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AI VIDEO SUITE App Review, Upsell, All OTO Upgrade, and Bonus Download Links >>

AI VIDEO SUITE App have One Main Software AiVideoSuite Agency Rights. There are 3 OTO Upgrade are OTO#1 – AiVideoSuite Pro Unlimited – Agency Rights, OTO#2 – AiVideoSuite Content Writer – Agency Rights, and OTO#3 – AiVideoSuite – Reseller License. You can get Coupon Code:  AIVID7 gives $7.05 Off on Agency License FE throughout the launch. Visit All Main App & OTO Upgrade Link Here >>


Main App/ Front End: AI VIDEO SUITE – Agency License

  • Set up a profitable business.
  • Sell GPT 4 powered whiteboard, vertical videos with voiceovers!
  • Sell any type of sales video, voiceovers or creation services
  • AI Video Maker – Create Whiteboard videos with ChatGPT 4 Content
  • Full HD Videos for Shorts, Stories, Instagram, Facebook & YouTube
  • AI Shorts – Vertical video maker
  • 100+ Editable Vertical Video Marketing Templates in 11 Hot Niches
  • Convert Horizontal Videos into Vertical Videos
  • Generate Stunning Videos from Image URLs or Local Uploads
  • Searchable Images to Create Captivating Videos
  • Image slideshow video using keyword search
  • Create Videos uploading your own pictures or slides
  • AI Video Editor – Re-edit Created whiteboard videos
  • Edit Videos – Add Thumbnails, speed, rotate, Trim, reverse, text alignment!
  • Add Background Music, Animation, Voiceover, watermarks etc
  • GPT 4 powered Vox Creator with Editor
  • Create content with ChatGPT and Convert into Vox
  • Create Voiceovers Upto 6000 characters per voiceover from multiple voices & languages and add to videos
  • Store Upto 1 GB of videos per month
  • 100% Beginner Friendly

Main Features of AIVideoSuite

  1. Script Creation: AI Video Suite’s ChatGPT 4-powered AI can whip up scripts in seconds, making it a breeze to create whiteboard sales videos, business ads, product promos, and more. This feature alone can save countless hours of brainstorming and writing.
  2. Video Templates: With over 100 editable vertical video marketing templates in 11 niches, AI Video Suite makes it easy to create engaging vertical videos optimized for social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and TikTok.
  3. Voiceover Generation: The built-in GPT 4 AI Vox creator allows users to generate voiceovers quickly and easily. You can customize the voice’s language, accent, tone, pitch, and volume. This feature is a game-changer for adding professional voiceovers to your videos.
  4. Video Editing: AI Video Suite provides a user-friendly video editor with features like adding text, watermark, background music, and more. This editing tool streamlines the video creation process.
  5. Agency Rights: The tool offers agency rights, allowing users to sell their video creation and voiceover services to clients, potentially creating a lucrative income stream.
Now You Can Create
  • Sales Videos – Just enter Product details.
  • Videos for Business Ads – Enter business name, type, content.
  • Informational Videos – Enter topic.
  • Product Promotional Videos – Enter product URL, name, type, info
  • Videos for Squeeze Page – Enter freebie name, type, audience level.
  • Explainer and Tutorial Videos – Enter course name, type.

You can also Create videos in the Tool:

  • Using Keyword Search – Get Up To 20 Images
  • Create Video From Image URLs
  • By Uploading Your Own Pictures Or Slides
  • From An Existing One, Upload from Local & Edit

Product Funnel

  • Main App: AiVideoSuite Agency Rights
  • OTO#1 – AiVideoSuite Pro Unlimited – Agency Rights
  • OTO#2 – AiVideoSuite Content Writer – Agency Rights
  • OTO#3 – AiVideoSuite – Reseller License

Coupon Code:  AIVID7 gives $7.05 Off on Agency License FE throughout the launch.

AiVideoSuite App Review & OTO UPSELL
AiVideoSuite App Review & OTO UPSELL
AiVideoSuite App Review & OTO UPSELL
Ai Video Suite App Review & OTO UPSELL


  • Unlock the Full Potential with AI Graphics Generator: Create Limitless AI Graphics
  • Access an Unlimited Repository of Searchable Horizontal and Vertical Stock Images
  • Boost Your Whiteboard Video Creativity with 100 DFY Whiteboard Video Frames
  • Create Multilingual Whiteboard Videos for Diverse Audiences
  • Expand Your Whiteboard Video Capabilities: 4000 Characters with 20 Slides in Whiteboard Video Creator
  • Enhance Your Videos with Stock Video Additions, Complete with Watermarks
  • Seamlessly Search for Video and Image Watermarks
  • Amplify Your Audio Options by Uploading Local Audio
  • Ready-to-Use: 100 Horizontal Video Marketing Templates Across 11 Niches
  • Enjoy Unlimited Access to Searchable Horizontal Video Templates
  • Powerful Video Editor for Horizontal Videos with Additional Features like Video Fade, Multiple Font Families, and Text Animation
  • Unleash Your Creativity with Unlimited Voiceovers: Craft Narratives of up to 20,000 Characters Each
  • Access a Wealth of 700 High-Definition Fitness Training Videos


