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VIDSNAP Video OTO & Review Get 200 Amazing Video Templates in Today’s Hottest Niches with PLR License + Complete Marketing Tool.

VIDSNAP Video Review & OTO by Levidio Get Instant access 200 top-notch video templates with PLR licenses to rebrand, resell, and pocket 100% of the profits. You’ll even receive a premium marketing kit to boost your sales! Plus, editing these templates is super easy using free Canva (no need to upgrade) and PowerPoint.

You can Download VIDSNAP Video PLR Here >>

VIDSNAP Video PLR Review

VidSnap Video PLR is a a NEW breakthrough that empowers you to craft and market your own digital product in the video niche, featuring exceptional and highly converting video templates. This comprehensive package includes essential marketing tools such as VSL, a sales page, and a download page, enabling you to efficiently sell your digital product to your customers in record time.

VidSnap Video PLR – Instantly Access 200+ Attention-Grabbing Templates in Today’s Hottest Niches, All with Free Private Label Rights License. Special Launch Deal Today Includes… Easily editable video templates for Canva, a free drag-and-drop video editor. Create stunning videos with ease and customize them to suit your needs. Perfect for various video projects and promotions.

FULL Private Label Rights to Every Video Template and Asset, PLUS a Complete Marketing Tool that Allows You to Easily Re-brand, Re-sell, and Start Your Own Digital Product Business in the Hottest Niche, Keeping 100% of the Profits You’ll Ever Make

Introducing VidSnap with Private Label Rights! And just to save you more time, here’s what you get today:

[+] Versatile video templates: Editable with Canva, a free video editor.
[+] Canva vertical video templates: TikTok, Reels, YouTube Shorts.
[+] Canva animated explainer templates: Perfect for any product.
[+] Unique square video templates, ideal for social media.
[+] Top-tier PowerPoint Animated Video Templates.
[+] PowerPoint Vertical Video Templates.
[+] PowerPoint Explainer Video Templates that work for ANY niche.
[+] Square-ratio social media PowerPoint Video Templates.
[+] Private Label Rights: Rebrand, resell, 100% profit!
[+] Ready-to-Use Video sales letter to help you sell more.
[+] High-Converting Sales Page and other marketing kit.
[+] Business in a Box: Start Your Digital Product Business.

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Watch the demo here >>

VIDSNAP Video Review & OTO by Levidio
VIDSNAP Video Review & OTO by Levidio

VIDSNAP Video Features

Selling digital products online can be a great way to make money, and videos are especially popular. The good news is that today, you can access 200 eye-catching animated video templates (editable with Canva & PowerPoint) with Private Label Rights. This means you can modify them, sell them, and keep all the money you make. Plus, you’ll also receive complete marketing tools to help you sell more!

VIDSNAP Video PLRThe Fastest and Easiest Way to Create and Sell Promo Videos Using a Free Drag-and-Drop Cloud-Based Video Editor – PLR Rights Included.

VidSnap proudly presents an extensive collection of over 200 templates and assets. Our templates seamlessly integrate with the Free Version of Canva’s cloud-based video editor and PowerPoint. All source files will be provided, allowing you to customize them to your preferences.

Jumpstart Your Profitable Video Templates Business with In-Demand Templates and Full Marketing Tools With Private Label Rights License

  • Versatile video templates, easily editable with Canva, a free drag-and-drop video editor
  • Comprehensive Canva vertical video templates tailored for TikTok, Reels, and YouTube Shorts.
  • High-converting Canva animated explainer video templates, primed to promote any product.
  • Unique square video templates designed to meet all your social media video needs.
  • Complete and top-tier Easy-to-Edit PowerPoint Animated Video Templates.
  • Highly converting PowerPoint Vertical Video Templates, ideal for TikTok, YT Shorts, and Reels.
  • Powerful PowerPoint Explainer Video Templates, customizable for any product in any niche.
  • High-quality, easily editable square-ratio social media PowerPoint Video Templates
  • Private Label Rights Included: Rebrand, resell, and keep 100% of the profits you make!
  • Ready-to-Use Video Sales Letter to Help You Easily Sell Your Templates
  • High-Converting Sales Page Ready to Help You Sell More
  • Done-for-You Business in a Box: Ready to Help You Start Your Own Digital Product Business in the Hottest Niche

