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VideoLeadsMachine App Review & VideoLeadsMachine OTO UPSELL by Todd Gross – Boost Your Authority In Any Niche With Video And Convert Leads Into New Clients, Instantly with Video Leads Machine App

VideoLeadsMachine App Review & VideoLeadsMachine OTO UPSELL by Todd Gross is Best Powerfull Video Lead Software that automates this “unique” way of using video to establish authority in any niche, and convert leads into paying clients!

VideoLeadsMachine App & OTO UPSELL by Todd Gross is Best Software Automated, Point-And-Click Video Creation Software Designed To Create “Mini TED Talk” Videos Positioning Any Business And/or Product As A INSTANT Expert. It will Boost Your Authority In Any Niche With Video And Convert Leads Into New Clients. An in-depth strategy you can use for ANY niche to start gaining hot leads ready to invest with you! You’ll be getting resources and information from one of the best in the business in Authority and Brand development. Plus Push button video creation software makes anyone look like an Authority in their desired niche (Create 5 videos). How would you like to jump in front of everyone else by using a CRAZY-GOOD video shortcut to get instant “Authority?” Imagine if YOU were being introduced by the TV anchor in this video below… Imagine if YOU were being interviewed! BOOM! Instant AUTHORITY for your or your clients! Welcome to Video Leads Machine, You get both the software (which makes you look like an instant expert, like you see in the video clip) AND the training to turn yourself into THE AUTHORITY. It’s the “Missing Puzzle Piece” for Your Business…the software and training that will make you an instant authority in any niche you can imagine.. Todd Gross, Video Marketing Expert, and David Sprague from Strategic Marketing have joined forces to develop a system that combines a “unique” type of VIDEO with a proven formula to help ANY business create INSTANT authority that can be used to generate leads and convert those leads into paying customers. In it, they will hold training on how to harness the power of Video to boost your Authority and take your business to the next level, no matter what niche you’re in! Check Details Inside!

This is a problem most every single business has when trying to turn traffic into leads, and turn leads into customers.  It’s so obvious, but constantly overlooked. What you’ll learn in this special TRaining & Software event can be applied to every single business type. Whether you’re offering services, selling products online, or building an offline business, our unique approach to attracting and converting leads will work – no matter what niche it is If you, or a business you know is in need of attracting more quality leads that are easy to convert into customers and/or clients, you must join Todd & David during this special training & Software … It kicks off a brand-new lead generation strategy they’ve coined as Video Leads Machine – and it works for virtually every business type imaginable. Video Leads Machine – No matter what type of business you’re in, no matter what type of product you’re selling, you’re going to get more quality leads, and close more sales if you show as an AUTHORITY in your niche. It’s true across the board and becoming more important than ever in today’s World, where first impressions of virtually every business are made ONLINE! So we developed a formula, that anyone can follow to immediately assert themselves as an authority using these special videos. And we take it a step further by including software that automates this “unique” way of using video to establish authority in any niche, and convert leads into paying clients! “Boost Your Authority In Any Niche With Video And Convert Leads Into New Clients, Instantly” With VideoLeadsMachine. Please Download Software & Free Bonus Here! 

Leverage The Power of Video With These Proven, Instant Authority Strategies, And Position Yourself As THE Expert – To Attract Leads Ready To Invest In You And Your Products.

  • AuthorityVids software – Push button video creation software makes anyone look like an Authority in their desired niche (Create 5 videos).
  • A Proven INSTANT Authority Model
  • A Simple (TakeYou-By-The-Ha nd) Formula to Follow
  • Supercharge Your Results with Video
  • Automated Video Creation (Software Included!)
  • Attract Leads Ready To Invest in Your Products & Services
  • Will Work for Any Business, Any Service, In Any Niche!

Plus , You’re Going To Get These Valuable Bonuses Worth Over $2,500

  1. Bonus #1 – 300 Logo Templates In The Top 20 Niches
    These logo templates will help you create your own eye catching logos. Included are . rdw, .psd, and .jpg files to get you going.
  2. Bonus #2 – Todd’s Handbrake Tricks
    Video files too large to use? Can’t add them due to restrictions on file size?
    Always have perfectly optimized videos for the web!. Watch Todd’s full instruction of how to use Handbrake to optimize ALL of your videos. You’ll wonder how you ever got along without this simple-to-use FREE software!.
  3. Bonus #3 – Free Advertising Credits Worth $500
    This bonus will get you free advertising credits worth $500 for all your advertising needs on Google, Linkedin, Bing ads, Yelp, Tiktok, Apple Search ads, and Amazon Ads.

Learn How To Use Video To Establish INSTANT Authority, Attract Unlimited Leads, And Convert Them Into Clients and Customers, TODAY! This Early Bird Discount Will Expire Soon!

