your conversions and percentages along with helpful campaign data so you can easily monitor your results wherever you are with an internet connection. Get Started Right Now And Get  Fast Action Bonuses of SplitTestMonkey V3 For FREE ; Split Testing Made Easy, The 6 P’s Of Conversion, and Copywriting Crash Course. Do You Offer A Guarantee? Yes we do, comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Grab Split Test Monkey V3 App Here Now!

Check Here :
Split Test Monkey V3 Review OTO UPSELL and Bonus by Matt Garrett >> Stop Wasting Traffic, Losing Subscribers, & Missing Sales, Start Testing Today + New Agency Option Included

Check Product & OTO :
Main Product : Split Test Monkey V3 App by Matt Garret
OTO UPSELL #1 : STM Auto Campaigns
OTO UPSELL #2 : WPProfiler
OTO UPSELL #3 : Viper Cache
OTO UPSELL #4 : Plugins Bundle
OTO UPSELL #5 : Site Health Check & Plugin Setup


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