What You Gets From VidSnap PLR

  1. Module #1 Versatile Video Templates
  2. Module #2 Canva Vertical Video Templates
  3. Module #3 Animated Explainer Video Templates
  4. Module #4 Social Media Square Video Templates
  5. Module #5 Easy-to-Edit PowerPoint Animated Video Templates
  6. Module #6 PowerPoint Vertical Video Templates
  7. Module #7 PowerPoint Explainer Video Templates
  8. Module #8 Social Media PowerPoint Video Templates
  9. Module #9 Digital Product Launch Kit

With VidSnap Video PLR, your customers will have access to all these incredible modules, empowering them to create captivating and professional video content like never before!

Finally, Start Your Own Digital Product Business Easily and Help Your Customers Create:

  • Product Promotion
  • Educational Videos
  • Business Presentations
  • Social Media Videos
  • Nonprofit and Cause Awareness
  • Event Invitations
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Fundraising and Investor Pitches

Inside VidSnap Video, you’ll gain access to over 200+ templates and assets. You can easily customize both Canva and PowerPoint templates to suit your needs. With your purchase of VidSnap, you will receive a PLR license. This license permits you to use the product, rebrand it as your own, resell it, and retain 100% of the profits you make.

=> Get Instant Access to VidSnap Video PLR + Free Special Launch Bonus Here !

VIDSNAP Video Review & OTO by Levidio
VIDSNAP Video Review & OTO by Levidio
VIDSNAP Video Review & OTO by Levidio
VIDSNAP Video Review & OTO by Levidio

Launch Your Own Digital Product Business in the Hottest Niche with Just 3 Simple Steps

  1. Step 1 Access
    Unlock VidSnap with a Full PLR License, granting you access to 200 templates that are ready to be claimed as your own – no need to deal with product research, development, or any of the hassles!
  2. Step 2 Rebrand
    Utilize our ready-made marketing kit and effortlessly rebrand it as your very own product. You can stamp your name as the author, and you’ll receive a complete website and VSL to streamline the product’s sales process.
  3. Step 3 Profit
    Start selling your own high-quality digital product in the hottest niches to your customers and start enjoying profits from it!

Here’s what’s VidSnap Video PLR Benefits:

  • UNLIMITED Private Label Rights
    Rebrand, put your name as the author, and resell to keep 100% of the profits you make with VidSnap.
  • Create Unlimited High-Quality Animated Videos
    VidSnap has no limits when it comes to creating animated promo videos. Your customers can generate UNLIMITED projects for both themselves and their clients.
  • Done-For-You Templates in Popular Niches
    Our team has prepared world-class templates ready for the most popular niches, based on our research of top local and online businesses.
  • Editable/Customizable As Easy As Drag and Drop
    All elements can be easily customized. This includes images, videos, text, and audio, enabling you to create more engaging videos and presentations for any purpose.
  • Works for ALL Niches
    ALL elements and slide templates are easily editable, allowing your customers to utilize VidSnap for projects in ANY niche.
  • Full HD – 4K Resolutions
    You can export videos in 4K resolution or use them in presentation formats.
  • Multipurpose
    VidSnap can be utilized for a wide range of needs, from promotional videos and business presentations to e-courses. Create videos and presentations for ANY purpose.
  • Extremely Comprehensive and Versatile
    With over 200 templates and assets available, our templates function seamlessly with Canva and PowerPoint
  • Complete Marketing Tool
    We provide a comprehensive marketing tool such as VSL, Sales page, and download page that help you start your own digital product business effortlessly.

VidSnap Video is not a standalone software, plugin, app, or WordPress theme. To edit our templates, you will need Canva, and some modules may require Powerpoint for Windows. It comes with a PLR license that allows you to re-brand, re-sell, and keep 100% of the profits.

If you have questions or issues, please use this link to contact our support team: We will strive to provide a prompt and helpful response to your inquiry.

=> Get Instant Access to VidSnap Video PLR + Free Special Launch Bonus Here !

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