  • Elevate Your Content Creation Game with ChatGPT 4 Writing Tool and Thousands of Dollars’ Worth of DFY Content
  • Revolutionize Content Creation for Your Business or Your Clients’ Businesses in Seconds
  • The Ultimate Solution for Bloggers, Content Creators, and More
  • Access a Treasury of 10,000 Prompts Across 6 Niches and 10,000 Health and Fitness Articles Ready for Deployment
  • Save Big on Outsourced Content Creation Costs
  • Unlock an Agency License for Unlimited Asset Sales, Scaling Your Client’s Businesses
  • Opportunity Awaits on Platforms Like Fiverr and Upwork: Charge Premium Rates for Content Creation
  • Let the App Do the Work: No More Running Around for Content
  • Designed for Beginners: User-Friendly and Efficient
  • Our Confidence in Your Satisfaction: Ironclad 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Seize the Opportunity with the Cutting-Edge GPT 4-Powered AI App That’s in High Demand
  • Embark on a Journey to a 6-Figure Business
  • Launch Your GPT 4-Powered Video, Voiceover, AI Graphics, and Content Creation Business with Remarkable Ease
  • Enjoy a Done-for-You Business Setup Worth Thousands
  • Put Our DFY Sales Material to Work for You: Kickstart Your Business
  • Manage Your Clients Conveniently from a Central Dashboard
  • Newbie Friendly: No Technical Skills Required
  • Keep 100% of the Profits: No Sharing
  • Leave Startup and Maintenance Costs Behind
  • Unlock Unlimited Sales Potential with Our High-Converting Material
  • Rest Easy with Dedicated 24/7 Support for Your Clients
AiVideoSuite App Review & OTO UPSELL
AiVideoSuite App Review & OTO UPSELL
AiVideoSuite App Review & OTO UPSELL
AiVideoSuite App Review & OTO UPSELL

AI VIDEO SUITE Detail Features

AIVideoSuite App is Groundbreaking GPT 4 Powered App Gives You The Opportunity To Get Paid 100x By Creating Advanced Videos And Voiceovers That The World Craves! Built-in ChatGPT 4 magic creates script instantly – Whip up amazing whiteboard sales videos, Business Ads, Informational, explainer tutorials, Squeeze page, and product promos, vertical videos, with voiceovers in the blink of an eye!

AI Video Creator App| ChatGPT 4 DFY Prompts For Video Scripts| Built-In Video Creator & Editor| Built-In VOX Creator| DFY Vertical Video Templates | Agency License|

