VidJack Review + OTO by Ifiok Nkem – New Software Legally Hijacks & Turns Any Youtube & Vimeo Video Into A Profit Pulling Machine By Adding Interactive Elements (CTAs, Email Gates,Gamification, Ecom Widgets, etc) That Explodes Traffic, Leads & Sales In Minutes.

VidJack Review OTO1 OTO2 OTO3 All OTO Here! VidJack by Ifiok Nkem is Best Video Software Technology That Hijack Any Video & Add UNLIMITED Interactive Elements like CTAs, Email Gates, Share Gates, Reviews, Gamification, Ecom Widgets, etc on any Youtube or Vimeo Video.

VidJack Software by Ifiok Nkem is the world’s most robust drag and drop interactive video creator to easily add unlimited interactive elements, add Ctas, build your list, sell & receive payments right inside any YouTube or Vimeo video. This is brand-new software that allows you to add unlimited interactive elements inside any (even trending…) YouTube or Vimeo video to drive massive traffic, conversions and sales for your own business and for your clients is about to hit the market and marketers across the globe cannot hold their excitement. VidJack is fully hosted on the cloud and comes loaded with CUTTING EDGE features… CREATE Interactive Videos & Stores In Minutes. Next is Add CLICKABLE Optin Forms, CTAs, Buy Buttons, Images & Objects, Watermarks, Text & Buttons, Countdown Timers, Social Share, Quizzes & Surveys, Videos, Maps & Calendars and a lot more. You can Choose From Beautiful Video Skins, Auto-Play Videos, Custom Thumbnails, Create Sticky Videos and a lot more. EMBED Your Videos Anywhere inside Sales Page, Blogging Platforms, Site Builders, E-commerce Stores. ENGAGE & CLOSE Prospects Right Inside The Interactive Video. SELL Merchandise With eCommerce Using UNLIMITED Interactive Hotspots. Or GENERATE LEADS By Letting Visitors Unlock Rewards & Incentives. Plus FREE COMMERCIAL LICENSE Leverage The Enormous Demand For Interactive Videos From Every Business. Name Your Price & You Shall Receive! For the first time ever, you can now merge interactive video technology with eCommerce – add products inside ANY video, sell products a lot faster & EXPLODE your income using this new video software called VidJack. If you sell any kind of physical products online, then this is a total NO-BRAINER for you. Even if you don’t, you can kickstart a profitable agency with this and help millions of eCom marketers out there with this UNIQUE & HIGHLY PROFITABLE service. And now with VidJack you have the perfect tool to create these high-in-demand interactive videos and eCom Stores in minutes with point-n-click simplicity. Get Access to VidJack Software Here!

VidJack is a ready-to-deploy full-blown agency that will help you quickly create Interactive Videos for businesses across MULTIPLE niches… even when you have no prior experience and zero technical skills in Video Marketing. VidJack helps you create and sell Interactive Videos to anyone for any niche in just 3 easy steps. Just Choose Video: Simply choose any YouTube/Vimeo Video…or upload your own. Next Customize: Point-n-click to customize. Add interactive elements using the built-in drag-n-drop editor. Last 1-Click Embed & Send: Embed Anywhere – website, blogs, social media, emails or share the links directly. This software is Perfect for creating Video Sales Letters (VSL), Video Overlay, Squeeze Pages, Landing Pages and a lot more… Check out ALL the features here. The Best Part: Interactive Videos sell between $500 – $1,500 PER PROJECT, they’re high value, unique and prospects see the value immediately. Businesses will be literally chasing you with money for your service, here are just some of the niches you could work with: Real Estate, Airbnb, eCommerce, Spas, Restaurants, Daycares, Old Age Homes, Online Courses and hundreds of other niches. Thousands of businesses are looking for your service on Fiverr, UpWork, Freelancer and all- over social media. They would pay any price you ask for…simply because interactive videos require very advanced tools that cost a lot (not for you though…as you’d be using VidJack!). So, don’t wait till the price starts rising…and you end up paying more. Now is the best time to go inside and claim your special lifetime access without ANY monthly payments. Your purchase will be covered with 30 days 100% moneyback guarantee. And Right now, you can get access to VidJack at a massive early bird discount here!

