Yellow Brick Road OTO 1, OTO 2, OTO 3 Review & All OTOs Download Links Here ++

Yellow Brick Road OTO 1,2,3 Review, All OTOs Download Links Here + Free Bonuses ++

Yellow Brick Road OTO & FE is the ground-breaking method that helps you fill your calendar with top quality appointments by having others do all the work. Yellow Brick Road by Nick Ponte is Comprehensive Formula With Step By Step, Over The Shoulder Videos, Real Case Study Results, Done-For-You Templates, And Free Software To Help Make This Accessible To Everyone Who Joins. This can be considered a 24/7 cash machine where you can get access to the step by step training videos, real case study results and a lot more. You will also get free software to eliminate all the hard work when it comes to prospecting. Yellow Brick Road, Stay with us for the next few minutes and we’ll Prove This ‘Fast Agency Model’ is your Golden Ticket, Outline all you’ll need to implement it right now, Hand you the system for less than a large pizza, Guarantee our training, and Support you every step of the way.

Yellow Brick Road OTO 1, 2 & 3: There is one FE offer & 3 OTOs aka One Time Offers. First YellowBrickRoad OTO is Appointment Accelerator, there is it’s downsell, Second YellowBrickRoad OTO is The Secrets of Super Services Fulfillment, Third Yellow Brick Road OTO is Local SEO Academy. There is also a Yellow Brick Road OTO Upgrade.

Yellow Brick Road OTOs 1,2,3 Links Here :

Main Product : Yellow Brick Road by Nick Ponte
OTO #1 : Yellow Brick Road Upgrade
OTO #2 : Yellow Brick Road Special Offer
OTO #3 : Shark Alliance Yellow Brick Road Annual
OTO #4 : Remote Client System YBR


Yellow Brick Road Video Details :

Yellow Brick Road is one of the fastest… safest and most surefire ways I’ve ever seen to start generating revenue F-A-S-T. And even though it is PACKED with incredible value you won’t find anywhere else for some reason. Make no mistake… this is an Advanced Strategy and requires attention and commitment. However, we believe ANYONE can do it if they’re committed to developing real and unique expertise and delivering exceptional value to their clients. When you begin using the Fast Agency Model and the other stuff inside the Yellow Brick Road… it is almost like “tricking” yourself into making your business a success. Because this system does NOT rely on pure willpower alone. You won’t have to call 100 leads a day… set up any fancy marketing… or even have a website. Because the Yellow Brick Road is ALL about setting up a system that does the heavy lifting for you. When you join our membership you’ll go to the head of the line. You’ll be first to receive all the training, tools and support we’ve promised. Download Here !

Yellow Brick Road OTO 1,2,3 Review
Yellow Brick Road OTO 1,2,3 Review

Yellow Brick Road Features , What You Get Inside :

Module 1 – Start Here

  • Welcome
  • ​The Fast Agency Model
  • ​Community

Module 2 – Ready, Set, Go!

  • Building Your List
  • ​Give Them Something to Talk About
  • ​The Script
  • ​Email vs. Phone
  • ​On a Tight Budget? Do This to Get Cashflow Now

Module 3 – Removing Yourself From Prospecting

  • How Many Hours Do You Really Need?
  • ​Hiring Local vs. Overseas
  • ​Paid vs. Free Fishing Spots
  • ​Pay Structure: Hourly vs. Commission
  • ​Using O.P.M. (Other People’s Money)
  • ​Interview Process

Module 4 – The Well-Oiled Machine

  • Explaining Their Role & Responsibilities
  • Getting Them Comfortable With The Script
  • ​30 Day Orientation Strategy
  • Free Tools for Setting Up Your Appointment Machine
  • ​Adding Leads To Your CRM
  • ​An Interview With Our Appointment Setter

Module 5 – Tracking Success & Scaling

  • Setting K.P.I.s
  • ​E.O.D. Checkout
  • Time Tracking
  • ​When to Expand Your Team

Bonus Module Secrets To Successful Appointments

  • You Have An Appointment… Now What?
  • Virtual vs. In-Person
  • ​Moving It Forward
  • ​What Do You Sell?