  • Video Creator & Editor for Effortless Creation
    Even if you’re a newcomer in video creation, AI Video Suite’s user-friendly whiteboard video creator eliminates the need for technical prowess. With a simple point-and-click approach, you can swiftly craft your first-ever video. This tool provides various avenues to generate videos, ensuring flexibility and ease of use.
  • Script Creation with DFY ChatGPT Prompts
    AI Video Suite arrives equipped with ChatGPT prompts that guide the crafting of scripts for diverse video types such as whiteboard sales, business advertisements, product promotions, informative content, squeeze pages, and explainer/tutorial videos. Input your product specifics, URL, course details, and more, choose your creativity level, and within seconds, your script is primed for transformation into a stunning video using the integrated whiteboard video editor.
  • Craft Videos from Your Scripts
    Have a script of your own? No problem. Upload it and swiftly convert it into engaging videos.
  • Versatile Video Resolutions and Sizes
    AI Video Suite provides an extensive selection of video resolutions and sizes tailored for various social media platforms. Tailor your videos for stories, Instagram posts (square, reels, ads), horizontal and square in-feed Instagram videos, YouTube videos spanning resolutions from 240P to 2160P, as well as videos suited for Facebook 360 Monoscopic, stereoscopic, Instant experience (landscape, square), video ads, slide show video ads, and news feeds.
  • Empower Your Social Media Presence with Vertical Videos
    With AI Video Suite, generating many captivating vertical videos for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, TikTok, and more is a breeze, allowing you to tap into millions of views, followers, and business growth.
  • 100+ Editable Vertical Video Templates in 11 Hot Niches
    Access a curated selection of over 100 templates across 11 high-demand niches. Niches include real estate, food, fitness, automobiles, fashion, business, education, travel, hotel, footwear, and super sales.
  • Seamless Conversion of Horizontal to Vertical Videos
    Transforming horizontal videos into vertical formats is effortless with the robust editor provided by AI Video Suite.
  • Videos Generated from Searchable Images
    Harness the power of AI by searching for images from social media platforms and converting them into captivating videos. With just a few keywords, the tool effortlessly locates 5 to 20 images, allowing seamless integration into your content.
  • Create Videos from Image URLs
    Easily generate videos by importing image URLs. Load images, fine-tune video quality, add audio files, and even upload voiceovers, all within a streamlined process.
  • Craft Videos Using Local Images
    Utilize the “UPLOAD” option to add images from your local device. Following the upload, adjust video quality, integrate audio, upload voiceovers, and initiate video generation, all within a few simple steps.
  • Intuitive Video Editor for Streamlined Editing
    AI Video Suite’s user-friendly editor streamlines tasks that would otherwise consume hours with traditional video editors. Easily manipulate aspects like watermarks, logos, background music, text overlays, cropping, trimming, and other editing functions.
  • Enrich Videos with Captivating Background Music
    Choose from a captivating collection of music files to enhance the thematic resonance of your videos. Selections encompass themes such as New Day, Summer Party, Island Vibes, Venice Beach, and more.
  • Automated Slide and Line Breaks
    AI Video Suite’s automation simplifies the process of adding slide breaks and line breaks to your script. The tool automatically handles these breaks by copying and pasting the script into the text box.
  • Tailor Animation Styles to Your Vision
    Take creative control over animations with a variety of styles to choose from, including Fade In, Fade Out, Vertical Shuffle, Horizontal Shuffle, Blink, and No Animation.
  • Edit Locally Uploaded Videos with Built-In Editor
    A remarkable feature allows you to edit locally uploaded videos directly within the tool. Upload your video, edit it as needed, and generate a refined version seamlessly.
  • GPT 4 Powered Vox Creator with Editor
    Experience the efficiency of GPT 4 powered voiceover creation. Generate personalized voiceovers with ease, tailored to your unique requirements.
  • Create Voiceover Scripts and Integrate Them with Videos
    Effortlessly craft voiceover scripts using the Vox Generator, or upload your own. Transform these scripts into captivating voiceovers and seamlessly incorporate them into your videos, all within the same tool, and a matter of minutes. Enjoy powerful editing capabilities, including voiceovers of up to 6000 characters, voice and language options, speed controls, adding music, and compatibility with various video editing software.
  • Huge Video Storage
    Securely store your videos within the My Videos section, with up to 1 GB of storage capacity. By harnessing these features, AI Video Suite transforms your video creation process, elevating your content to new heights of quality, engagement, and impact.

PLUS – With AiVideoSuite’s Agency license, Start A Profitable Business Offering A Hot Service That Sells Itself – A Fantastic Side Earner To Your Main Business!

Sell these services For Top Dollar And Generate Huge Paychecks Month After Month!

  • Sell HD Videos – Whiteboard, Sales Videos, Business Ads, Video Sales Letters, Product Promos, Squeeze page, Explainer Videos and informational videos.
  • Sell vertical videos for social media.
  • Generate & Sell Voice-Over For Engaging whiteboard videos, Sales Videos, Video Sales Letters and more.
  • Sell Instagram & FB Marketing Videos.

Watch This AI Video Suite DEMO Video


Ai Video Suite is A First To Market Solution, Allowing Your Customers To Create Engagement-boosting GPT 4 powered Whiteboard videos, Vertical & Horizontal Videos, shorts, other types of marketing videos, Voiceovers, AI graphics and Content and starting a profitable agency In Just A Few Clicks.

Ai Video Suite is for everyone – millions of businesses who need High quality GPT 4 powered Videos, with voiceovers, AI Graphics and content for video Marketing, websites, social media channels, advertising, educating and more…

Start a profitable agency In Just A Few Clicks & Unlock Unapparelled profits!.  If you are not happy with your purchase, send us an email on our support desk within 30 days of your purchase and we will refund your entire amount.

Simply click on any buy button on this page. As soon as you purchase, you’ll receive an email containing your log-in credentials and your membership information. You can log in to your admin panel right away and begin using AiVideoSuite to build your passive income stream.

=> Get Your AI Video Suite App + Promo Discount + Free Bonus Here!

Product Funnel

  • Main App: Ai Video Suite Agency Rights
  • OTO#1 – Ai Video Suite Pro Unlimited – Agency Rights
  • OTO#2 – Ai Video Suite Content Writer – Agency Rights
  • OTO#3 – Ai Video Suite – Reseller License

Coupon Code:  AIVID7 gives $7.05 Off on Agency License FE throughout the launch.

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