What You Get Inside VidJack Software :

  • Add Interactive Elements Inside Videos
  • 100% Cloud Based – Nothing To Download
  • Timeline Video Editor Built In
  • Upload Videos From YouTube or Vimeo etc.
  • Upload Your Own Videos
  • Customize Videos For Your Clients
  • Add Gamification & Incentives To Videos
  • Turn ANY Video Into An eCom Store
  • Full In Video Personalization
  • Autoresponder Integrations Included
  • Works With Any Type Of Video
  • Ultra-Fast Servers Speed & Video Play Time
  • Beautiful & User-Friendly Dashboard
  • Crucial Video Stats
  • Massive Boost In Clicks & Traffic
  • Commercial Rights Included
  • Get VidJack For A One-Time Payment
VidJack Review + OTO by Ifiok Nkem
VidJack Review + OTO by Ifiok Nkem
VidJack Review + OTO by Ifiok Nkem
VidJack Review + OTO by Ifiok Nkem
VidJack Review + OTO by Ifiok Nkem
VidJack Review + OTO by Ifiok Nkem
VidJack Review + OTO by Ifiok Nkem
VidJack Review + OTO by Ifiok Nkem
VidJack Review + OTO by Ifiok Nkem
VidJack Review + OTO by Ifiok Nkem

VidJack Features – What You can do with VidJack Software :

    With this feature, you can easily add CTAs, Email Gates, Share Gates, Reviews, Gamification, Ecom Widgets, etc on any YouTube or Vimeo Video.
    With VidJack, you can create interactive videos with the intuitive drag & drop interactive video editor in LITERALLY minutes.
    Inside this feature, you will be able to build a massive email list by leveraging the latest in-video optin form technology! When a user is watching your video, the video will be paused at the moment you choose, and the opt-in will appear. Once the opt-in is either filled in or closed down, the user can continue watching the video.
    This feature allows you to instantly call your viewers to immediate action by adding highly engaging CTAs and clickable buttons at any point.
    You will be able to have users unlock coupons, discounts, freebies etc… from right inside your video when they complete pre-defined actions. E.g Watch This Video For 2 Mins To Unlock A ‘Free Ebook’.
    Showcase your products, sell and get paid right inside any YouTube or Vimeo video in minutes. VidJack allows you to connect your PayPal and Stripe to receive payments right inside the video.
    Inside this VidJack, it will help you to boost your engagement, leads and sales with personalization right inside any video using personalized text. For instance, Click Here <Name> Everyone likes to feel special. That’s why adding details into a personalized video, like your viewer’s name is the perfect way for you to engage and delight your audience.
    Simply build scarcity and urgency in your campaigns with ethical and effective countdown timers.
    The inbuilt viral engine inside this VidJack allows your visitors to share your video and bring you more visitors who will also share and bring more – like a chain reaction.
    You can easily 10X your engagement by adding multiple-choice quizzes and polls inside any Youtube or Vimeo video.
    This feature is the next-Gen “Video in Video” that can help you to maximize your conversions by embedding videos inside your videos.
    Embed customer testimonials & reviews to boost credibility, trust and sales. All you need to do is activate this on your videos and watch social proof to boost your conversion rate.
    You can easily add/remove each element on the player. Simply change the player colour to fix with your website brand.
    This feature will help you to pimp your video player with attractive video skins that stand out from the rest and capture your audience’s attention.
    Want to play your video right at page load? Simply turn on the Autoplay packed inside this VidJack. And autoplay is the easiest way for you to capture your audience’s attention once they land on your sales page.
    The old saying that readers will often judge a book by its cover is true, and the same goes for viewers that judge videos by their thumbnails. And inside this product, it provides what you need to instantly setup custom thumbnails.
    This feature makes your videos sticky and float keeping your visitor’s eyeballs on both the video and your marketing messages when they are scrolling through the pages.
    Within just 1 -click inside this product, you can, with all of your favorite marketing apps, email autoresponders, Google, Facebook, marketing automation, webinar platforms, appointment apps, etc.
    VidJack allows you to embed your interactive videos anywhere sales page, blogging platforms, site builders, e-commerce stores or share on social media and email.