VideoLeadsMachine App Review & VideoLeadsMachine OTO UPSELL by Todd Gross
Video Leads Machine App Review & VideoLeadsMachine OTO UPSELL by Todd Gross

VideoLeadsMachine Upgrade OTO & Upsell :

Front End : Video Leads Machine Software + 5 Modules Training

  • Video Leads Machine Software

    • Stop wasting time when making videos and start leading with Video Leads Machine
    • Create high quality video quickly and easily with our easy to use software
    • Produce professional quality videos without the need for expensive equipment or experience in film production.
    • Create a top notch product demo, welcome new customers, showcase your services, build credibility & expertise among prospects
  • Module 1 – Quickstart To Your Success In 12 Minutes: How To Become An Instant Expert
    1.1 Ingredients to getting leads
    • Authority Trust Value Formula
    1.2 Video Authority Multiplier
    • Video Stats Break Down Types Of Videos which ones are best for authority Authority
    • Comparisons
    1.3 Ted Talk Conversion Formula
    • Break Down Ted Talks And Case Study Success in minutes
    1.4 Video Lead Machine Strategy
  • Module 2 – The Expert Authority Formula
    2.1 The HPITA Formula
    2.2 The Offer
    2.3 The Headline
    2.4 The Problem
    2.5 The Illustration
    2.6 The Take Away
    2.7 The Action
  • Module 3 – How to Market Your Expertise
    3.1 Authority Video Framework
    • Break down how the psychology and framework for a 5 minute interview video
    3.2 Authority Video Creation
    • How to manually create a video, and outsource it on Fiverr
    3.3 Video Lead Capture Strategy
    • How to build lead capture page and leverage your video
    3.4 Supercharge Lead Generation
    • How to get reviews that will supercharge your lead gen
    3.5 Instant Authority To Get Leads
    • Summary of what you have and who you are not as an expert
    • Leverage it for niches and services
  • Module 4 – Instant Customers: Converting Your Leads into Paying Clients
    4.1 Leads With Email Marketing
    4.2 Leads With Social Media Marketing
    4.3 Leads With SEO
    4.4 Leads With Cold Traffic
    4.5 Leads With Retargeting
    4.6 Leads With Networking
  • Module 5 – Authority Vids Automation

OTO1 : VideoLeadsMachine Sales & Marketing Power Pack

The Sales & Marketing Power Pack Is All About Giving You The Resources To Help You Engage, Communicate With, And Ultimately Convert Leads. This entire Power Pack, leverages Authority to build brand, reputation, and position you (and your client’s) as marketplace experts. If you see just One of the many tools offered here as being helpful to attract and close just One more lead, it’s well worth the One time investment. Now, Let’s Make Sure You Have The Resources To FIND, ATTRACT, And CONVERT Your New Leads! The Sales & Marketing Power Pack Is All About Your Brand Establishing more authority through different channels (email & social), developing a five-star reputation, and having the tools to communicate with your leads with confidence. All of this working together will help to ATTRACT and CONVERT leads into actionable customers. And Of Course, Everything you see today is backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

  1. Feature #1 – Emails, PPTs, Resources to get and close clients + Social Covers, Social Posts, Presentation Template.
  2. Feature #2 – Bonuses – Business Finder App, Service Client Contract

Here’s Packages Video Leads Machine Sales & Marketing Power Pack :

  • Part #1 Email Marketing Sequence
    This is a five part email sequence to help you ENGAGE with and ATTRACT your prospective leads. Use this professionally written campaign to leverage your (or another businesses’) newly created Authority in your niche to convert more leads!
  • Part #2 Social Posts Sequence
    Get SEVEN professionally written social posts to leverage Authority through Twitter, Facebook, and more. It’s the same approach as the Email Marketing Sequence above but developed specifically for social media. Tweak and edit these posts for your business, or your client’s business, publish them and start attracting more leads through social channels!
  • Part #3 Social Covers
    Three editable social covers are also included. Use these covers on social handles to strengthen your brands and stand out from the competition.These covers can also be used at the top of the marketing emails.
  • Part #4 PowerPoint Presentaion
    Get a professionally written multi-slide PowerPoint presentation. This is helpful in so many ways. First, as an organizational tool. Clearly and concisely organize your sales pitch for when you do communicate with your new leads. Second, it’s a professionally done presentation you can use if you ever do need to present to a prospective client. And last but not least, it can serve as a great script to follow during a call with prospective clients.
  • PLUS, This Additional Valuable Bonus! Exclusive Bonus Business Finder Software
    Finding businesses and the right point of contact is the hardest challenge in landing high paying clients. Our team has developed a solution to this critical problem. We’ve created an entirely new app that can find businesses along with the phone number, email, and website in a single click. This app will also allow you to keep track of all the businesses that you’ve contacted and your offers to them. This powerful tool can find businesses in any niche and in any country or city in the world.