Plus Modul :

  • 17 Done-For-You Downloadable Assets
  • Appointment Setter Script
  • ​Email Follow-Up Template
  • ​Direct Message/Email script
  • ​Social Media Job Posting
  • ​Job Posting Templates
  • ​Who To Hire, And Who Not To
  • Appointment Setter ​Interview Script
  • Interview Questions
  • ​Role & Responsibilities Cheat Sheet
  • ​Your Business One Page
  • ​End-of-Day Checklist
  • ​Time Tracking Worksheet
  • ​Appointment Script
  • ​Tips For Successful Appointments Cheat Sheet
  • ​Phone Appointment Checklist
  • ​Virtual Appointment Checklist
  • ​In-Person Appointment Checklist
Yellow Brick Road OTO 1,2,3 Review
Yellow Brick Road OTOs 1,2,3 Review

Yellow Brick Road, Why Can’t I Learn on My Own?:
Maybe you’re saying to yourself. OK, Tom it seems like a winner, but is this all really necessary? Why can’t I learn this on my own – hey, I’m smart. We’re sure you are smart, but don’t you want to succeed as soon as possible? Did you know you’ll get there A LOT faster with direct guidance and mentorship from a team that actually runs an appointment sales service…a team that actually built a successful agency with these techniques. If not for this rapid scaling model, you could still be ‘figuring it out’ 6 or 8 months from now! (and probably get sick of it). Isn’t NOW the time you want to turn things around?.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Is this just a re-hash of your previous courses?
    No, In fact we’ve never offered a product like this. Its original in content and execution.
    Both Nick and I wanted to provide a ‘turn-around’ strategy that could rescue and rejuvenate ANY consultant’s business. We knew this approach was the missing link for thousands of local consultants – truly the missing link.
  • Q: Will I need to hire employees?
    Getting help is the whole point of the Fast Agency Model. But you can choose to use virtual assistants or outsource. OR, you can hire local people to do the work… or a blend of both. It is important to learn our procedure first, before hiring anyone.
  • Q: Why should I adopt this new model?
    The biggest reason is… IT WORKS!.. just compare our results and the results of our best students to what you’re presently getting in new client inquiries and leads.
  • Q: Are all my competitors using this?
    In our experience, no. While other marketers know about outsourcing, few have adopted a wholistic approach like this. The tendency is to stay as a sole practitioner since they fear adding adding overhead. Too bad for them but it leaves a gap you can exploit!
  • Q: Does this take a lot of time?
    Sure, like any new method, It takes a bit of time to start the process, but the payoff can be huge. Once this is functioning its almost completely ‘hands off’! You’re managing others. That’s the sheer beauty of The FAST AGENCY MODEL.
  • Q: If it’s so good, why don’t you charge more?
    Simple… we’ve been working with local clients for years here in Hawaii and its our bread and butter. We are NOT making our full-time living just producing products like these so we don’t need to gouge our local marketing friends.
  • Q: Won’t a large budget be necessary?
    Not really. Yes, you will need to invest some funds to get the whole system launched, but after that it typically thrives on its own power. So it pays for itself and only builds your business larger and larger as time goes on. At some point you will actually ask yourself, “How Much bigger do I want to make this?”
  • Q: Can I do it from my computer? (Or do I need to go door-to-door to find clients?)
    That’s the sheer beauty of it! No cold calling is necessary, ever! The calls to prospects and the setting of appts are all done by your staff!
    AND this entire business is totally location independent and can be done entirely by email and phone/skype.
  • Q: Could using appointment setters backfire on me? Maybe they make appointments that don’t become clients but overwhelm me with overhead?
    No, not at all. That’s because we show you EXACTLY how to implement this system. It has no negative impact if you follow our carefully proven plan. It will always be a NET GAIN for the consultant. We’re doing this RIGHT NOW and would never quit!
  • Q: How long will it take to see results?
    Probably pretty quickly, even in just a week or so. But let’s be realistic. If it took you 30 days to set this up and before you start seeing appointments would that be so bad?…for a system that will continue as long as you’re in the business? Churning out new appts from interested local prospects every week, indefinitely. If you take action now you would be among the fast starters…and reap the biggest returns before others.

There are distinct advantages to starting now. You’ll be ahead of the crowds that are likely to enroll AND… you’ll get a jump on any local competition! PLUS we’re offering you a substantial discount when you join early. Later purchasers will definitely pay more. In fact some our earlier training products now cost 200% or 300% more than when they debuted! So take action NOW. If you’re the least bit interested in adding the most powerful Quick Income Method we’ve seen yet, take this no-risk, no-commitment step and join us today, right now, while it’s fresh in your mind. Get Yellow Brick Road OTO & FE Here!

> Product Funnels :
Main Product : Yellow Brick Road by Nick Ponte
OTO #1 : Yellow Brick Road Upgrade
OTO #2 : Yellow Brick Road Special Offer
OTO #3 : Shark Alliance Yellow Brick Road Annual
OTO #4 : Remote Client System YBR



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