Watch VidJack Demo Video Here :

VidJack Software – Now Create & Sell Interactive Videos In Just 3 Easy Steps :

  • Step #1 – Choose Video
    Simply choose any YouTube/Vimeo Video or upload your own.
  • Step #2 – Customize
    Point-n-click to customize. Add interactive elements using the built-in drag-n-drop editor.
  • Step #3 – 1-Click Embed & Send
    Embed Anywhere – website, blogs, social media, emails or share the links directly.

VidJack Technology – Every Marketers 1st Choice For Creating Interactive Videos

  • Lead Gate
    Gate a part of your video from users until they fill your Optin form.
  • Share Gate
    Present your viewers with the opportunity to share the video over social media before proceeding to watch the rest of the content!
  • Call-To-Action
    Call your viewers to immediate action by adding highly engaging CTAs and clickable buttons at any point.
  • Countdown Timers
    Build scarcity and urgency in your campaigns with ethical and effective countdown timers.
  • Surveys
    10X your engagement by adding multiple-choice quizzes and polls inside any youtube or vimeo video.
  • Video In Video
    Next-Gen “Video in Video”: Maximize conversions by embeding videos inside your videos.
  • Player Elements
    Customize the player and controls to suit your needs. Enable autoplay, sticky video to keep eyeballs on both the video and your marketing messages.
  • Video Skin
    Insert your video within attractive player skins (iPad, Mac, Blackboard, Whiteboard & countless others) to engage with a higher number of viewers each day!
  • Video Source
    You can pick the most popular video hosting sites that are completely free – YouTube or Vimeo.
  • Responsive
    It Auto-adjusts your content to suit mobiles, laptops and tablets and enhance the viewing experience.

What More from VidJack Software :

  • Automated Interface
    Our state-of-the art technology has built in AI that understands your preferences and
    auto-customizes highly engaging videos on your behalf.
  • Beta Tested To Perfection
    All the videos and engagement tools are optimized and beta tested to drive home the best results possible.
  • Expert Video Resources
    Watch videos put together by experts to help you create more engaging videos.
  • Step-By-Step Tutorials
    Learn your way around this incredibly easy software within minutes.
  • 24X7 Assistance
    Our team of experts are behind you in your endeavours every step of the way and any time of the day!
  • Automatic Updates
    Enhance your experience with our in-built automatic upgrades that are created to suit ever-changing viewer sensibilities.
VidJack Review + OTO by Ifiok Nkem
VidJack Review + OTO by Ifiok Nkem
VidJack Review + OTO by Ifiok Nkem
VidJack Review + OTO by Ifiok Nkem
VidJack Review + OTO by Ifiok Nkem
VidJack Review + OTO by Ifiok Nkem
VidJack Review + OTO by Ifiok Nkem
VidJack Review + OTO by Ifiok Nkem

VidJack OTO1 OTO2 OTO3 All OTO Here :

Main Product : VidJack Commercial by Ifiok Nkem
Personal & Commercial Licence – $47/$67
New Proprietary Technology Allows You To Legally Hijacks & Turn Any Youtube & Vimeo Video Into A Profit-Pulling Machine…
Add Interactive Elements (CTAs, Email Gates, Share Gates, Reviews, Gamification, Ecom Widgets, etc.) to ANY Video To Explode Your Traffic, Leads & Sales In Minutes.