OTO2 : VideoLeadsMachine Unlimited AuthorityVids Pro

Unlock The Power Of UNLIMITED AuthorityVids And Capitalize On An Untapped Market Of Businesses Starving for Authority! Because Of The Recent Hypergrowth In The Online Presence Of Virtually Every Type Of Business, Traditional Online Marketing Methods Don’t Have The Impact They Used To. Businesses need a different way to stand out among their competition and AuthorityVids can help them do that. By taking what Video Leads Machine offers, plus UNLIMITED AuthorityVids, you can be the missing link so many businesses need to start gaining an edge on their competitors. And since you’ll be offering such a unique service (creating mini TED talk type videos), you’ll be able to charge a premium dollar in the range of $500 to $1000 per video! And don’t forget about the 32 additional Niche Templates, expanding your ability to reach even more types of businesses. Online Marketing, Reputation Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Google Adwords Marketing, Social Media Marketing And many more. PLUS If You Grabbed The Sales & Marketing Powerpack You’re Even Better Positioned. To take advantage of UNLIMITED AuthorityVids because you have the tools to connect with the businesses, and turn them into clients! (and if you didn’t get the Sales & Marketing Kit you’ll still have a chance during this short launch period to get it again). This Is A One Time Investment For The Opportunity To Provide A Solution So many Businesses Need, Today! It’s a primed market – more Authority equals more leads and ultimately, growing businesses, and with Unlimited AuthorityVids you’ll have everything you need to make a real impact – it only takes ACTION! Click the buy button above and get started, right now! And Of Course, Everything you see today is backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

  1. Feature #1 – Create Unlimited AuthortiyVids.
  2. Feature #2 – 32 Niche Scripts for Video Creation.

What Benefits Upgrade :

  • Create Unlimited AuthorityVids!
  • 32 More Template Scripts in The Hottest Niches!
  • Position Yourself as the Expert Authority Builder!
  • Capitalize On a Rapidly Growing Market!
  • Create Another Income Stream for Your Business!
  • Access Very Valuable, Limited Time Bonuses Below…

OTO3 : VideoLeadPages Software Upgrade OTO

Increase Your Leads Conversions With This Powerful Lead Capture Page SYSTEM

  • Feature #1 – Unlimited Lead Landing Pages & Lead Capture System.

What Benefit Upgrade :

  • Create Unlimited Leads Capture Pages
  • Easy Drag & Drop Design
  • Automatic Scarcity Events
  • Lead Conversions & Stats
  • A/B Split Testing
  • Hosting Included
  • Can Use Your Own Domain

This Is A Lead Capture Page SYSTEM Complete With Design, Build, And Stat Capabilities…

  • Build UNLIMITED stunning land pages designed to do one thing, CONVERT MORE LEADS!
  • Know with confidence how your leads conversion campaigns are performing
  • Offer landing page designs and lead conversion systems to your clients, and charge more for your services!

OTO4 : VideoLeadsMachine 3 Day Masterclass OTO

This is TRAINING he would normally charge $1,000 for, but not Today. This Is All About Supercharging Your Growth With Video Leads Machine! The information he will be going over can also be applied outside of VideoLeadsMachine to help grow your business, and the business of your clients. Some of the individual tips and secrets David will be sharing are well worth the small ONE-TIME investment It will take for you to lock in your spot to the 3 Day Masterclass… and you’ll be getting SO MUCH MORE. Everything you see today is backed by our 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!

  1. Part 1: Quick Start Activation Training
  2. Part 2: Build your System for New Clients
  3. Part 3: Advanced AuthorityVid Strategies


There’s No Where Else You’re Going To Find A Powerhouse Package Like This, Addressing This Glaring Problem. So Many Of Us Face. It Takes Most People YEARS To Establish The Kind Of Authority. That Can Make A Difference To Their Success.
Our proven step-by-step strategy can give you results in just DAYS! Especially when you combine it with the AuthorityVids software included with VideoLeadsMachine. The price of Video Leads Machine CAN’T stay this low. You know for a fact, that more Authority and establishing yourself as an expert in your business can make the difference in more getting more leads and ultimately making more sales…

Your INSTANT Authority Is Right Around The Corner With VideoLeadsMachine! This Early Bird Discount Will Expire Soon!

Check Here : 
VideoLeadsMachine App Review & VideoLeadsMachine OTO UPSELL by Todd Gross is Best Powerfull Video Lead Software that automates this “unique” way of using video to establish authority in any niche, and convert leads into paying clients!

Get Product Upgrade OTO :
Special Offer : VideoLeadsMachine Pro Bundle Upgrade
Front End : Video Leads Machine Software + 5 Modules Training
OTO1 : VideoLeadsMachine Sales & Marketing Power Pack
OTO2 : VideoLeadsMachine Unlimited AuthorityVids Pro
OTO3 : VideoLeadPages Software Upgrade OTO
OTO4 : VideoLeadsMachine 3 Day Masterclass OTO


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