OTO #1 : VidJack Pro Unlimited OTO
VidJack Pro Unlimited. Inside this upsell, Users get access to Create UNLIMITED Interactive Videos, With UNLIMITED Views, Email Opt-ins, Product Sales, Quizzes, Clients, And Profits… Plus they get access to our robust Video Thumbnail creator & Our “Futuristic” Text-To-Speech App With 100% Human-Sounding Voice-Over & Over 30 Languages On The Go.

OTO #2 : VidJack Agency Kit Upgrade OTO
VidJack Agency Kit. Users get all the assets needed to start and run a 6-Figure ‘first-of-its-kind’ Interactive Video Marketing Agency.
– Animated Sales Video
– Professional Agency Website
– Telemarketing Script
– Email Swipes
– Proposals[Ms Word & Powerpoint Slides]
– Web & Marketing Graphics[Biz Card, Letter Head, Brochures, Receipt, etc.]
– Contract Agreement
– And Lots More!

OTO #3 : VidJack Text To Video App OTO
VidJack Text To Video App. Turn your texts/scripts into an awesome real human talking head video in just three steps. Groundbreaking first-to-market solution comes with full commercial license, so you can use it in your own business or sell for BIG BUCKS! Perfect for creating engaging Sales Videos, Video Ads, Ecom Videos, E-Learning/Onboarding Videos, Personal Message Videos and a lot more…

OTO #4 : VidJack VideoTours360 Commercial OTO
VidJack VideoTours360. Users get lifetime access to our bestseller VideoTours360 app to Create and Sell interactive virtual tours with built-in Zoom-like video calls, an eCommerce engine, Gamification and AI Optimization. Plus Commercial license & launch SPECIAL bonus: Zero to Profits VR Agency Accelerator Course.

OTO/UPSELL #5 : VidJack Reseller License Upgrade OTO
VidJack Reseller License. RESELL VidJack app as your own and KEEP 100% of the profit. Easy way to make money selling software products.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are There Any Limitations or Restrictions?
    Sky’s the limit with VidJack. You can use it to customize as many videos as you like and embed them anywhere on the internet for unlimited clients!
  • Am I Limited to Only YouTube or Vimeo for Video Hosting?
    Not at all. VidJack is compatible with all top platforms. Though we do recommend using YouTube or Vimeo as they let you host videos for free. But you also have great options such as Amazon S3, Wistia and multiple such hosting platforms.
  • Do I Need To Install Any Software?
    Not a chance! You don’t have to download or install anything. VidJack is cloud-based which means you can access the application from any browser or mobile device.
  • Do You Have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee?
    Indeed we do! If you don’t absolutely love how VidJack transforms your videos into lead magnets, you can simply ask for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.
  • How Do I Get Support?
    Our support team is 100% behind you 24×7. Simply contact and avail our help and support!

Your Investment Is Protected By Our 30 Days Full Refund Policy
VidJack Software is Interactive Video Marketing Software to Add Unlimited Interactive Elements Inside Any Even Trending YouTube or Vimeo Video To Drive Massive Traffic, Conversions And Sales. Gated content and exciting CTAs along with impressive tools when timed to perfection will not only make them rich…it will make you & your agency RICHER!  Within minutes you will be miles ahead of all other video marketing agencies in terms of profits. You’ll have the edge that they haven’t even dreamt of. You can perfectly time your CTAs, add and customize effective marketing tools to reap unprecedented benefits. Your investment is so little that it won’t even pinch your pocket when you pay this incredibly low one time fee. But just to make this a sure-shot win win for you… we are also giving you the chance to try this state-of-the-art software for a period of 30 days. So in case you don’t like the results, you can simply say the word and have your entire money refunded to you instantly! Get VidJack Software Download Here!


Check Product OTO :
Main Product : VidJack Commercial by Ifiok Nkem
OTO #1 : VidJack Pro Upgrade OTO
OTO #2 : VidJack Agency Kit Upgrade OTO
OTO #3 : VidJack Text To Video App Upgrade OTO
OTO #4 : VidJack VideoTours360 Commercial Upgrade OTO
OTO #5 : VidJack Reseller License Upgrade OTO


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